The Ultimate Guide To Bałtów Jurapark (Jurassic Park in Poland)

Step back in time and explore Jurapark Bałtów, Jurassic Park in Poland. The Bałtów Jurapark is located in Swietokrzyskie, South Poland, and it’s a treasure trove of dinosaur discoveries with authentic tracks and impressive reconstructions.

The park is open since 2004, and it has become the Tourist Complex, that offers many attractions for adults and children, making it a dinosaur paradise. A day will not be enough to take advantage of all that this place offers. Here is an ultimate guide to all the places, areas, and attractions you can experience in Jurassic Park in Poland.

Jurapark Bałtów – A Mesmerizing Journey to Prehistoric Times!

Nearly 100 life-sized dinosaur models are waiting for you along a one-kilometer trail through different geological periods. This place will bring the prehistoric history to life. Knowing the fact, that a million years ago, real dinosaurs actually walked this place, makes it even more thrilling.

Jurapark stands on a former Jurassic beach, with dinosaur tracks discovered in the local gorge. It is a real Jurassic park in Poland, in the place of the real existence of dinosaurs.

Step into “Gondwana” – A Playground of Imagination for Children

Gondwana offers interactive play area for children to give into the world of dinosaurs, test their knowledge, and see paleontologists at work. This place is available within Jurapark.

Lots of Fun at the Dinosaur Park Playground

Dinosaur Park playground is a space for family fun. Kids of all ages can delight in a variety of playground attractions:

  • Swings, and Carousels.
  • Slides with Climbing Elements.
  • Interwoven Pyramid (Przeplotnia), a rope pyramid.
  • “Rubik’s Cube” Climbing Frame.
  • “Unearth Me” Dinosaur Area, kids can explore a massive dinosaur skeleton.
  • Dinopuzzle, stone puzzles resembling dinosaur skeletons.
  • “Dinosaur’s Jaws”: Children can get inside a giant dinosaur mouth for a unique photo opportunity.

Prehistoric Oceanarium – Ancient Seas

The prehistoric Oceanarium is a place where you can witness ancient marine giants. Step back in time and immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of the Prehistoric Oceanarium.

Here, you’ll be standing in front of the sea life that inhabited our planet millions of years ago. You will see a giant, Megalodon, and a 20 meters long Ichthyosaur, all in their natural size. A face-to-face moment with creatures you only saw in books until now. This is a very immersive experience, that you will never forget.

Wildlife on Safari in Jurassic Park in Poland

Wild Safari is a humongous area of 60 hectares. Here, extensive beautiful meadows, woods, and water bodies, create a perfect place for wildlife. For the comfort and safety of both – the visitors and the wildlife, visiting this place is only possible aboard the American school bus. It will make you feel as if you were at the Safari in Africa. 🙂

The animals that live in the park are native to this part of Europe, but some exotic animals, that accommodated to living in these conditions, can be found too. The tour is with a knowledgeable guide, that will tell you all about all the spotted animals.

Miniature Park – Discover Poland in Miniature!

If time doesn’t allow you to visit all the famous places in Poland, this is the place to go.

Park Miniatur – Polska is a beautiful miniature park covering an area of one hectare, and shaped to mirror the borders of Poland. Here, you’ll find a display of 50 miniatures, showcasing the most fascinating landmarks in Poland from the past 500 years.

As you explore “Poland in Miniature,” you’ll learn about the country’s rulers, and history. If you decide to explore this place with a guide, you will get the chance to hear all the legends, intrigues, and mysteries.

The biggest castles and fortresses are showcased in scale at 1:25, you will get the chance to look at the courtyards from above and sneak peek through the tower’s window.

How To Get To Miniature Park?

To visit “Poland in Miniature,” you can choose from three ways to arrive:

  • SCHOOL BUS – Departure times are available at the Animal Park ticket office.
  • ON FOOT – Follow the signs.
  • CHAIRLIFT – (Available during the spring and summer season). The ride concludes at a scenic viewpoint overlooking “Poland in Miniature” and its surroundings.

Slavic Hill – Unraveling the Beliefs of the Slavic People

Curious about the beliefs of the Slavic people? Your curiosity will be satisfied in this Jurassic Park in Poland.

The Słowiańska Ścieżka Edukacyjna grows all the time and new attractions come to meet the visitor’s needs. This Hill is one of such new project. Here you will get familiar with old beliefs and legends. You will hear the tail about mermaids, and demons, and you will see the witch’s house on a chicken foot.

Nature’s Treasures- The Honey Cabin

If you seek for a good souvenir to take home from your trip to Poland, here you get high-quality honey products. You can walk along the paths that wander through the old hives, and bees sculptures.

Erosion Revine– The World From Before a Million Years

Over 150 million years ago, the area was a territory occupied by dinosaurs. Evidence of their presence can be found in a local ravine called Żydowski Jar (Jewish Revine)

The traces found here belong to two-meter-long dryomorphs. Next to these traces, there is an imprint left by a predatory dinosaur. It wasn’t a T-Rex, but still, looking at prints of a creature from millions of years ago is impressive.

At the mouth of the ravine, there is a limestone block with a natural cast of the foot of another carnivorous dinosaur – a representative of coelurosaurs, direct ancestors of birds.

This particular part o Jurassic Park in Poland is special, as there is no human touch in here. Nature is left to shape the area at self. We don’t get to see many places like this in the modern world today.

Amusement Park -Fun for All Ages

The idea of creating this park was to please all groups of ages, so that not only kids have fun, but parents can enjoy themselves too. Let’s have a look at what attraction offers this park.

The attractions are dedicated to each age group and child’s height. among all the attractions you will find:

Fun For Kids Under 3

  • “Ducklings” roller coaster, swim with floating ducklings,
  • Viennese carousel
  • “mill wheel” adventure
  • ball poll
  • Euro-bungy trampolines,
  • “Fantasy Jest” carousel,
  • “train” roller coaster.

Kids Over 4 and Above

  • Chain carousels (size of carousel depending on the child’s height)
  • roller coaster,
  • navigate the pirate ship,
  • bumper cars,
  • go-carts,
  • trampolines
  • Rollercoaster
  • Bumper cars

Water AttractionsJurassic Park in Poland

There is a chance to cool off in the water, especially on hot summer days, while visiting this amazing Jurassic Park In Poland.

“Źródlana Wyspa” Water Zone, called Źródlana wyspa (The spring island) This attraction is set right next to the amusement park, perfect to cool off, after intense activities. This Water Zone includes two small lakes surrounded by sandy beaches, and the water comes from underground springs.

Inflatable Water Slides will keep the kids occupied, while the parents can take a few minutes of break.

How Much Does It All Cost – Tickets And Price Lists

There are two types of tickets: regular tickets for adults and discounted tickets for children, retirees, pensioners, and persons with disabilities.

All tickets are for a daily pass. You will receive a wristband, that you can later present entering the attractions.

Ticket Prices (as for August 2023)

The ticket prices vary depending on the attraction package you choose

ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGE with entry to all parts of the complex:

  • Regular Ticket: 109 PLN
  • Discounted Ticket: 99 PLN
  • Ticket for Toddlers: 1 PLN

JURASSIC PARK PACKAGE, the essential dinosaur-themed attractions.

  • Regular Ticket: 49 PLN
  • Discounted Ticket: 43 PLN
  • Ticket for Toddlers: 1 PLN

ENTERTAINMENT PACKAGE for the amusement park

  • Regular Ticket: 52 PLN
  • Discounted Ticket: 46 PLN
  • Ticket for Toddlers

Reservation And Visiting of The Tourist Complex

  • You do not need to make a reservation for your visit to this Jurassic Park in Poland. You can have a spontaneous trip. However, booking a ticket online will save you time spent in queues.
  • Park operates from 9 am to 6 pm.
  • In the complex, you will find a variety of gastronomic points offering diverse dining options.
  • The parking spaces are free for its visitors.

Dining options include:

  • Browar Bałtów Restaurant with traditional Polish dishes, and seasonal food
  • Gastronomia JuraPark
  • Coffee JuraPark
  • Zajazd Przystocze – a place next to Zwierzyniec Dolny where you can compose your own buffet-style meal. You’ll find juicy meats, salad bouquets, and steamed vegetables.
  • Jadło pod Stokiem – if you’re a fast-food lover, this place is dedicated to you. They offer kebabs, zapiekanki, burgers, and grilled dishes like pork neck or sausages.

Exploring The Complex With Young Children

Visiting the complex can be a challenging experience for your small children. There are special 2 seated carriers in the shape of a dinosaur, that they can be placed in and taken for a ride along the way.

The cost of renting such a stroller is 10 PLN for the entire day. It is a lifesaver for all parents with young children.

Overnight Stay in Bałtów, Tourist Complex.

There are many possibilities for overnight accommodation in Bałtów. This place is very well-prepared and equipped to accommodate a large number of visitors. Here are some of the options:

  • Holiday cottages situated on a hill with a view of the ski slope, or in the valley, just a step away from the main attractions of the complex.
  • Rooms in the SPA studio, also in a very close location to the Park
  • Comfortable camper park
  • Campsite, just the right distance from the main attraction, to get a peaceful rest.

How to Get to Jurassic Park in Poland – Bałtów

It is best to get to Bałtów by car. It takes about 2,5 hrs drive from Warsaw, and just above 3 hrs from Krakow. Please contact us directly, if you need help with renting a car in Poland.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you are interested in getting more information regarding this place, visit their website at JuraBałtó, or contact us directly to help you arrange the best trip according to your preferences.

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