How To Travel Around Poland?

OK, you’ve decided that you want to travel to Poland. Good for you- you won’t regret it! While you need to plan your itinerary carefully, it’s also important to choose the way of getting around Poland.

The country is quite big (the 6th largest in the European Union), so there are many options available. Keep on reading to discover how to travel around Poland.

Renting A Car In Poland

How To Travel Around Poland renting a car in poland

This is definitely the easiest way of getting around Poland.

You will have a chance to travel everywhere fast and comfortably. The Polish roads are good, the road signs are quite easy to read.

Poland has right-hand traffic, just like the US and most of the countries in the world.

Driving is quite easy, but don’t ever try to exceed speed. Polish Policemen love to hide in every corner then suddenly jump out with speed radar and stop you. There are also many speed cameras which make you a picture when you drive too fast. So be careful!

Save your time and rent a car in Poland–> here.

Public Transport In Poland

According to Lonely Planet, Poland has an excellent public transportation system.

You can easily get anywhere you want, either by bus or train. I will write more about each of the ways of getting around Poland, however, I want to recommend to you the best site to plan your trip around the country by public transport.

It’s called ePodroznik. I am not their affiliate partner, I simply use this site to plan my own trips. They are great.

Trains in Poland

getting around poland trains

Traveling by train in Poland may be a good option, however, Polish trains are not as punctual and comfortable as those in Germany or Japan.

Every year, the Polish railway system is improving. What was normal 10 years ago (for example waiting 2 hours for the train to appear), today is no longer a standard.

Trains in Poland are now quite punctual and comfortable. The train stations are being renovated and today, most of them are modern and air-conditioned.

The entire country has an access to the railway system, however, there are many places where you simply can’t travel by train.

While you can be sure that there is a train connecting big cities (for example Krakow and Warsaw), you probably won’t be able to take a train to the small mountain town.

Some train tickets can be purchased online but not all of them (especially those on international routes). Check out the current timetable here.

Buses in Poland

There are two kinds of buses in Poland: public and private. The public buses are slower and older. Private is fast, air-conditioned and most of them have wi-fi.

Public buses are called PKS. When it comes to private buses, the most popular are:

Again, all these (and others) bus carriers can be found on ePodroznik, where you can buy the tickets online.

Trams, Subway, and City Buses

Trams, Subway and City Buses getting around poland

Getting around any big city in Poland will be easy when using app or website.

It will help you plan your trip to anywhere within the city.

All you need to do is to write your destination’s address. The application will locate where you are and show you the way to the next bus/metro/tram stop. Then, it will show you which line you should use and how long will be the journey.

When it comes to tickets, you can usually buy them at the ticket machines. If you can’t find one, go to the next kiosk and get your ticket there.

While trams and buses are popular in Polish big cities (Kraków, Łódź, Poznań, Wrocław, Gdańsk, etc.), subway is so far only available in Warsaw.

Domestic Flights In Poland

Sadly, planes are still not the most popular way of getting around Poland. Mainly because of the poor connections and high prices of the tickets.

If you are flying from Warsaw, you can easily get anywhere. However, if you want to start your trip anywhere else, you may have difficulties finding the desired route.

As for 2020, two main carriers offer domestic flights in Poland:

While you may find VERY GOOD DEALS by Ryanair, Lot’s prices are pretty much the same all year round.

For example, you can fly from Krakow to Gdansk (Polish coast) by RyanAir for as little as $10 one way!

Hitchhiking in Poland

Hitchhiking in Poland getting around

Hitch-hiking is the most popular in the Bieszczady Mountains. However, you can do it in other places in Poland, too. It’s just as safe (or not!) as in any country in the world.

Remember to keep the plate with the name of your destination when you are catching a car. It will make you more trustable and it’s more likely that someone will stop to give you a ride.

Private Transfers and Taxis

If you want to have the comfort of traveling in a car but not feel like driving, you should consider taking a taxi or booking a private transfer.

While it will definitely be more expensive, you can be sure your trip will be pleasant. Book your transfer online or discuss the price upfront to avoid scams.

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