Best Spots For Skiing In Zakopane + Tips

Nestled under the breathtaking Tatra Mountains in southern Poland, Zakopane is a winter wonderland that attracts snow enthusiasts from all over the world. This town, often referred to as the “Winter Capital of Poland,” has some amazing ski slopes. From beginners to seasoned pros, skiing in Zakopane is a must-do for everyone!

The Majestic Tatra Mountains and Skiing in Zakopane

The Tatry, give a beautiful backdrop to Zakopane, and the sharp mountain peaks are ideal for ski slopes. They are covered with snow throughout the winter, and they also make for a perfect postcard-worthy picture. Skiing in Zakopane is not only a sports adventure but a big feast for your eyes.

World-Class Ski Slopes In Zakopane

Rest assured, you will find world-class slopes in Zakopane, just to mention that the town hosts one of the world cup competitions in ski jumps. Here is the list of the best of the slopes.

Kasprowy Wierch

Downhill Skier in Kasprowy Wierch in Zakopane in Tatras in winter. Zakopane is a town in Poland in Tatra Mountains. Kasprowy Wierch is a mountain in Zakopane and the most popular ski area in Poland

Kasprowy Wierch is located just outside of Zakopane, about 3 km away. The peak sits within the Tatra National Park, therefore, it doesn’t have artificial snow. It is a bit of a disadvantage, taking into consideration, that there has been less snow in recent years.

However, if the weather is good, and there is sufficient snow, Kasprowy Wierch offers unforgettable adventures and stunning views from the slopes.

Here are the 2 main ski routes on Kasprowy Wierch:


The route is marked as black (very difficult). It has a length of just over 1,400 meters with an elevation difference of 352 meters.

It leads to a ski trail through Hala G?sienicowa, Karczmisko, there is a small uphill section there without a lift, over the Olczyska Valley, all the way to Ku?nice. In total, starting from Kasprowy Wierch, it’s almost 10 kilometers in length with a 930-meter elevation difference. Perfect for pro skiers!


It is located on the northwestern slope of Kasprowy Wierch and runs towards Kot?o Goryczkowe.

At the bottom of Goryczkowa Valley above Zakosy, it splits into two variants: Eastern and Western. The main route is nearly 2000 meters long, with a 602-meter altitude difference. Including the ski trail leading to Ku?nice, the total descent is over 5 kilometers with a height difference of 930 meters.

In very good snow conditions, you can literally ski to Zakopane Center from there.

The Goryczkowa trail is served by an old ski lift with wooden, two-seat chairs. On a cold and windy day, riding this lift is not the most pleasant experience.

Both Goryczkowa and G?sienicowa pistes are marked as black diamond slopes. Especially in their upper sections, where the slope is relatively steep. They are only suitable for experienced skiers.


If you don’t have too much experience in skiing, Nosal is the perfect ski slope for you.

The hill offers 5 trails, up to 250 m long. All pistes are marked as blue, they are wide and straight and perfect for kids. Each trail has a chairlift, that takes you up the hill.

The only downside is that it gets very busy, especially during winter school break.


Gubalowka offers a very good ski slope and in addition, it is also a snow park for snowboarders.

From the top of it, you can admire a beautiful view of Zakopane and the Tatra Mountains. An ideal proposition for lovers of beautiful views and beginners and intermediate skiers.

There are two skiing trails from Gubalowka:

Polana Gubalowka

It is artificially snow-covered and partially illuminated. The 300-meter trail with a 28% slope is ideal for beginner skiers. The hill is just a few steps of Krupówki Street, you can literally ski in Zakopane tam.

Polana Szymoszkowa

Both adults and children love this place. There are two cable cars operating here: a small one, ideal for beginners, and a large one that reaches the top of Gubalowka. There is also a Kids’ Park for the youngest visitors.


The Harenda ski resort is located on the southeastern slopes of Rafaczówka, the extension of the Guba?ówka hill. In there, you have access to three T-bar lifts and a 4-person chairlift.

The slopes are illuminated and open until 9:00 PM, and they have artificial snow-making capabilities.

The trails at Harenda are suitable for both beginners and experienced skiers, so if you travel with friends with different skiing skill levels, this place might be perfect for your team.

There is also a black trail that is particularly attractive for the skiing experts. There is a snow park with jumps and obstacles for freestyle skiing, near the chairlift in the lower part of the slope.

The resort offers a ski school, winter equipment rentals, dining facilities, an ice rink, and a large parking area.


The 400-meter-long lift is located in Suchy ?leb (Dry Ravine), near the Hotel Gorski. The natural conditions of the slope allow maintaining a natural snow cover for a long time. The slope is easy to ski on and is regularly groomed.

The resort offers a qualified team of ski instructors and a rental service for ski and snowboard equipment, as well as a repair service.

This spot offers a Ski Kindergarten, kids can feel comfortable taking their first skiing lessons. There are also plenty of attractions waiting for them on the safe slope. After just a few days of practice through play, the little ones happily ski between colorful animal figurines set up like slalom poles in a specially designated area of the slope for children.


Located on the outskirts of Zakopane, Ugory offers two T-bar lifts, 350 and 400 meters long.

Open during holidays and winter holidays from 9:00 a.m. until the last customer. On the resort grounds, there is a skiing school as well as a ski and snowboard rental shop.


The Gigant ski lift is located under the Great Krokiew in Zakopane. The trail is designed for beginner skiers and snowboarders. The slight elevation and wide slope seem perfect for taking your first steps on one or two boards. The lift is 189 meters long, and the ski trail is 181 meters long, with a vertical drop of 15 meters, and an average slope of 11.5%. The trail is very easy for beginners and children.

The ski resort also offers equipment rentals and training in downhill skiing and snowboarding, both for children and adults. Classes can be conducted individually or in groups, always taking into account the age and skill level of the skiers at every level of proficiency. Classes are conducted in both Polish and English languages.

Ski Pass For Easy Skiing In Zakopane

So many trails, but how to try them all? Zakopane finally has a solution for the ski enthusiasts. Now the town has the common ski pass. One card that allows access to multiple ski lifts and cable cars. The Góral Skipass is a time-based ticket that can be used at four Ski Stations: Harenda, Polana Szymoszkowa, Suche, and Witów.

The ticket can be purchased online, at a special ticket machine in the city center, or at one of the designated points. Thanks to this, skiers and snowboarders can ride at several stations in one day without wasting time waiting in lines at the ticket counters.

Time For Some Relax – Thermal Baths

after a day spent outside, It’s good to calm down and relax at one of the Thermal Baths in Zakopane. Check out this article, where I list the best Termální lázně v Zakopaném and the neighboring towns.

Check out the website Polskie Koleje Liniowe to find out all about pricing, and lifts, and to check out live web cameras showcasing mountain views.

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