Tipy pro řízení v Polsku s americkým řidičským průkazem

Driving a car in a foreign country can be quite stressful, and when you are going to another continent, it gets overwhelming. But stay calm, Poland is a well-developed country, and you will be just fine. Here are some tips for driving in Poland with US driving.

Driving in Poland With US License – What Do You Need

Foremost, when it comes to driving in Poland with a US driver’s license, there are a few essential things that American travelers need to be aware of. As a US citizen, you CANNOT rely solely on your US driver’s license to drive in Poland.

You must obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP).

You wouldn’t need that only in case you have a Polish driver’s license. The regular American driver’s license is not sufficient for driving in Poland without this additional permit.

The good news is that obtaining an International Driving Permit (IDP) in the United States is a straightforward process.

You can easily apply for an IDP at your local AAA (American Automobile Association) office. This permit allows you to drive in Poland for up to six months from the date of your arrival.

Pronájem Auta V Polsku

In general, you can rent a car before you fly from the US. All trustworthy rental companies will have a professional website and secured method payments. Keep in mind, though, that insurance in Poland and in Europe in general is more expensive.

If you want to wait till you are in Poland and rent your car in place, that is fine too. Car rental companies are in all města. It is actually very straightforward, upon showing your valid driving License you will be given a written agreement and car keys, and you are ready to go.

Pay Per Kilometer

You do not need to rent a car for the whole of your stay in Poland. If all you need is to transport yourself from one point to another, and you like to do it with the comfort of using a car, there is an easy option for this.

Pay per kilometer, there are the apps that give the possibility to rent a car on the spot, and then leave it at your at the place you want to arrive. All formalities, including payments, insurance, and driver’s license validation, happen within the application order.

Apps pay per kilometer

Prepare To Pay More For Petrol In Poland

Not only in Poland but in all of Europe, gasoline is more expensive than in the US. And it is important to know, that the price shown at the station is per liter, and not per gallon (1 gallon =3.79 liters)

General Tips For Driving In Poland

Drive On The Right Side

This is easy, in Poland, you drive on the right side of the road, the same as in the US.

Paid Roads

To use some Highways in Poland, you need to pay the Toll first. The gates are located on the roads, and you need to pay to pass through.

Sometimes there are big traffic jams at those points, especially during the high season. Here is the official website with up-to-date paid motorway sections.

Mileage limits

In Poland, the distance is measured per kilometer and not per mile. Pay attention to the signs, and to your speedometer, to make sure you keep the correct speed.

Speed Limits

  • Motorways – 140 km/hr
  • Highway – 120 km/hr
  • Non built-up area – 90km/hr
  • Built-up area – 50 km/hr

Tips For Legal Use Of Roads, And Safety Rules

There are some things that you must know when driving in Poland.

For any emergency, call 112 – a single EU emergency number.

  • Pedestrians have ALWAYS priority on marked crossings, there is a ticket for not letting a pedestrian pass
  • Seat Belt must be always fastened, not wearing seat belts will be fined.
  • 0 tolerance to alcohol ? driver’s license will be taken away, and you go to court.
  • Headlights must always be on, even in good weather during the day.
  • Use only a hands-free system while driving, holding a phone, and driving will be fined.
  • Parking in the cities only in designated areas ? it is nearly 100% sure you will get a parking ticket if you park illegally.

General Tips For Driving In Poland

Here are some general tips, that will make your traveling in Poland more comfortable and less stressful.

  • Polish roads are well-marked in Google, and you can trust your electronic map.
  • Internet cover is good in general, but I advise you to download your maps, just in case.
  • Take the insurance cover beforehand. Better to be safe than sorry.
  • Drive carefully ? Polish drivers sometimes can be dangerous on the roads. Things have been better in the past few years, but speeding and overtaking are very common.

Traveling Around Poland

If you are not keen on driving in Poland, there are many options for you to choose from.

Trains, intercity buses, city transport, Uber, Taxi are available in all cities and towns. They are affordable, and public transport is well-developed and very well-organized.

Contact us if you need any support with getting around Poland.

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