Best Poland Travel Blogs To Follow In 2021!

Whether you are traveling to Poland, you live there, or you simply want to learn more about this beautiful country, I am here to help you. In this post, I’ve gathered the best Poland travel blogs, where you can find useful information about this Slavic land.

How do I know it’s the absolute best Poland travel blogs rank online? The answer is simple: I am a travel blogger myself, I was born and raised in Poland so I know which websites provide the best information.

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Here’s the list of the best Poland blogs:

Northern Irishman In Poland

After visiting more than 150 countries (!) in the world Jonny Blair has decided to make Poland his base. He fell in love in this Slavic country a few years ago and started a website where he is writing exclusively about Poland.

Why it’s one of the best Poland travel blogs? Because it covers less-known destinations. If you want to travel off the beaten path in Poland, there is no better website to follow.

Check it out—> Northern Irishman in Poland

Chido Fajny

David Huerta Beltran is a Mexican guy married to a Polish girl. They are based in the capital of the country- Warsaw.

I think David’s website is the funniest of all Poland travel blogs. He is writing a lot about Polish traditions and culture, sometimes comparing it to the Latino customs that are either completely different or similar to the Slavic ones.

Check out David’s Blog—> Chido Fajny

Kids In The City

The blog is dedicated to the families who are traveling or living in Poland. You will find there lots of current information about the events and interesting things to do in Warsaw and beyond.

Check it out–> Kids In The City

Be sure to follow their Facebook as well, as they are sharing lots of current information from Poland.

best poland travel blogs

Lazy Travel Blog

Self-promotion alert! If you are on my blog for the first time, you may not be aware that we have a huge section about Poland. We are a traveling family, all born in Poland. Our base is Rzeszow, a town in the southeastern part of the country.

We are covering many Poland-related topics on the blog that includes culture, travel tips, and more.

Check our Poland section–> Lazy Travel Blog

The Twisted Red LadyBug

Anda is a girl from Romania married to a Polish guy. They have a cute baby girl and they all live together in Krakow. Anda’s writing is an ultimate source of inspiration and information about this city and Poland in general.

It’s worth following her Facebook page as well, as she is sharing the current news from Krakow almost every day.

Check out Anda’s Blog–> The Twisted Red LadyBug

My Wanderlust

Kami is a world traveler living in Warsaw, Poland. Her blog is focused on solo female travel and less-known destinations.

If you want to discover hidden gems of Poland and read some insider’s tips, be sure to follow her! Don’t forget to check out other categories on her blog, especially those about Eastern Europe.

Check out Kami’s Blog–> My Wanderlust

Over Here

It’s the only one of all the Poland travel blogs that is focused on hiking and outdoor travel.

Joanna and Bart, the founders of Over Here, are a Polish couple that has been living in the UK for many years. They love nature and their goal is to show their readers the beautiful natural wonders of Poland.

Check out their blog–> Over Here

Polish Housewife

Lois is an American that has been living with her family in Poznan, Poland for many years.

Even though they moved back to the States she keeps blogging about Poland, especially sharing her Polish food recipes.

Check out Lois’ Blog–> Polish Housewife

Indian Girl In Poland

Doreen Pinto is an Indian girl based in Krakow. She is not only blogging about Poland but also about fashion and lifestyle, which makes her website pretty unique.

Check out Doreen’s Blog–> Indian Girl in Poland

Yo En Polonia

Carlos is a Spanish guy who fell in love with a Polish girl and moved to Warsaw to live with her. He is blogging about his life in Poland, local customs, funny and odd things about this country.

Check out Carlos’ Blog–> Yo En Polonia

Polish Your Kitchen

Looking for delicious recipes for Polish food? You will love Polish Your Kitchen. Anna is covering it all- from basic pierogi recipe to more advanced dishes like studzienina.

She is also an author of the cook book.

Check out Anna’s Blog–> Polish Your Kitchen

Polish Foodies

It’s my newest baby- a blog where I am sharing my family recipes for traditional Polish food.

Check it out–> Polish Foodies

Finding Poland

Steve’s first trip to Poland, in 2005, was the result of an unexpected invitation from a Polish guy he hardly knew. They both studied at a university in Nottingham, UK.

Steve’s lived in Poland on and off since 2006. He’s taught English in Dębica, Płock and Łódź. Steve now lives in Gdańsk and says he’s “found his place”.

Finding Poland has some thought-provoking articles, travel reviews, practical information for foreigners looking to set up permanently in Poland, and some very intriguing personal stories. Steve also interviews expats and Polish entrepreneurs.

Check it out—> Finding Poland

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