Best Places To Visit In Zachodniopomorskie Poland

Zachodniopomorskie Poland is probably one of the most overlooked regions of the country. While it’s being visited by the neighboring tourists from Germany, other nations don’t really visit West Pomerania. Too bad! This Voivodeship is definitely worth checking out!

From the beautiful old towns to the stunning Baltic Sea beaches- Zachodniopomorskie Poland has it all. It’s definitely a developed region, so it’s also a pretty good area to stay for digital nomads or any other foreigners who want to relocate to Poland.

There are many amazing places to visit in Zachodniopomorskie Poland. Keep on reading to discover the best tourist attractions in West Pomerania.

But first, see the map below. You can see there all the recommended places to visit in Zachodniopomorskie Poland that you can find in this article:

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The capital of Zachodniopomorskie Poland, Szczecin is also one of the largest cities in the country.

One of the main tourist attractions of Szczecin is the Old Town and the Ducal Castle. Those looking for some peace will love the Beech Forest and the Emerald Lake.

There are many amazing museums in Szczecin, including The Museum of Technology and Transport or The National Museum.

What’s interesting, Szczecin does not have direct access to the Baltic Sea. The city lies on the Oder river.

If you are traveling to Szczecin, be sure to join a walking tour to get the most of your trip!


This unique city is located on 44 islands and islets, 3 of the biggest are:

  • Uznam island (with 35,000+ inhabitants)
  • Wolin island (with 4300+ inhabitants)
  • Karsibor island (with 700+ inhabitants)

When you take a closer look at the map of the best places to visit in Zachodniopomorskie that we embed at the beginning of this post, you will quickly notice that the only way to get to Swinoujscie is to take a ferry!

Alternatively, you may close the border with Germany and get to the city by land.

Świnoujście is actually connected with this neighboring country. Because both Poland and and Germany are within the European Union and the Schengen area, you may not actually notice which country you are currently in, when traveling by car or riding a bike.

Świnoujście offers many amazing tourist attractions including the famous Lighthouse, the Promenade, and, of course, the beaches.

The Crooked Forest (Krzywy Las)

That’s probably one of the most mysterious hidden gems in Poland. No one knows why the trees growing in the woods in Gryfino have such a weird shape.

There are many theories of conspiracy explaining the odd phenomenon of the Crooked Forest.

One theory says that some form of the human tool was used to make the trees grow this way. It has been speculated that the trees may have been deformed to create naturally curved timber for use in furniture or boat building.

Others surmise that a snowstorm could have knocked the trees like this, but to date, nobody knows what really happened to these pine trees.

Another possibility is that it’s a work of aliens.

Krzywy Las is still an unsolved mystery which makes it a pretty interesting places to visit!


It’s one of the most famous spa towns in Poland.

Foreigners and Poles from all over the country are traveling to Kołobrzeg to relax, improve their health and, of course, breathe the fresh, salty air.

There are many interesting things to do in Kolobrzeg. The first is the impressive Lighthouse, the second The Polish Army Museum.

Don’t forget about the beautiful white sand beaches, and the impressive pier (molo).

Because Kołobrzeg is famous for its spas, there are many events going on in the town all year round. From the concerts, to discos, you definitely won’t get bored in Kołobrzeg!

Ruins Of The Church In Trzęsacz

Trzęsacz is one of the most unique villages in Poland.

There are ruins of the old church overlooking the Baltic sea which makes it a pretty picturesque destination.

According to the historians, there were 3 churches on the site of today’s ruins, all of them built in the Middle Ages.

If you want to take some Insta-worthy photos during your trip to Zachodniopomorskie Poland, Trzesacz is definitely your place to go!


If you ask any Pole about the party capital of the country, many of them will answer- Mielno!

It’s where you can have some fun and meet new friends in the summer.

Mielno lies on the spit between the Baltic Sea and the Jamno lake which makes it pretty special.

If you don’t feel like partying in the clubs, there are many other interesting things to do in Mielno, including visiting the Lighthouse in Gąski or relaxing on the beach.

The Templar Chapel in Chwarszczany

If you are a history buff, you can’t miss The Templar Chapel in Chwarszczany while visiting Zachodniopomorskie Poland.

Located in the middle of nowhere, it’s a place unique on a global scale. There are many weird and unexplained elements of the chapel’s architecture, including the tower with no stairs.

If you want to read more about the chapel, check out this post.


Last but not least- Jarosławiec.

This town makes a perfect place to spend holidays. Apart from the white sand beaches, there are many awesome things to do in Jarosławiec.

Those looking for some fun or traveling with kids may visit the Aquapark. The Lighthouse will be interesting for people of all ages. And finally, The Museum of Amber is a place worth visiting by everyone.

At the end of the day ambers are the gold of Poland. Poland is the biggest amber exporter in the world!

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful Insite into Zachodnio. I’ll be is Dziwnow in July for my sons sailing event and I’d like to visit many of the cities and towns close by. How do you get to Zachodnio from Dziwnow? Are Ubers an option for travel?
    What other cities in this area do you recommend?
    Thank you in advance!

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