Best Breakfast In Kraków

If you are looking for an in-depth post on the best breakfast in Kraków then you have come to the right place. This post and video have taken me a couple of months to put together.

We’ve been visiting Kraków week after week and hunting for the absolute best breakfasts in Kraków. We’ve tried so many different types of breakfasts all over the city and have narrowed it down to these options. We do have our favorite spot and I will tell you about it in a bit.

Step In Bistro

The first on our list is the Step In Bistro. They have multiple types of cuisine. Our order here was the pineapple French toast with Hokkaido bread which you can see in the photograph above. We also ordered an Indian breakfast option which was called Uthappam along with some pancakes.

Step In Bistro also has all-day breakfast options where you can have shakshuka and multiple different kinds of sandwiches. The best part is that there are multiple vegan and vegetarian options too. I must also add that the food tasted as good as it looked.

Camelot & Camelot Lulu

If you are looking for the best place to have breakfast in Kraków which is near the Market Square then go to Camelot or Camelot Lulu. The one that we visited in the video was Camelot. It is a medieval-style restaurant that serves up delicious food.

They recently opened up a new restaurant called Cafe Lulu which serves all-day breakfast. Since we reached at 10:30 am, we were still in time to have breakfast at the original Camelot so we headed in there.

I had a baguette with camembert cheese, almonds, and cranberry sauce. Patryk chose the sundried tomatoes and mushrooms. The food looked really good. While it tasted good, I expected the baguette to be warm which it was not and that was a bit disappointing.

In general, I liked the food but it was nothing special. We had visited Camelot Lulu the other day and the breakfast there was so much better in comparison.


If you are looking for a Jewish breakfast in Kraków, you should visit Cheder. It is located in the Jewish district, Kazimierz. Cheder is really stylish and you can even catch some books to read. The books are available in many languages which means that you will probably find something that you will like too.

We ordered the challah bread with babaganoush. Babaganoush is made from eggplant and smoked paprika. It looked great, smelt very aromatic, and tasted very good. The other thing that we ordered was challah bread with yogurt, caramelized pear, and walnuts. Both were really good but I liked the second one better.

I loved this place because it was so cozy. You can spend a lot of time here other than just for breakfast which is another perk of visiting this restaurant.


Another great place to have breakfast in Kraków is Poranki which means ‘mornings’ in Polish. They have lots of different breakfast options available. What is great about Poranki is that they even have vegan, keto, and gluten-free options on the menu. Some of the popular breakfast options include eggs, toast and waffles

We ordered one sweet breakfast for me and a burger for Patryk. The French toast which was the sweet breakfast was excellent! The burger also looked and tasted good.

For me, Poranki is the best place to have breakfast in Kraków.


Another great place to have breakfast in Kraków is Bagel Mama. True to its name, this restaurant specializes in bagels.

A fun fact about bagels is that contrary to belief, bagels do not originate from New York but from Poland. Some say that it actually originates from Kraków. They were taken to New York by the Polish Jewish community.

In Bagel Mama you can different types of bagels with different fillings. I choose the cream cheese and sundried tomatoes. Patryk chose hummus. You can also customize your toppings.

Bagel Mama is located in the Jewish district of Kraków called Kazimierz. So you know that this is as authentic as it gets.

Michałek Bakery

If you have a sweet tooth then Michałek Bakery is the place to go because they have really delicious cakes. They also have the best donuts in Kraków. The donuts served here are the Polish donuts which are called pączki. They are really soft and are filled with jam inside. The yeast dough is amazing and you can really taste the difference.

Piszinger is another delicacy that you can try here. It is a layered cake with chocolate. Piszinger is originally from Kraków. Something else that you should try here is the Eklerka. This is a puff pastry with cream inside and chocolate on top of it. It is well-loved by Poles and when you taste it, you will know why.

Cukiernia Śliwa

If you want to try out authentic pączki in Kraków then you must try Cukiernia Śliwa which is located on Królewska Street which is a 10-15 minute walk from the old town. You could also take the tram to the location if you don’t want to walk.

They have only one type of paczki here. These are with rose filling. The best part about the paczki here is that they are always fresh and really tasty. We even took a parcel of paczki home for our kids when we visited.

You can also buy different types of Polish cakes here. We bought some Makowiec which is a Polish poppy seed roll. It has so much filling. In fact, I have never seen a roll stuffed so well before. It was loaded with poppy seeds.


If you want to try some weird food for breakfast, head to Onuts. It is a place on Rakowicka street. Here you can have donuts with bacon! It looks pretty nice but when it comes to the taste, I was really curious. It had a sugar glaze that was combined with bacon so the taste was really unique. I’m still not sure whether I liked it or not. Patryk on the other hand said that bacon and sugar tasted good but it was probably not the healthiest choice on the menu.

The second donut we tried was with crème brule. There are other donut fillings like matcha and chocolate.

Ranny Ptaszek

Ranny Ptaszek is a breakfast bar in Kraków. They serve breakfast from 8 am to 4 pm every day. One of the best parts of this place is that it has both indoor and outdoor dining. This means that when the weather is good, you can enjoy the sun and food while sitting outside.

This restaurant is 100 percent vegan which is what I love about it. They also only use fresh organic ingredients. While the restaurant is small in size, it is pretty stylish. I had the soft potato with spicy olive oil. It was so good and really delicious!

Chałka Restobar

At Chalka Restobar, we ordered apple chałka bread with crispy crumble. It looked and smelled delicious. We paired it with different kinds of jam. It was delicious on all counts. You can also have a helping of pudding here or a classic breakfast with bacon.

Forum Przestrzenie

Forum Przestrzenie is located by the river and is a really beautiful place. It is extremely spacious. Forum Przestrzenie is also one of the fanciest spots for breakfast in Kraków. They serve breakfast from 10 am to 1:30 pm.

The price of breakfast here is around $8-10 per person. They also include free coffee, prosecco water or tea in the price of the breakfast. The food is good but if you compare it with the other places that we visited, the portions are much smaller. So if you are really hungry this will not fill you up.

I ordered just one toast while my husband had some rolls and beans. The toast was nice but I would say that the taste was more average than amazing. The view of the place however is what makes up for it. You can see the balloon, the Kraków eye, and Wawel castle. You can spend your day here just enjoying the view.

Kolanko no 6

If you want to have a buffet breakfast in Kraków, head to Kolanko No. 6. They have a buffet breakfast from 8 am to 12 pm. It costs about 35 zloty which is around $8 per person. This covers unlimited food and drink.

They have great options for vegans and vegetarians too. In general, all the options laid out are very good and it is really worth trying it out.

Kolanko No 6. is located in Kazimierz which is the Jewish district. You will find a couple of other great breakfast spots also located in the area.


We waited for half an hour just to get into Charlotte. This place is famous for its croissants. Even though we went on a weekday during the low season, we still had to wait. This is definitely not a place for someone who needs gluten-free food. So keep that in mind when you visit.

The croissants here are really good but honestly, if you ask me, I would not wait another half an hour to get back in and have them again.

The Best Restaurant For Breakfast In Kraków

We talked about all the restaurants that we visited and after our discussion, we came to the conclusion that the best restaurant for breakfast in Kraków is Poranki. The breakfast was really delicious here and the restaurant was pretty unique. Poranki is in Kazimierz which is the Jewish quarter of Kraków.

The other place that was within walking distance from Poranki was Cheder. This was a traditional Jewish place with delicious hummus. Another great place for breakfast!

So if you want to eat breakfast in Kraków head to Kazimierz. It has a lot of options in the vicinity and is definitely better than heading to Rynek.

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  1. I am going on a tour to Poland in September and will have an extra day and a half in Krakow all by myself (unless some of my tour friends will be staying on also). Looking forward to one of these breakfast restaurants (and some of your other suggestions that you link). I will be staying at the Senacki Hotel. Thanks for all the great information you share.

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