Tips For Visiting Suntago Park Of Poland- Europe’s Biggest Waterpark

Located in the heart of the country, only 45 minutes drive from Warsaw and 1,5h drive from Łódź, Suntago is the biggest waterpark in Poland and Europe.

Even though it was recently opened (the beginning of 2020), Park of Poland is already one of the most recognizable tourist attractions in the country.

We’ve visited Suntago a few weeks ago. Keep on reading to get to know all about the Park of Poland, with tips for visiting. If you have any questions, comment below or join our Poland Travel Planning Support group. We will be happy to help you!

How To Get To Suntago Park Of Poland?

Wręcza, where the waterpark is located, is a village. There is not much to do there apart visiting Park of Poland and the nearby Mszczonów thermal baths.

By Car

The best way to get there is by car. Here’s how long it will take you to drive to Suntago from the biggest Polish cities:

By Bus or Train

If you don’t feel like driving you can alternatively take a bus. There is a one leaving directly from Warsaw (Aleje Jerozolimskie 56).

When you buy tickets to the Park of Poland online, you can add a bus transfer in the basket. See the current schedule here.

If you are traveling from somewhere other than Warsaw, head to Żyrardów (by bus or train) and then take a direct bus to Suntago Park of Poland. See the current schedule here.

Is It Worth To Visit Suntago Park of Poland?

The answer is not that obvious and it depends on who you are.

Park of Poland is definitely a wonderful place for teenagers and adults. If you are traveling with smaller kids (newborns, infants, toddlers, and preschoolers), Suntago may be quite overwhelming for them.

There are not many water attractions for kids smaller than 120cm (4ft).

Pros and Cons of Visiting Suntago Park of Poland


  • it’s the biggest waterpark in Europe, so you can’t get bored there
  • there is a zone for adults only, so you can truly relax there
  • there is a spa in the park
  • Park of Poland is new, modern, and simply beautiful (they even have the real palm trees imported from the tropical countries)
  • because Suntago is so green, the sunbeds are hidden between the trees, so you can relax and take a peaceful nap there
  • all the waterslides are indoors, next to each other, so you have fun without the necessity to run around the park


  • there are not many attractions for smaller kids
  • the park can accommodate up to 5,000 people that’s why you sometimes need to wait in lines
  • it’s kind of difficult to navigate inside the park, the map is hard to read, there are no direction signs inside, so you need to ask the staff for the way

Park Of Poland Water Attractions and Map

park of poland suntago map
See the online version of Suntago map here.

There are 3 main zones within the Suntago Park of Poland:


It’s where all the water slides are located. What’s interesting, there are 32 slides water slides in the park- the number is pretty impressive!

Jungle Eclipse is the longest of them. It is 320 meters-long. The best part of it is that the walls of the slide are transparent and you can actually see the people buying the tickets to the park while sliding down. They can see you as well.

The other interesting slide is Rainbow Race where up to 8 people can slide down simultaneously. Each slide has its own counter, so if you are visiting Park of Poland with friends, you can make a small competition.

The only water attraction for kids that are smaller than 120cm is Pirates Playground that you can see on the photo below.

There is both indoor and outdoor zone available, however, most of the attractions are inside.

One thing we didn’t know before going there is that there is a jacuzzi and a pool with water massage available in Jamango. You will have many sunbeds hidden between the trees as well, so you don’t need to visit the Relax zone to find some peace.

Adults have plenty of attractions within Jamango as well. We now regret buying the tickets to Relax zone, as we spent our entire time in Jamango.


It’s an adult-only (16+ years old) zone where you can’t see kids running around and screaming.

There is a spa within the Relax zone. You will also find there dozens of hot tubs, jacuzzis, and of course, the sunbeds where you can take a nap.


It’s a huge zone with any sauna you can dream of.

Each of them has different temperature and style: from the classic steam rooms to dry and cold Mont Blanc- they covered it all. More info here.

Park of Poland’s Restaurants

One thing is clear- you can’t get hungry or thirsty in the Park of Poland.

There are restaurants and snacks bars in every corner. That includes:

  • Poleczka restaurant with Polish food
  • Arizona bar with American food
  • Nori sushi bar with Japanese food
  • Pirat snack bar where you can have a quick bite
  • Va Bene restaurant with Italian food
  • swim-in bar
  • juice bar

Where To Stay When Traveling To The Park of Poland?

Suntago has it own accommodation options, so arguably the best is to stay in one of the bungalows they provide. You can book them here.

If you are traveling by car and want to book something cheaper (Suntago’s bungalows are quite pricey), check out Miodowy Zakątek.

It’s where we have been staying. Located less than 10 minutes drive from Suntago, this modern guest house has both rooms and bungalows available.

It’s surrounded by the trees, there is a barbecue spot and playground for kids available as well.

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