Autumn In Poland – Everything You Need To Know

Autumn in Poland is beautiful. The world takes on red-brown-golden colors, and leaves create a colorful carpet in parks. In the sky, you can see birds flying away to warm countries.

In this post, I am going to tell you all you need to know about autumn in Poland. What to expect when it comes to the weather, the best places to visit during this season, and how to make the most of your trip.

The Weather During Autumn In Poland

The beginning of autumn in Poland starts quite warm, even hot sometimes. But the weather drops around the end of September, come the rains and the days become short. Nights are a bit colder than during summer, and the water becomes too cold to swim.

When Does The Autumn in Poland Begin Exactly?

Autumn officially begins on the 23rd of September, but Poles consider the beginning of the month as the start of the new season. School starts on the 1st of September, and it is considered the end of summer.

The Weather In September

If you plan your trip in September, expect to find summer-like weather conditions, long sunny days, warm breezes, and interrupted rains.

During the day the temperature might go up to 20-25 °C (68-77°F), on colder days it will be around 15°C (59°F). Nights are chill and the temperature is about 8-12°C (46-54°F).

September is the time for harvesting potatoes. You can find many bonfires and local celebrations in the countryside. If you have the chance to be at such an event, make sure to try a baked potato from the bonfire, they are so delicious.

The Weather In October

The weather in October is surprisingly good. It is even called a natural phenomenon.

The skies are clear, and the temperature is perfect for taking a stroll to the park. Warm days, about 15°C (59°F) last until the second half of the month. However, nights are already quite cold, so a warm jacket is necessary for the outside.

“Babie Lato” Natural Phenomena

Have you ever heard of Babie Lato? Polish “Babie Lato” refers to the phenomenon of warm and sunny weather that occurs in Poland in early October. The weather is typically very pleasant, with clear blue skies, warm temperatures, and a gentle breeze.

During this time spider webs, which are usually difficult to notice, become a true work of art. Drops of morning mist settle on them, creating beautiful decorations of the landscape. This mesmerizing natural phenomenon can be admired, especially early in the morning.

Golden Polish Autumn

This is another term used to describe the beauty of autumn in Poland. The leaves on trees turn golden or yellow, creating a beautiful and colorful landscape.

The stunning beauty of the Golden Polish Autumn is truly breathtaking. The leaves of the trees change into warm and vibrant colors. It is the best time to visit National Parks, Castles, or Mountains.

Weather In November

This is the time when the weather changes and the temperature drops drastically. You can feel that winter is slowly approaching. Although on average it is around 5-7°C (41-45°F), it is normal that it can drop below 0 °C (32°F) at night.

It gets very rainy, cold, and windy. Days become short, it gets dark around 4 pm. If you are planning your trip to Poland around this time, be prepared for more of indoor activities, like museums. However, the shops are already preparing for Christmas, and window shopping becomes real fun.

The autumn lasts until the 23 December, so actually, all of December and the run-up to Christmas is still a part of the autumn seasons, but in reality, the beginning of December is the beginning of winter.

If you want to read more about Polish months, follow the link!

Polish Autumn Celebrations

There aren’t many holidays to celebrate during Autumn, however, there are two among the most important ones for all Poles. It is the All Saint’s Day and The Independence Day.

1st November – The All Saint’s Day

This is a truly magical and spiritual time in Poland. For All Saints’ Day, cemeteries in Poland light up with thousands of candles lights and become flooded with flowers.

The tradition is to visit family graves and decorate them. If your trip to Poland takes place during this time, go for a drive around after dark to see these beautiful illuminations and experience this unique atmosphere.

Independence Day

The 11th of November is Independence Day in Poland. In the 1918, Poland became an independent country after over one hundred years under partitions. The celebration is carried in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, but also in other big cities.

Military parades, honorary change of gourds, and speeches of major politicians always take place, regardless of the weather.

The government website is the best place to learn what celebration will be carried out in a given city.

Best Places To Visit During The Autumn In Poland

Bieszczady Mountains

If you’re planning a trip to Poland, Bieszczady should be on your list of must-visit destinations, especially in autumn. Here are five reasons why:

  • Golden Polish Autumn – This part of Poland is unspoiled, it is the place to get away from the fast pace life in cities. You will find here breathtaking natural landscapes, especially during October.
  • Harvest season – Bieszczady is the agricultural part of Poland, so be sure to find there many local places that serve delicious dishes made from freshly picked mushrooms, or pumpkins.
  • Mushroom hunt – You might consider this a national autumn activity in Poland, as most people spend their free time in forests. I write more about it here.
  • Hiking – Autumn months are off the high season, and the paths are less crowded. That gives you the chance to be even closer to nature.

Tatra Mountains

Tatra Mountains is always worth a visit. During the autumn, however, you will experience less crowd.

Most hiking paths in higher parts are still open till the end of October, but be aware of the fast-changing weather conditions, and plan your day, to be back to the lower parts before the afternoon.

National Parks

Basically, any National Park you choose, you are good. Autumn is a fantastic time to explore nature.

It gets quiet in the forest, and you can actually feel that nature is preparing for the hardest of all seasons to come. In my other post, you will find a list of the best national parks in Poland. Click here to read the article.

Stay in The City for Autumn in Poland

There is always something to do in the city. It never sleeps and it’s never empty. Autumn is a good time to arrange a city tour. There are fewer tourists, and you can get a better taste of the local’s life going on day to day. Check the best cities to visit in autumn on my other posts:

Tips For Trips During Autumn In Poland

  1. Firstly, prepare for cold weather. It might, and it will change from day to day. Pick accordingly to the month your trip falls in. If it’s September, lighter clothes will do. But in November, a warm hat and a scarf would be a good idea.
  2. Book a hotel in advance – the fact that it is off the season does not mean all the hotels are empty.
  3. Prebook your museum tickets. Autumn is the time of school trips, and some sites might be still well occupied.
  4. Indulge in seasonal food. Harvest season gives the opportunity to try so many delicious fruit, veggies, and dishes.
  5. If you have any questions, join our Poland Travel Planning Facebook group. Our community will be happy to help you!

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