Best Places To Visit In Dolnoslaskie Poland

When you ask random Poles about the most beautiful cities to visit in Poland, Wroclaw will be one of the top answers you will hear. The city is in fact amazing, however, there are many other interesting places to visit in Dolnoslaskie Poland other than its capital.

From the stunning castles to the majestic mountains and lovely towns. Lowers Silesia has it all. It truly is one of the most beautiful regions in Poland!

Located in the southwestern part of the country and bordering with Czechia and Germany, it’s also a pretty interesting destination for those who want to explore the neighboring countries as well.

Before you start reading, check out this map of the best places to visit in Dolnoslaskie Poland that you can find in this post:

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For many, Wroclaw is considered as the most beautiful city in Poland. No wonder why!

With the pretty old town, interesting monuments, and vibrant atmosphere it’s easy to fall in love with this city.

One of the best things to do in Wroclaw is dwarf hunting. There are hundreds of gnome statues hidden all around the city. It’s fun to search for them all!

Czocha Castle

Visiting Czocha castle is one of the best ideas for a day trip from Wroclaw. This majestic palace is beautiful inside and out.

According to the legends, many ghosts are “living” in the castle. There are also some mysteries about the building itself, like weird corridors that lead to nowhere.

Karkonosze Mountains

The mountains are divided between Czechia and Poland. For Czechs, Karkonosze’s highest peak, Sniezka (1,603 meters/ 5,260 ft) is the highest peak of the entire country.

There are many things to do in Karknosze apart from hiking though.

Visit the mysterious Wang temple, the oldest wooden church in Poland that was transferred to the country from Norway.

Wander around the lovely town called Karpacz and try the local cuisine.

Visit Jelenia Gora and relax at Termy Cieplickie, one of the best thermal baths in Poland.

Finally, see the medieval Chojnik castle, which is located high in the mountains.

Książ Castle

The third-biggest castle in Poland and the largest one in Lower Silesia, Ksiaz castle is definitely worth visiting.

It’s located in Wałbrzych, a city with a lovely Old Town and the impressive Palm House.


It’s considered the second-most beautiful city in Lower Silesia.

Świdnica has a breathtaking old town with colorful, historic tenement houses and interesting museums.

One of the best places to see in Swidnica is the Church of Peace that is listed as a UNESCO site. It’s the biggest wooden church in Europe.


Everyone will find something for themselves in Klodzko!

Wander around the beautiful old town and walk through the Underground city trail. Next, see the famous Klodzko fortress.

If you are traveling with kids, be sure to visit the Minieuroland miniature park.

Colorful Lakelets

Photo credit: Wikipedia

These natural wonders are four colorful lakelets (Azure, Yellow, Purple, and Green).

They are located at the slope of Wielka Kopa mountain and are all natural. The lakelets were formed on the site of former German mines.

Table Mountains (Góry Stołowe)

Although the most beautiful place of the Table Mountains is located on the Czech side (Adršpach-Teplice Rocks, where the Narnia Chronicles has been filmed), there are still many amazing hiking trails on the Polish side.

Arguably the best is Błędne Skały, a rock maze where you can take some Insta-worthy photos.

Another place worth visiting is a creepy Skull Chapel in Czermna (a part of Kudowa Zdrój).

It was built in the 18th when one of the priest decided to use the skulls and bones of the people who died in the wars and epidemic years before. He thought it’s a good idea to “decorate” the chapel with their remains. Interestingly, his wish was to become a part of the chapel’s decoration after his death as well.

There are only 6 chapels like this in Europe, so it’s definitely one of the best places to visit in Dolnoslaskie Poland.

Photo credit: Merlin

Gold Mines in Złoty Stok and Złotoryja

There are only two gold mines in Poland, both of them are located in Lower Silesia province. The first one is in Złoty Stok, the second in Złotoryja. By the way, “złoto/złoty” means “gold(en)” in Polish.

If you are wondering which gold mine is better to visit, we’d suggest the one in Złoty Stok. It’s definitely more interesting!

Miniature Park in Kowary

If you don’t have time to travel around Lower Silesia province, you can see all the important monuments of the region in Kowary!

The park located in this village gathers the miniatures of all the most significant buildings of Dolnoslaskie.

If you are traveling to Lower Silesia with kids, they will love this place. There is a small pond in the center of the park plus there is a mini train, going around that they can watch.

Silver Mountain Fort (Twierdza Srebrna Góra)

Photo credit: Ksiestwo

What was once a city is now one of the best places to visit in Dolnoslaskie Poland.

The Silver Mountain is a majestic fortress surrounded by beautiful nature. Walk around it, get to know the history of this place, and breathe the fresh air.

Srebrna Gora is the largest mountain fortress in Europe, so it’s definitely a tourist attraction in Lower Silesia worth visiting!

Museum of Pottery (Manufaktura) in Bolesławiec

Pottery is what is Poland known for. The factory in Bolesławiec is the most famous and arguably the best one.

If you want to buy original souvenirs from Poland or simply want to know more about pottery making process, be sure to visit this place!

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