How Children’s Day Is Celebrated In Poland?

1st of June The Kids Day

There’s no person in Poland who wouldn’t know what the celebration is on the 1st of June. It is International Children’s Day, and it is celebrated for 70 years. Although this is not a public holiday, kids would love it if it was, this day is very special and is cherished and celebrated by everyone.

Why Is Children’s Day Celebrated 1st Of June?

The date was set back in 1950 and, although this is a post-communist holiday, Poland kept it after the old system collapsed. Not all countries celebrate it on the same day, but I think, that the 1st of June is actually the perfect time. The summer is starting, school break is just around the corner, and the weather is perfect for outdoor activities.

Just before Children’s Day, Poland has another beautiful celebration. Mother’s Day is on the 26th of May. To find out more about this event, read my other article Mother’s Day in Poland.

Father’s Day in Poland is celebrated just 3 weeks after Children’s Day, on June, 23rd.

How Is Children’s Day Celebrated?

Sports Day

The most important thing for kids is that on this day, schools don’t do their usual activities.

There are no classes, readings, and homework. Instead, schools usually organize Sports Day. Parents often come to watch the games, and even take part in them, and often town officials give a speech too.

School Academy

In schools, kindergartens, and many public venues, there are special events, contests and performances, concerts, shows, and workshops for children.

Picnics And Open-Air Activities

Town Halls and cultural centers organize picnics with live bands, and fun activities for whole families. Kids can engage in sports games, Luna Park games, or try sweet cotton and other candies.

Families take this opportunity to go out, spend time together and have quality time with their loved ones.

Ice Cream Time

If you ask children, what Kids Day is about, they will shout out: ICE CREAM!

Even if the weather is bad and there is no chance for a picnic, it is never too bad for ice cream. The first dose of frozen dessert typically comes at school, only to follow with some more throughout the day. Kids love sweets, and since it is their special day, the limits are off, or at least well stretched out.

“You Don’t Have To Brush Your Teeth Today.”

Kids understand the concept of holidays by having the limits and boundaries taken off, giving them complete freedom. And one of the things that kids have, and that is an everyday struggle for both, parents and kids, is teeth brushing. So on Dzień Dziecka, kids in Poland don’t have to brush their teeth.

There is even a saying in Polish, that when someone doesn’t want to brush teeth or take a shower, especially after a long day.

Poles say something like; I’m having a Kids’ Day today, I am going to bed dirty. The downside of it is, that kids like to take advantage of it, and when they want to skip a shower or teeth brushing on a regular day, they ask if they can have a Kids’ Day.

A Country ruled By Children

For almost two decades now, on Children’s Day, the Government hands over its powers and prerogatives to the young generation.

Every year there is a competition for children that want to become a member of Parliament. The house is selected of 460 members, and the cadence lasts one year, with one ruling session on the 1st of June. Children take sits in the Parliament room, they have their own marshal, and they debate about topics such as environment, children’s rights, education, democracy, equity, and so on.

Who Is Talking On The BUS?

I’m sure you are familiar with the female or male voice announcing the next station in public transport. Well if you are in Poland 1st of June, get on the bus and pay attention to this voice.

Children take over this one too. And only imagine a morning route, a bus full of people going to work, and a voice of a 3-year-old announcing the next bus stop. It will make your day, no matter what.

Gifts for Children

Of course, there must be gifts for kids on the Kids’ Day. Usually, those gifts are not too big or expensive. Toys, outdoor sandpit gear for the youngest, clothes, or cash for the older ones. And sweets, on top of all the ice cream they already had.

How Is Children’s Day Celebrated At Homes?

At home, families often celebrate Children’s Day by organizing parties for children with homemade cakes, and desserts, or even a barbecue.

It’s worth emphasizing that Children’s Day is also an opportunity for adults to spend time with children and provide them with special attention and love.

Why Children’s Day Is Important?

The celebrations of Children’s Day in Poland aim to emphasize the importance of childhood and provide children with a happy and safe environment to grow up in. It is also a time when society pays attention to the rights and needs of children, as well as their protection and well-being.

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