Best Christmas Markets In Poland To Visit In 2023

As winter covers Poland with a white blanket of snow, and twinkling lights flicker in the windows, the holiday spirit melts through the streets of towns. Christmastime is upon, and the festive season sets in people’s hearts. In the middle of Dezember, the Old Town squares turn into fairy tale wonderlands. Let me take you on a heartwarming exploration of Christmas markets in Poland, where centuries-old traditions blend with modern festivities.

Kraków ? The Oldest Christmas Market in Poland

Krakau, a city steeped in history and charm, hosts one of the most majestic Christmas markets in Poland.

The Old Town Square transforms into a winter wonderland, with fairy lights adorning every corner and the aroma of mulled wine and sweets, fills the air. Christmas stalls offer unique crafts and traditional, delicious food and wine, which are the best to warm up in the cold weather.

From the beginning of December, at Rynek G?ówny a special place is dedicated to the cherished tradition of exhibiting Nativity Scenes. Beautiful, handcrafted figures depict the Holy Family, shepherds, and the Three Wise Men.

Each detail is perfectly crafted and the best of the sculptures are later displayed in the Krzysztofory Palace. These Nativity Scenes are so unique, that they are listed as a worldwide phenomenon on the UNESCO World Heritage.

What will you find in Kraków Christmas Market

  • Handcrafted Christmas Decorations and ornaments
  • Ceramics, glass, and wooden crafts, typical to the region
  • Hand-knitted woolen scarfs, hats, jumpers, even socks
  • Portraits, paintings of Kraków Landmarks,
  • Local, traditional food,
  • Sweets, donuts, pretzels, and candies
  • Ice sculptures
  • Choirs singing carols, and other Christmas-related performances

Hier ist ein Video, das ich vom Weihnachtsmarkt in Krakau im Jahr 2022 gemacht habe.

The Christmas Market in Kraków usually starts the last week of November and lasts until the 1st of January.

Warsaw ? Christmas Market in Poland’s Capital City

If you are in Warsaw in December, you definitely need to explore the Christmas market. The main part of the Christmas market floods the Old Town Square. However, the stalls are set along the Barbican walls as well, creating a magical path leading to the heart of the Christmas market.

The biggest attraction here is a dazzling ice rink, located in the heart of the Old Town square. People of all ages go on the rink, and laughter and fun are endless there. Strolling along the stalls is perfect for immersing in the spirit, listening to the melodies of carols, and exploring local goodies.

This Christmas Market offers more than just shopping; it offers a glimpse into Poland’s rich cultural tapestry, where each one of them is a real masterpiece. Photo booths, decorated benches, and Santa Claus sleights are set for anyone to take a photo with a nice background.

What Will You Find in Warsaw Christmas Market

  • Ice rink
  • Stalls for taking Christmas photos
  • Traditional food, like bigos, pierogi, and much more
  • Mulled wine
  • Tons of sweets
  • Christmas Decorations
  • Tapestry and wooden handcrafts
  • Ceramic like Boles?awiec
  • Christmas gifts and decorations.

The Christmas Market starts the last week of November and lasts until after the public holiday of the 6th of January.

Wroc?aw ? The Best of The Christmas Markets in Poland

Christmas Market in Wroc?aw for several years now been ranked as the best one in Poland, and mentioned as one of the tops in Europe.

Breslau is famous for its picturesque streets and lively atmosphere all year round, and when it comes to hosting a Christmas market, it turns into a real fairy tale wonderland. Lively, and festive, colorful with street performances, games, foods, and drinks. Visiting this place is definitely an unforgettable experience.

Children can play at the giant Christmas tree decorated in illuminating lights, and ride the carousel, the central piece of the market. And before all that there is a big decorated gate to enter the Christmas Market, it is like a door to another world.

What Will You Find in Wroc?aw Christmas Market?

  • Stalls with local food, and mulled wine
  • Small Luna Park for children
  • Street performance
  • Christmas gifts and decorations
  • Handcraft art and Jewelry
  • festive and vibrant atmosphere

The Christmas Market in Wroc?aw starts around 20th November and ends on New Year’s Eve.

Pozna? – One Of The Biggest Christmas Markets In Poland

In winter, the Old Market Square in Pozna? becomes a haven of merriment, with a Christmas tree in the center and illuminated medieval buildings.

The city offers a blend of modern festive ways of celebrating Christmas with historic surroundings, giving it an unforgettable experience.

It is a perfect place to get lost among the stalls with traditional pastries and these offering unique souvenirs. Pozna? has been ranked for several years as the biggest of all Christmas Markets in Poland.

What Will You Find in Pozna? Christmas Market?

  • Entertainment for children
  • Stalls with local foods and mulled wine
  • Sweets and homemade goodies
  • Grilled sausages
  • Musical concerts and carols singing
  • Christmas crafts workshops
  • Lunapark
  • Ferries wheel

The Christmas Market starts around 20 of November and lasts until Christmas Eve.

Gda?sk? The Christmas Market In Near The Baltic Sea

Danzig alone is a fantastic place to visit both winter and summer. But when Christmas is coming, and the festive spirit sets in town, the real magic happens. The Main City (Old Town) turns into a Christmas Villages, and the Town actually issues a special road map on how to navigate within the village.

The Gda?sk Christmas Market offers distinct corners of delight. Moose Lucek resides in the charming Nook, surprising visitors with his interactive ability to talk. At Happy Corner, indulge in regional delicacies and international cuisine from 20 countries.

Santa Corner houses a Christmas Tree, Santa Throne, and a Venetian carousel. The Artistic Corner, nestled within the historical Great Armory, showcases exquisite jewelry and handcrafted holiday ornaments.

What Will You Find in Gda?sk Christmas Market?

  • 4 corners with different attractions
  • Local foods and mulled wine
  • Handcrafted gifts and souvenirs
  • Kids entertainment
  • Choir singing carols
  • Reach entertaining program.

The Christmas market in Gda?sk starts in mid?November and lasts until Christmas.

Katowice ? The Salesian Christmas Market in Poland

Kattowitz is the main city in the Silesian region. This is the region with the biggest density in Poland, so expect here real crowds, as people go out to feel the Christmas atmosphere, and check out the stalls.

The program of each Christmas market in Katowice is filled with attractions, concerts, shows, kids’ entertainment, and something new every day.

What Will You Find in Katowice Christmas Market?

  • Traditional Salesian Food and drinks
  • Reach entertainments program
  • Handmade souvenirs and gifts
  • Traditional Salesian Carlos singing

The Christmas markets start around the 20th of November and last until after the public holiday on the 6th of January, however, the main attractions take place in December before Christmas.

Christmas Markets In Poland

The rule is the bigger the city, the better the Christmas Market, and the more attractions for you to see. However, the ones I listed above are the most spectacular ones. Come and see for yourself.

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  1. Thank-you for the picture. We have visited Poland three times but that was not enough. We have dreamed of visiting at Christmas but never made and now we are to old to make the trip. we can dream can’t we. My father is from Jarocin.
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