Traditional Polish Christmas Gifts Ideas For Everyone On Your List!

Christmas is just around the corner! We have exactly one month till the most important (at least for me!) day of the year. If you still don’t have the holiday gifts for those you care about, here are some of the best traditional Polish Christmas gift ideas. No matter if you want to buy something for your girlfriend, boyfriend, mom, or co-worker, I am pretty sure you will find some inspiration here!

Patriotic Poland-Themed Gifts

Polish T-shirt

This traditional Polish Christmas gift is a budget idea for everyone.

You can either buy Polish t-shirt for women, men, or unisex.

If you want something funny, check out this t-shirt. I absolutely love it and would definitely wear it a lot if I found it under the Christmas tree.

Poland Mask/ Face Cover

We are in the middle of the global pandemic. Face cover is what we all need right now!

It’s what actually the law requires us to wear in most countries.

Surprise your friend or the one you love with the special Poland themed mask.

It’s one of the cheapest Poland Christmas gifts on this list, so it will be a perfect present for your co-worker as well.

Poland Shot Glass

We all know that Polish vodka is the best in the world (sorry Russia!).

You need a proper tool to serve it right.

This shot glass is a practical and funny Poland Christmas gift that will please everyone.

There is a Polish emblem painted on it, as well as some of the most important landmarks of the country and the Polish and European Union flags.

Poland Cap

If you want your Poland Christmas gift to be as neutral as possible, this red cap will be a perfect choice.

You can buy it for your father in law or anyone you are not that close with.

You don’t need to know the size this person is wearing- the cap will be perfect for everyone.

Poland Mug

Another neutral Poland Christmas gift worth considering is a red mug with a white eagle (the national symbol of Poland).

It’s not only beautiful but also useful and cheap!

If you want something funny, check out this mug with the text “I am not yelling, I am Polish” written on it.

I bet all the Poles will love it (me included!). We all know how loud the Poles could be, especially after drinking some vodka ;).

Poland Map Pendant

It’s one of the best traditional Poland Christmas gifts for your girlfriend, wife, or mom.

The patriotic golden pendant in the shape of a map of Poland will please every Polish woman! The chain is included in the set, so they can wear it right after unwrapping the gift.

It’s classy and small which may be a big advantage if you want to ship your gift abroad.

Poland BBQ Set

I can’t imagine a better Poland Christmas gift to in-laws than this Poland BBQ Set.

It’s unisex so depending on who is cooking in the home, it can be given to either man or a woman. I am sure they will love these Poland-themed pot holders, gloves, and aprons.

Poland Phone Cover

Needless to say, everyone has a mobile phone these days. Why not make it patriotic?

Poland phone cover is a perfect Christmas gift for everyone!

There are many colors and styles available, so you will find something you like for sure.

If you don’t like this black color, simply search for the “Poland patriotic phone cover” on Amazon and you will see all the other styles available.

Poland Hoodie

I absolutely love these Poland hoodies.

They come in 10+ different colors (from grey to pink), so they will fit both men and women.

The white eagle is a national symbol of Poland, so the hoodie is very patriotic yet stylish.

Can you imagine a better Polish Christmas gift than that? Your entire family can wear it on Christmas day instead of the Xmas pajamas.

Traditional Polish Christmas Gifts Made In Poland

Pottery From Boleslawiec

The most famous product from Poland- the pottery from Boleslawiec.

These beautiful bowls, glasses, plates, and more are the most unique Polish Christmas gifts you can buy.

The pottery can stay in the family for years, it even becomes more valuable with time.

Read my full post about Bolesławiec and the famous pottery (follow the link).

Snack Box From Poland

Why not give someone a box that actually tastes like Poland?

Most people love sweets, so a package full of Polish goodies will please almost everyone.

These yummy candies are produced in Krakow, the most famous Polish city. You can also complete your own box and buy sweets separately. I recommend:

Polish Cookbook

The book is one of the best gifts for Christmas (and not only!).

Why not choose a cookbook full of yummy recipes from Poland? There are two worth recommending.

Another book worth recommending is the Polish Foodies Cookbook It’s a classic cookbook with more than 190+ recipes that everyone should have!

The first is called the Polish Christmas Coobook. It gathers Polish Christmas recipes only. It also includes an explanation of Polish Christmas traditions and walks the reader through Christmas in Poland, day by day.

Traditional Polish Christmas Gifts With Polish Folk Motif

Folk Scarf

I personally have this scarf (the red one) and I absolutely love it! I wear it all year round (except for the hot summers).

It’s unique, multifunctional, and… SO Polish.

The folk scarfs come in different colors including black, white, red, cream, bordo, blue, and green.

They all have a beautiful floral motif.

PRO TIP: The scarf can also be used as a tablecloth.

Folk Coffee Mug

If you don’t want your traditional Polish Christmas gifts to have obvious motifs from Poland, why not choose the floral folk style?

I’ve already recommended two mugs before but this folk cup is definitely the classiest one.

Mugs are something everyone needs, so this gift will definitely be handy.

Be sure to add them to your Christmas gifts checklist!


Although matryoshka dolls are not strictly Polish but Slavic in general, they are great ideas for a Christmas gift from Poland.

I was born and raised in Poland and I have at least 10 matryoshkas at home. They currently serve as a toy for my kids. If they endure, they will probably serve as home decor!

Folk Jewelry Box

These beautiful heart-shaped jewelry boxes are something every woman will like.

They come in different colors, and each of them has a slightly different traditional Slavic floral motif.

PRO TIP: It can serve as a candy box as well. Be sure to put some traditional Polish candies inside to make your gift even better!

Folk Kitchen Apron

If your Polish sweetheart likes cooking, she will definitely love this folk kitchen apron.

It can also be used as a part of traditional Polish kitchen decor.

The apron is white with traditional Polish folk floral motifs and two roosters that also symbolize Poland.

Looking for more Polish gift ideas? Why not give the voucher for online pierogi cooking classes to your loved ones? I am sure they will love it!

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