10 Reasons You Should Visit Poland

Poland… have you ever heard of this country? Being a native Pole is sometimes funny, especially while being abroad. Usually, when people hear our language, they ask: Are you Russian? You sound like Russian. When we say where are we from, they reply: Ohhh Holland! How nice. Seriously, only a few people we met on the road could tell us ANYTHING about Poland. Most of them had no idea that this country even exists. Too bad! There are so many reasons you should travel Poland!

No, Polish is not Russian. It’s true that these languages sound similar but they are different. Holland is also a European country but it’s 6 times smaller than Poland. We just can’t understand why one of the biggest countries in Europe, the country with a rich history, friendly people, and delicious food is so underrated! It’s unbelievable! In this post, we will try to convince you to visit our homeland.

Here are the top reasons why it’s worth to travel to Poland:

Beautiful Nature

There are 1,269 nature reserves, 23 national parks, and a hundred bird sanctuaries in Poland.

Poland has direct access to the Baltic sea. There are many amazing, long and white-sand beaches in this country. It also has:

Poland has 4 seasons of the year and each of them is beautiful.

In summer, the smell of freshly cut grass, the refreshing touch of Baltic sea waves, the sound of birth singing in the morning will make you want to stay in Poland forever. 

There is nothing more beautiful than watching the colorful leaves on the trees during the Polish autumn.

Watching the snowflakes falling down, visiting Zakopane, the winter capital of Poland, go skiing or snowboarding will be one of the best winter experiences you could have in Europe.

Watching nature waking up from the winter sleep in spring will give you strength, energy and ability to notice how beautiful the world is.

Amazing Monuments

There are thousands of monuments in Poland, 16 of them are listed as Unesco World Heritage Sites.

Poland has a really rich history, so you will see unique monuments everywhere, no matter if it’s a big city, small town or a village. Churches, castles (like Lancut castle) tenements are only examples of the amazing architecture you can see in Poland.

No matter where you go, every place in Poland will have something interesting to offer. You will be surprised how diversified this country is. The buildings in the mountains are really high with pointed roofs, whereas old townhouses (like those in Krakow) are colorful and compact.

You could literally spend the whole day finding different building ornaments in cities like Gdansk.

Low Prices

Polish currency is zloty. 1 zloty is $0.26 and €0.23.

Traveling to Poland is cheap. Compared to famous European tourist destinations like Paris or London, the Polish prices are ridiculously low. You will pay half a price for the food, accommodation or transportation.

$5 for a two-course meal, $35 for a double room with private bathroom and king size bed sound reasonable, right?

Unique Culture

Polish language is considered as one of the most difficult in the world.

Poland is a country with one of the richest histories in Europe. It’s unbelievable but it hasn’t existed for 123 years!

Polish neighbors (Russia, Germany, and Austro-Hungarian Empire) took away its entire land. Even though they were forbidding Poles to speak their own language and to celebrate their traditions, hey never stopped fighting.

Polish people never give up! Three generations of Poles must have fought to finally get back their freedom.

Despite the difficult past, Poles are one of the most friendly and hospitable people in Europe. Even though they are distanced at the beginning, they will always help you in need.

Good Transportation

According to the Lonely Planet, Polish cities offer excellent public transport.

Getting around in Poland is easy. Buses, trains, and public transportation in general is easy to access all over the country.

Renting a car or driving won’t be a problem as well. 

Delicious Food

Polish cuisine consists mostly of flour, marjoram, potatoes, and meat.

Polish food is one of the best in Europe. It’s not only because of the taste but also because of the ingredients. The quality of Polish food is really high. Almost everything you can find in a grocery could be qualified as organic in countries like the US.

Food in Poland can’t be compared to anything else. You need to try it!

Have you heard of zurek? It’s a traditional Polish sour soup served with kielbasa (meat) and eggs. It tastes amazing.

You must have heard about pierogi though. Polish dumplings filled with potatoes and cottage cheese are a simple meal but you won’t be able to stop eating once you try them.

How about bigos? Made from fermented cabbage (it turns out kimchi is not the only one in the world) and kielbasa is a perfect idea for an unforgettable dinner.

And bread… It’s literally the best in the world! Always delicious, based on hundred years old recipes.

Sorry to tell you this but you will put on weight for sure after visiting Poland. And it’s not about the fattening food but because you won’t be able to resist eating more and more even though you are already full!

Incredible People

Poland’s greatest enemy, Adolf Hitler admitted that Poles are the most intelligent people he has ever met.

Polish people are honest. Sometimes too honest. They will tell you everything they think without worrying that you may not like it.

It may be dissuasive but that’s what beautiful about them. You will become their friends after a few minutes of talking. They may be distanced at the beginning but soon after a small talk, you will probably like each other. And they won’t stop unless you hurt them.

Did you know that Max Factor, the famous make-up artist was a native Pole? Or that we know that the sun is the center of the Universe because of Mikolaj Kopernik, a scientist born in Poland?

Did you know that people can diagnose and cure cancer because of the first woman- scientist, Marie Sklodowska- Curie, who invented radioactivity?

Or that thousands of people haven’t died because of the Polish invention, the bulletproof vest?

Do you like Häagen-Dazs ice cream? Well, it is also a Polish invention.

The list could go on and on, some other examples of Polish inventions are the hologram, the color photography, the kerosene lamp, mine detectors, the helicopter, the car wiper, and the Lunar Roving Vehicle (used in the famous Apollo mission).

Check out my entire post about the most famous Polish people and what is Poland famous.

No Crowds

Poland isn’t in the top 10 visited countries in Europe.

Poland is the most underrated country in the European Union. It’s unbelievable but somehow most tourists prefer to overpay in Berlin or get lost in the crowds of Prague. You won’t see many foreigners in Poland, so you will be able to truly discover its culture, enjoy a quiet moment close to nature or relax in a spa.

Poland is a really young country, it got back its freedom 30 years ago. It still doesn’t have an attention it deserves. But it will change soon for sure.

So don’t be late! Visit Poland before everyone else will. You won’t regret it.

Great Parties

Poland ranked #2 in the list of countries of vodka consumption per capita (the winner is of course Russia).

Did I say that most foreigners don’t know where Poland is? Well, there are some that have heard of this country. And all they can say is the magic word Polish vodka.

Yes, it’s true, Polish people LOVE alcohol. It may be vodka but they don’t despise beer, wine, champagne or anything that has percentages. It may sound funny but you actually won’t see many people wasted. That’s because Poles can drink an infinite amount of alcohol and they won’t be drunk. Practice makes perfect, right?

There is no party without alcohol in Poland, so it may not a place for you if you are abstinent. But once you see the Polish way of having fun, you will never forget it!

The most famous place for parties is Krakow.

Be sure to listen to this song as well:

No Language Barrier

Poles are one of the best non-native English speakers in the world.

Most Poles speak English very well. Poland is in the top 20 best EF English Proficiency ranking in the world!

So you won’t have any problem with communicating, no matter where you go. It will be easy for you to talk to the waiter in the restaurant in Krakow, ask for the way a random person on the street of Warsaw, or just have a little chat with a stranger you meet on the bus to Wroclaw.

If you want to know more, check out my post about the hidden gems of Poland.

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38 Responses

  1. What can I said about Poland…… the food is delicious, the weather is perfect, the people is really nice, beautiful landscapes, mountains, cities, amazing history, I should say definitly I love your country, I went there last year and spent my bd in Lodz, I hope to back soon, cause want to know more about culture, want to see more beautiful things of Poland.
    Btw….I’m a mexican girl who loves everything about Poland 🙂

    1. Wow, it’s great that you love Poland! You should definitely visit our country again, you won’t regret it 🙂

  2. I love Poland, i never been before, but can i go tomorrow, what i said tomorrow, TODAY. Please Polish people helpe me to go? money its not a problem seriusly, some quaite place even city, history, friendly people

  3. I Love Poland it was my first country out of INDIA. I loved each and everything of Poland the people over there are just so amazing friendly and super cool. I wish i would have get an life time visa to set in PL.

    1. That’s so nice that you love our homeland! Too bad it’s not easy to get a long-term visa for the people from outside the EU. Maybe it will change in the future.

  4. Great article 🙂 I love Poland too. When you will be there you should also visit Szczecin too. Its great place with beautiful Old Town and so many historic monuments. About good place to stay I would advice beautiful historic Hotel Dana. It is in the city center so it’s a big plus and convenient.

    1. Oh yes, Szczecin is awesome! We’ve been there once and we will definitely come back in the future.

  5. I stayed in Hotel Dana too in last summer when I visited my friends in Szczecin. Its really great place with comfortable rooms and tasty cusine 🙂 I was in their SPA too 🙂 I would like to go there again 🙂

  6. I have been in Poland few times and I love it more and more with my every trip! I usually stay in Warsaw, because my family lives there. I love this city, I don’t think I have been to other city that combines modernity and tradition as much as Warsaw. It is a gorgeous place, and I especially love all the cozy little spots, where you can hang out. One of my absolute favorite ones is Bubbles Bar. I always go there and spend hours, with their delicious food and excellent champagne. I really hope to get to visit Poland again in near future 🙂

  7. Out of Polish cities Gdansk impressed me the most. I ve been there this holidays. A very nice city with many attractions and sights. I love the old town. Good restaurants and hotels I found at visitgdansk. If you are planning a trip to Gdansk, it is a good idea to use it!

  8. And what about Gdańsk? In my opinion it is one of the most beautiful Polish city. There are many interesting places to visit there and things to do. The best solution it would be to visit this Visit Gdansk site . We can know there, where can we spend time with kids, how to orgnize our trip and which places are worth to see.
    The city is an unique and it has an amazing climate. Besides, the people who live there are very friendly.

    1. Great choice, Audrey! I am not sure what your kids like. For best hikes, go to Tatra or Bieszczady Mountains. If you are looking for some adventure off the beaten path, consider visiting Mazury and take a boat trip. If you want a combination of those two, go to Gdansk. You will see all that’s best in Poland there: beautiful nature (Baltic Sea and beaches) and some history (amazing old town!).
      I think the teenagers will have fun in Wroclaw as well. Dwarf hunt is an awesome activity for the entire family.

  9. Wrocław and Warsaw are my favourite cities. The first one is perfect for relaxing sight-seeing, the second is the place when one can have a crazy party! New Orleans club in Warsaw is the place I found randomly and can recommend it 100%.

  10. I love Poland…been to both Warsaw and Krackow. Amazing cities…(great museums too.)

    Polish food is fantastic everywhere…the architecture is beyond beautiful in Krackow.

    Warsaw is modern and bustling like Chicago or NY. Polish prices are amazing for very high quality food and lodging.

    The Warsaw Zoo is legendary…and the old Soviet architechture midst modern Polish buildings in Warsaw is an outdoor museum treat.

    I’ve been all over the world…and Poloand is up there among the best in Europe.


  11. I love Poland it’s my favorite Christmas holiday.
    I have been there 3 times in Krakow Zakopane and Wroclaw.
    I always travel in December and it’s like you are living in a Christmas card.
    I love everything of Poland the food is amazing, friendly people, great history and it’s really affordable.
    I recommend everyone I to visit it’s one visit.

    Maria from Malta

  12. Polish people in Poland do not want foreign visitors. The attitude towards guests is at best indifferent but often times annoyed and hostile. I was just in Warsaw. Every foreign exchange student I’ve spoken to in Warsaw agreed. Polish hospitality is a fantasy. Poland is the least welcoming place in all of Europe.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Leodavinci. I am really sorry you had such a bad experience with people in Poland. Please keep in mind, that there are almost 40 million Poles, so it’s kind of unfair to judge the entire nation based on your personal experience. I am Polish living in Poland and I LOVE foreigners visiting my country.

    2. Sorry about your experience. I have been very impressed with Polish hospitality. A stranger came to our assistance in Krakow when we needed to navigate the medical system. She helped us register, stayed with us, took us to the pharmacy, drove us to the apartment, and kept in contact with us. Now, that’s hospitality!

  13. Amazing Blog and really helpful for me as I want to travel Poland in this coming vacations and this will help me a lot during my trip.

  14. I will be coming to Poland in three months with many members of my extended family…18 of us! We are visiting the country of our ancestors and specifically Łódź where our Babcia was born. We are so excited as we are a family that has been true to many of the customs of our heritage.

  15. Hi Karolina,
    It’s a very nice article. I had no idea that Cleo made an English version of her Hit song :)))
    Thank you for sharing it.

    keep up great work!

  16. Very nice article. A few things… People from this part of Europe don’t smile at strangers, but are the absolutely kindest people you will meet.

    The cost of lodging and food is slightly more than this article says.

    The transportation is wonderful. I have taken trains and buses in Poland …easy peasy.

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