Free Things To Do In Warsaw

Warsaw is the capital city of Poland with about 2 million citizens, and 20 million tourists visiting each year. Warsaw is a very friendly place to visit, however, some things can be quite expensive. To balance it out, there is a great deal of free things to do in Warsaw. I prepared a long list for you to browse with all the free activities. Enjoy the ride.

Free Things To Do In Warsaw

If you are the kind of tourist, that likes to really experience the place you visit, go off the path promoted by a popular guide. The best place, you can visit in Warsaw is free. It takes a bit of effort to find and follow it, but it is well worth it. Go through the list below of all the cool things you have.

Free Museums In Warsaw – Open Door Days

The usual practice is that the entrance to the museum is with tickets. But many museums in Warsaw have an open-door day at least once a week.

This is a great opportunity for all those, who like to get the most out of the visited place, and not spend too much at the same time. Here are popular museums listed by the free entrance day:








Free Concerts And Art Exhibitions

There is a wide diversity of cultural events held in Warsaw. Some of them offer world-class entertainment, like Chopin concerts. What kind of events you can find and where?

  • Fryderyk Chopin’s Concerts. For over 60 years, every Sunday throughout the summer, in Lazienki Krolewskie (Royal Baths Park), Chopin’s music is played by the world’s known pianists.
  • Summer Promenade Concerts in the Krasinski Garden. Concerts start every Saturday at 5 pm during July and August.

  • Outdoor Cinemas. There are at least 30 locations in Warsaw that offer free outdoor screening. Where to go? What to See? The best advice I can give you is to search on the internet for outdoor cinemas while you are actually in Warsaw and see what suits you best.
people watching movie in open air cinema in city park
  • Showings in Amphitheater in Lazienki Krolewski. The amphitheater was built nearly 250 years ago. During summer, mainly on weekends, you can enjoy there a free show, for repertoire check on the Lazienki Park official website, or directly at the park.

Free Roof Gardens and View Points

  • Copernicus Science Center. Copernicus Center is an interactive museum where you can experience the world of science. And on the roof of the building, you can relax and enjoy the greenery and the panoramic view of the city and Vistula River. The roof garden is free of charge.
  • One of the must-see, and yet free attractions in Warsaw are Warsaw University Library Garden. The architecture of this place is breathtaking, plus you get to enjoy the panoramic view of Warsaw.

  • Viewpoint from the Forest building. This is a nice stop to enjoy the view of Warsaw from above. You can even relax on the sunbeds available for all guests. And yes, this is, too, free of charge.
  • View the platform by the Vistula Boulevards. Just behind the Royal Castle, down by the river, there is a viewing platform, that you can access, and admire nature in the middle of the city. The opposite side of the river is not urbanized and greenery stretches along the riverbank.

Old Town Sightseeing

Warsaw Old Town holds many attractions that are free to view. Sigismund’s Columnis definitely is one of them. The Castle Square is a very big and open space flooded with thousands of tourists during summer.

But it gets a bit looser to the left side of the castle, where the barbican is. The walls of the old fort are well-preserved and they accessible, anyone can get on them and enjoy the view from above.

Royal Gardens

The castle gardens are a perfect resting place, available to everyone. Surrounded by the majestic Castle, and opening up to the panorama of the Vistula River valley. This is a charming space, which is an ideal escape from the city in the very heart of it.

Vistula Boulevards

Boulevards are a cool place to be. This is where the nightlife happens during the summer. The place is buzzing with music, bars, and clubs. Locals call this place “schodki nad Wisla” – The stairs by the Vistula, and it is the most popular night-out spot.

During the day, boulevards transform into a recreation center with walking, cycling paths, museum, and playgrounds along the riverbank.

Fountains Park

Behind the Royal Castle, a short walk down the Vistula Valley, located in the Multimedia Fountain Park. This big park offers fantastic attractions throughout the Summer. Every Friday and Saturday evening during the Summer, there is a free show to watch.

The fountains turn into a spectacular multimedia show, presenting old tales of Warsaw. The entrance is free, however, you would have to pay for the parking spot, and most probably for the balloons, and ice cream, if you go there with kids. 🙂

Street Performance

Nowy Swiat and Krakowskie Przedmiescie avenues lead to the Royal Square and the Royal Castle itself. This 2 km long promenade is full of restaurants, and cafes, and it is home to the Presidential Palace and The University of Warsaw.

This place is busy all year round, therefore it attracts street performers of all kinds. And since the competition is high, you can see some excellent performance there. Singers, musicians, dancers, magicians, gymnastics, and all kinds of arts.

Another famous place for street performances to watch is a place by the Warsaw Central Train Station. Ask for a place called “patelnia” – frying pan, and you will be shown the way to get there.

Warsaw, Poland – August 2, 2017: Architecture and people on the street New World in Warsaw

Historical Churches And Cathedrals

Churches, even the oldest ones, are free to enter. In the Basilica, you might need to pay for an electronic tour guide, but rather than that it is free to admire the beauty of the architecture.

NBP Money Centre

Money, money, money… why not learn all about it. For free!

NBP Money Center is an interactive museum, that offers everything -money-related. Exhibitions, workshops, and lecturers. The entrance is always free to all the events teaching about money and its history.

Free Ferries On the Vistula River

There are 3 ferries on the Vistula River that will take you across the river. The daily ferry is free to all during the summer. You can easily cross the river, from Fountain Park, going straight to the ZOO. More about the routes and timetable you will find on the Warsaw Public Transport website.

Free Tour Guide – walkative Warsaw

Walkative Warsaw offers themed strolls around Warsaw, with a guide. These are very informative tours, and perfect to meet people. For a group of 7 or more, you might need to book a paid tour, but if you are alone or a couple, you can join the group for free. However, a contribution, or a tip – alike payment is possible, and of course, welcomed.

Winter Attractions Free In Warsaw

Warsaw offers free attractions not only during Summer. There are many interesting things to do for free also in winter. Only the illumination in the main promenades and in Old Town are impressive enough to dedicate a whole evening to admire it.

Illumination in Royal Gardens, Lazienki Park are also free of charge. And of course, the Christmas Market. Although the food and souvenirs will cost you some money, the atmosphere and the holiday charm is not only free, but actually priceless.

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