Best Places To Visit In Swietokrzyskie Poland

If you are looking for the best places to visit in Swietokrzyskie Poland, you are in a right place. The Holy Cross Province, located in the south of the country, is definitely a gem. Not popular among foreign tourists, Swietokrzyskie Poland offers many breathtaking tourist attractions, and one, recently announced, UNESCO World Heritage site.

Before you start reading (and falling in love with the Holy Cross Province), check out the map below. You will find there all the best places to visit in Swietokrzyskie Poland that you can find in this post.

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The capital of Swietokrzyskie Poland is definitely the most vibrant place in the Voivodeship.

From the beautiful Old Town and the castle hill to Kadzielnia Nature Reserve, there are many amazing places and things to do in Kielce.

Krzyżtopór Castle

Recently awarded with a Golden Pin by Google Maps, Krzyztopor castle is definitely one of the best places to visit in Swietokrzyskie Poland.

If you want to take some Insta-worthy photos, be sure to visit the ruins of this impressive palace. It was once the biggest castle in Europe, before the Versailles castle in France was built.

All that’s left from this majestic buildings are now ruins, however, the discussion about renovating the castle is underway by local authorities and historians.

Krzemionki UNESCO Site

Photo credit: Jakub Hałun

It’s the youngest Polish UNESCO World Heritage site (listed in 2019). This prehistoric flint mine is the largest in Europe.

Just to give you an idea on how old the mine is- it was active 5,000 years ago!

Visit Krzemionki Opatowskie to learn about the techniques miners have been using, as well as learn about their every day lives.

Bałtów Jurasic Park

It’s the most popular tourist attraction in Swietokrzyskie Poland among Poles.

The dino park in Bałtów is a place loved by kids and adults.

Apart from dinosaurs, there are many other interesting attractions within the complex including the zoo, miniature park, the amusement park, and more.

Świętokrzyski National Park/ Świętokrzyskie Mountains

With the highest peak Łysa Góra (595 metres/ 1,952 ft high), Świętokrzyski National Park is definitely worth visiting.

It’s a great place to travel for nature lovers and those looking for some peace and relax.

If you like hiking, you will find many beautiful trails in Swietokrzyskie Mountains. It’s not the highest mountain range in Poland, so the treks can be done even by the amateur hikers.

Jaskinia Raj (Paradise Cave)

Called one of the most beautiful caves in Europe, Jaskinia Raj is definitely one of the best places to visit in Swietokrzyskie Poland.

This breathtaking karstic limestone cave is open to the public, however, the tickets must be booked online before. Due to the specific microclimate, the number of people that can be currently in the cave must be limited.


Sandomierz is a lovely town that definitely deserves more attention than it currently has.

With the beautiful, hilly Old Town and many amazing monuments, Sandomierz is one of the best places to visit in Swietokrzyskie Poland.

What makes this town unique is the Queen Jadwiga Ravine that is located a few footsteps away from the old town. You can jump from visiting the old monuments straight to the peaceful hike in the ravine. How awesome is that?

Bartek Oak

Photo credit: Goku122

The oldest oak in Poland is a tree every Pole is learning about at school.

It’s not clear how old Dąb Bartek is, however, it’s estimated to have from 654 to even 1200 years! The oak is still alive, but is in decline.


The kids’ capital of Poland, Pacanow is known as a place Koziolek Matolek (Billy Goat), a fictional character, has been looking for his entire life.

Go there and visit the European Tale Center where you can learn about cartoons from many countries in the world.

Solec Zdrój

Solec Zdroj is a perfect destination for all the spa lovers. It’s where you can visit one of the best thermal pools in Poland (follow the link for more info).


Photo credit: Lopcio

This small, undiscovered town is one of the hidden gems of Poland.

The best tourist attractions in Opatow are the Underground Route and Kolegiata Św. Marcina.

Opatow is definitely a place worth visiting for those who like to travel off the beaten path, discover less-known places, and look for destinations where they can connect with locals.

Chęciny Castle

The ruins of the medieval castle in Checiny are one of the most Instagrammable places in Swietokrzyskie Poland.

Surrounded by the green hills, Chęciny castle is also a pretty interesting place for a picnic in the summer.

Kurozwęki Palace

Last but not least- the palace in Kurozwęki. The pink medieval castle is an interesting place to visit by history lovers.

Kids will enjoy the mini zoo and the playground that can be found within the palace complex.

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