Insider’s Guide To Lancut Poland

I’ve been traveling the world for the last couple of years but Lancut Poland will always have a special place in my heart. It’s where I come from. I believe my hometown truly is a hidden gem of Poland. The famous Lancut castle is one of the most beautiful in Central Europe. Still, it’s undiscovered that’s why I strongly encourage you to go see it.

I hope this insider’s travel guide to Lancut will help you plan the trip to Subcarpathian Voivodeship and Poland in general.

How To Get To Lancut?

Lancut is located in Podkarpackie province. It’s less than 2 hours’ driving from Krakow and about 15 minutes driving from Rzeszow, the capital city of Subcarpathian province.

Bieszczady Mountains, Ukraine, and Slovakia are only 1,5 hour drive from the castle. How awesome is that?

You can get directly to Lancut from Krakow, Warsaw, and many other big Polish cities

By Plane

Jasionka Airport is only 15-20 minutes driving away from Lancut. Check out the current deals here.

By Car

Driving to Lancut is super easy. There is a high way from Wroclaw, Katowice, and Krakow directly to the town. If you don’t have a car in Poland, search for the best car rental services here.

By Train or Bus

There is both a train and bus station in Lancut, so getting to the town by public transport is fast and easy. Use e-podroznik to plan your journey, it’s the most helpful travel planning website in Poland so far.

Things To Do In Lancut

Lancut Castle Museum

The castle in Lancut is one of the most beautiful aristocratic residences in Europe, known from its wonderful interiors and unique collection of horse-drawn carriages. The palace complex is surrounded by an old, English-style park.

If you like classical music, you must have heard of Lancut. Every year, famous musicians from all over the world come here to Lancut Music Festival. They are performing, practicing and teaching in the town.

Castle Museum is open every day but the best is to go there on Mondays. Why? Because you don’t have to pay for a ticket! The admission is free.

The palace complex consists of Castle, Stables, Coach House, Museum of the History of the City and Region incl. 10th Mounted Rifle Regiment, Orthodox Art collection, and the Orchid House.

Depending on what you choose, the ticket price will be different. You won’t pay more than 50 PLN ($16) though. The best places to see are definitely the castle and stables.

Polmos Distillery Museum

This is the only Distillery Museum in Poland and one of the few in the entire world!

Unfortunately, it’s not open to the public. You need to book a ticket in advance and the group should consist of at least 10 people. It is worth to go there, even if it’s difficult.

The distillery Museum in Lancut is very exclusive. Many famous people have been there, including Bruce Willis, who was one of the Sobieski vodka owners.

Lancut Synagogue

Before World War II, there were many Jews in Lancut. Unfortunately, all that is left of them in Lancut is Synagogue.

It’s one of the most precious baroque masonry buildings in Poland. The synagogue is right next to the castle.


Markowa is located very close to Lancut (about 5 miles). It’s famous for The Village Museum and the recently opened Museum of Poles Saving Jews.

Markowa Village Museum

Go there to see how Poles lived in the past. You’ll see old houses with threshing floor, mattresses stuffed with hay, and lots of strange tools.

Back in the 19th century, people did everything by themselves. At Markowa Village Museum you will see how they made flour, the way they worked, and what they were doing in their free time.

It’s really interesting and unbelievable how the world changed during the last 150 years! Now we can easily buy everything that we need in any store. All we have to do it to go there and pick whatever we want. Back in the 19th and 20th people needed to produce everything from scratch.

This Village Museum is open from April to November.

Museum Of Poles Saving Jews

The most famous people from Markowa are Ulma Family. They all were killed for hiding Jews during World War II. It was one of the most terrible massacres in Lancut area during the last 100 years. Nazis killed 8 Jews, 6 kids of Ulma’s and Jozef and Wiktoria Ulma themselves (she was 7-month pregnant during that time).

The Museum of Poles Saving Jews was built in memory of them. It is new and interactive, so it’s definitely a place worth visiting.

Day Trip To Lviv, Ukraine

It’s possible to go from Lancut to Lviv on a day or 2-day trip. All you need is a passport and a bit of patience to wait a few hours in line on the border. The current tours can be found here (the website is in Polish but the tours are 100% legit).

It’s not that difficult to organize the tour by yourself either. Take a train to Przemysl, then change for the train going directly to Lviv. It’s operating every day.

Where To Stay In Lancut?

Lancut is a small town but there are many amazing places to stay there.

If you are looking for decent and cozy hotels, check out Hotel Lancut (that’s where we had our wedding) and Vis a Vis Hotel.

The most luxurious hotel in Lancut is Hotel Sokol. It’s really awesome, with a spacious spa area and a great restaurant. 

All of these hotels are very close to the castle and town center.

Where To Eat In Lancut?

Arguably the best restaurant in Lancut is Piktonowka. It’s on Rzeznicza 8 Street, about 5 minutes’ walk from the castle. 

If you want to grab a beer or have a drink, head to Piwiarnia.

If you are visiting Lancut Poland in the summer, you can’t miss Gelateria. They have one of the best gelatos in the world!

If you want something sweet, go to Pasierb Bakery. It’s right next to the castle ticket office. They have delicious ice creams and cakes.

If you like fast food, eat zapiekanka or hamburger in Bar Greco, which is next to Pasierb’s.

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  1. Hi Karolina and Patryk
    It was great to read your information. The Castle looks wonderful. We are coming from Australia to visit the area in September and with a hire car will be able to go from Przemysl to Lancut easily and check it out.
    Thanks for tips about food. We would love to visit Polmos Distillery too, we won’t have enough people but I’ll contact them and see if it’s possible
    Thank you so much

    1. Hi Carole,
      That’s so great that you are coming to visit Poland! Podkarpacie is not the most popular tourist destination but we are sure you will love it :). If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

  2. Greetings Karolina,

    Currently in Poland working but look forward to finally meeting you olin person on 7/15 in Rzeszow with a tour by you to Lancut.

    Also look forward to veto g a signed copy of your polish cookbook.


  3. My family is from Lancut. I visited there a few years ago to research my family tree. The nuns at the Catholic church were very helpful. But I have forgotten the name of the Catholic Church. Can you send me the name and address?

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