How Long Is The Flight To Poland?

Flights have become the easiest, fastest, and safest way to travel. Within one day, you can cross the ocean and reach another continent. Even though it seems easy to travel now, every trip requires some research and preparation beforehand. Having that in mind, I always look for tested and straightforward solutions and opt for direct flights. Let’s take a closer look at how long is the flight to Poland from various destinations.

How To Search Best Deals For Flight To Poland

Sometimes it might be quite overwhelming to choose the best flight, and checking websites for the best deal is not an easy task.

Especially if you have connecting flights. eDreams could be a solution to this problem. This platform will help you to book a connection that suits you best.

Flight To Poland From the United States

Before 2020, nearly 500,000 people from the United States used to visit Poland each year. Although the latest official data for 2023 isn’t available yet, I would assume that the numbers have increased, as the Polish authorities put an effort to make the connection easier.

A flight to Poland takes from 10 to 12 hours, depending on the departure place, and there are three airports in Poland, that provide direct flights to the United States. All airports are with easy access to the city center, and main transport hubs. These airports are:

What Airways Offer Direct Flights To Poland From The USA?

Flights to Poland are usually operated by Polish Airlines LOT. The airline LOT is part of the flyer program, Miles & More, a loyalty program. During Summer, American Airlines opens flights between Chicago and Kraków.

The cost of a flight to Poland is approximately 2500-3500 PLN ($600-$800).

Flight To Poland From Australia

Although Australia is so far away from Poland, 45 thousand travelers come to Poland from Sydney. Due to the distance, direct flights are not possible.

Most flights to Poland for this destination are offered by Qatar Airways, and by Emirates.

The shortest flight is provided by Qatar Airways, with 2 stops: in Qatar and Vietnam.

The flight takes about 30 hours, and this connection is one of the shortest. The flight tickets range from around 3000 PLN ($750).

Flights To Poland From European Destinations

Polish airports serve numerous airlines, and connections are practically available to all European destinations. To some cities, there are multiple flights each day, but basically all destinations have a few flights per week. However, the traffic gets a bit slower during the lower season, like winter.

Here is the estimated time of flights to Poland from the biggest European cities:

Most flights within Europe are about 2 hrs long, it makes Poland a great connection hub, for travelers coming from other parts of the world, and waning to explore different pats of Europe.

The flights in Europe are operated by airlines from different countries. Lufthansa, British Airways, or Air France offer higher standard for travelers. However, if you prefer to travel on a budget, Wizz Air, Ryanair, offer affordable price, and they cover the majority of European destinations.

Wizz Air and Ryanair are the airlines with official base in Poland, therefore thy cover most of the routs.

Domestic flights, are operated mostly by Polish Airlines LOT.

World Destinations To Poland

You can travel from Poland to nearly all countries in the world. Dubai, Honk-Kong, or Cape Town in South Africa, are with only one stop. Here is the list of popular destination and shortest routs of flight according to google flight.

How To Get Ready For Flight To Poland

Depending on where you are coming from, you need to prepare certain documents before you head to the airport.

  • Travelers coming from most countries outside the EU are obligated to hold a visa, or other type of permit, to enter Poland territory. Check with your authorities, and the Polish embassy website to make sure what documents you need to obtain.
  • Travel Insurance (I recommend WorldNomads), is always better safe than sorry, make sure to get an insurance policy that will cover your stay in Poland.
  • Poland falls within the EU Schengen area, which means that if you have a valid visa in another European Schengen country, then you’ll be able to travel freely around Poland as well.
  • Vaccines required for entering Poland. Officially, no checks against vaccines are run for people entering Poland. However, if you are travelling from a different climate, or other continent, contact your GP to confirm whether you need to do anything in this matter.
  • Download some useful apps, that will make your stay and travelling easier.

If you have any question regarding booking a flight to Poland, contact us directly, or join our community gruop  Poland Travel Planning Facebook group.

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