Spring in Poland: The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Poland in Spring

There are two sayings that describe the weather during spring in Poland:

“W marcu jak w garncu” – “In March it is like in the pot”, meaning that the weather is mixed like meal ingredients in a pot.

The other saying is: Kwiecień plecień poprzeplata, trochę zimy, trochę lata.” this one means, April mixes the weather, and changes it all the time, a bit of summer and a bit of winter.

And this is what spring in Poland exactly is. One day it’s a nice summery day, and the next day you wake up to a cover of snow.

The end of spring (late May and June) is usually summer-like, it’s very hot.

The Weather During Spring In Poland

The Beginning of Spring

The spring starts on the 21 of March. This is the time of the equinox, and from then on, days are longer than nights. This is the official start of spring, however, there is no actual a cut off, that would state the end of winter. It happens smoothly, and it is dictated by the changes in the weather, rather than anything else.

The Weather In March

March is considered one of the cold months. The sun shines a bit more, but the feel temperature is still low. It is normal, that it snows, and the ice might still cover ponds and lakes.

The average temperature is about 6 °C (42.8 °F) during the day. So a warm jacket is still a must, but have sunglasses with you as well. They might come in handy, as the sun shines very low.

The Weather In April

April is the first real month of the spring. Although it still gets cold, you can really feel the spring in the air. Birds sing all day from the early morning, white storks and swallows are back, and it gets greener by the day.

The average temperature during the day is 14 °C (57.2 °F), so considering that some days it still snows, there are also days that are very warm.

It is best to dress with layers this time of the year. Expect often rains and storms with thunders and lightnings, and with mesmerizing rainbows afterward.

The Weather In May

May is the best month of them all. The spring is in full bloom, days are very pleasant and warm now, flowers and trees are blossoming, and meadows are full of life with busy bees.

The temperature very often goes above 20 °C (68 °F), so shorts, t-shirts, and light dresses are just perfect.

The nights are a bit chiller, about 7 °C (44,6 °F). The storms are still frequent.

The spring officially ends on the 23rd of June. But just like with the beginning of the seasons, there is a smooth transition from spring to summer during June. For some, it is already summer, while for others this is still spring.

Polish Spring Celebrations

Spring is the time of some very important celebrations for Poles.

Easter, the 3 of May, Mother’s Day, and International Children’s Day are among them.

Drowning of the Marzanna The Ritual To Bring On The Spring

Winter lasts so long, and sometimes it is hard to “get rid of it” so the best way is to… drown it.

The custom of drowning Morana (pol. Marzanna), the Slavic goddess of winter, is carried through the centuries and symbolizes death by burning and drowning in the river. This ritual was supposed to bring the rebirth of spring and a new beginning.

Nowadays, you can spot this custom being carried on by school kids, they make the doll out of straws and old clothes and toss it to the nearest river. It only happens on the 21st of March. This is also a skipping school day. Kids usually do not get in trouble if they don’t show up in school.

Easter in Poland – The Most Important Holiday In Poland

Easter is the most important holiday in Poland. I describe Easter in detail in this article

If your trip to Poland falls during Easter and the week before, you will have the unforgettable chance to indulge in the most beautiful folk traditions, like making Easter Palms or Eggs coloring, plus you will try the traditional Easter food.

Majowka -Picnics in May

Poles like to joke that picnics and grilling are Polish national sports. 1st and 3rd of May are public holidays and the weather during this time is usually good, so outdoor activities are the number one choice to spend this free time.

You can find many open-air concerts and festivals with grilled sausages and pints of beer to sip on through the day in all parts of the country, and in general, the atmosphere everywhere is good and welcoming.

However, make sure to prebook, your tickets (trains, museums, parks) as this is the high demand time for both, local and foreign tourism.

Mother’s Day and National Children’s day

Mother’s Day and International Children’s Day are very important locally, but they do not impact tourist life. However, on Child’s Day, the 1st of June, there are local festivals, and outdoor activities organized for families with children. So if you travel around this time with kids, explore local websites, to check out what is planned.

Best Places To Visit During The Spring In Poland

Anywhere you go in Poland during spring, you will not be disappointed. Poland is a green country, full of beautiful landscapes and parks, nature wakes up to life everywhere, and it is beautiful to observe.

But here are the most popular ones.

Tatra Mountains and Zakopane – Spring In Poland

Zakopane is a picturesque town in the Tatra Mountains. During the spring the mountain peaks are visible with white hats of snow on them, as it takes a long time for it to disappear. The streams run faster and are more vigorous, meadows are covered with blossoming flowers, and the wildlife wakes up from the winter sleep. All this is an unforgettable experience.

Zakopane itself, and hiking paths are not so crowded yet, except for the first week of May.

Plan to go before mid-April, and there is a big chance you can get real good deals, as the season is not fully on yet.

Make sure to pack good trekking shoes and warm clothes, as the weather in highlands is lower than in other parts of the country.

Baltic Sea – Spring In Poland

The water in the sea is still too cold to swim during the spring season, but it is a very good time for sightseeing and walks along the beach. It is usually very windy, and often chilly, so layers of clothes will be best for a stroll by the sea.


Krakow, as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is a must to visit, especially during the spring time.

“Planty” is a park in Krakow that is especially beautiful during the spring with blooming flowers and greenery. You can stroll along paths, have picnics, and see historic landmarks like the Barbican and Florian Gate. It’s great for families with playgrounds for children.

You can find souvenir shops nearby as well, as this is one of the most popular places in Krakow.

OlsztynSpring In Poland

The capital city of Masuria is a great place to visit during a spring trip to Poland. This city is hidden between 11 lakes and forests. You can stroll endlessly and wander around the charming Old City and beautiful park behind the castle, to end up by one of the so many lakes.

Another advantage of visiting Olsztyn is that it is much cheaper than other popular destinations, as it is a bit far from the central, thus better known among tourists parts of Poland.

Natural Parks

Parks are always a good place to go, regardless of the season.

Read on about the most beautiful National Parks in Poland, to explore which would best suit your preferences.

Tips For Trips During Spring In Poland

  1. When traveling to Poland, the weather is the number one thing to consider. Pack for warm and cold days. Dress in layers, to be able to take something off easily, and put it back on if needed.
  2. Check local websites for first festivals and outdoor activities. You might find something interesting for you. Entrance to such events is almost always free of charge.
  3. Also, check the websites of museums and indoor places you wish to see. Many of them don’t work some days of the week before the holiday season is officially on.
  4. If you have any questions, join our Poland Travel Planning Facebook group. Our community will be happy to help you!

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