Best Festivals In Poland

Did you know, that every single day during the summer in Poland, there is a festival taking place somewhere? Regardless of the weather, there is always a place to go and listen to music, dance, and take advantage of the attractions on site. Here is a rank of the best festivals in Poland.

What To Know About Festivals In Poland?

Festivals Are Safe

The most important thing to know is that festivals in Poland are in most cases violent-free, with an inclusive atmosphere, and safe surroundings. There is a strict law in place, that dictates what precautions must be taken in order to throw such an event, and organizers are checked on this thoroughly.

Sanitary, And First Aid

The bigger the event, the stricter the rules. Before the venue is ready to open its door for participants, it goes under checks if all requirements are met. Toilets, hand wash section, and first aid containers must be on site. Big festivals provide also drinking water stations, showers, and resting areas.

Locations And How To Get To The Venue

Festivals need a lot of space, and a lot of noise is made there, therefore, they are usually outside the cities. When it comes to a big event, there will be buses designated to transport people to- and from the main transport hubs.


Typically, festivals last 2-5 days. If you are a big festival enthusiast, and you don’t want to miss a thing, it would be best, to just stay at the venue. Campsites are set most of the time on site, and stayers actually don’t need to leave the festival at all. Toilets and showers are there to meet the basic needs of participants.

Open’er FestivalGdynia

The Open’er Festival, held annually in Poland, stands out as one of the best festivals in Poland. Set in Gdynia, the Tri-City, the festival draws thousands of music enthusiasts. From rock and pop to electronic and hip-hop, the festival caters to a wide audience of musical preferences.

The dynamic atmosphere, 4 scenes, and many on-site attractions will keep you occupied all the time. And the sense of community is what you can feel the most while you are there. This year, more than 110 thousand people enjoyed themselves during the 20th edition of the festival, which goes down in history as a special event both on a Polish and European scale.

The biggest stars that performed at the concerts were: Pearl Jam, The Chemical Brothers, and Pink.

People waving their hands at the music concert

About the Event:

  • Location: Gdynia-Kosakowo Airport
  • When: end of June/ beginning of July
  • Tickets: one-day entry, weekend entry, or full pass, price from 479 PLN, to 729 PLN ($120-$185)
  • Accommodation: Campsite available with additional 200PLN ($50) on top of entry pass
  • How to get there: special line free for entry pass holders from Gdynia main station

Orange Warsaw Festival

Orange Warsaw festival is 6 years younger than Open’er as it started in the year 2008. The event is held in Warsaw, and it takes place beginning of June. It lasts 2 days over the weekend, and it turns into a big celebration involving the whole city.

The Orange Warsaw festival is a real feast for music lovers, the stages never stop playing, and there are many offstage activities going on at the venue. There are a kids’ zone, a family-friendly corner, places to charge up phones, and of course sanitary facilities.

The biggest stars that performed at the concerts are Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus, or Kings Of Lion. In the last edition of the Opener Festival participated 40 thousand people. Local Warsaw restaurants cater for the event, offering stalls with meals (payable).

About the Event:

  • Location: Służewiec racing track, Warsaw
  • When: the beginning of June
  • Tickets: one day pass 419 PLN ($105), full pass 639 PLN ($160).
  • Accommodation: dormitory facilities available in Warsaw
  • How to get there: free public transport for Festival wristband holders within the city

Poland Rock and Roll (formerly Polish Woodstock)

This is a one-of-a-kind festival, organized by a non-profit charity, that captivated Poles hearts, and became a national good for most people. The charity is called “The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity” (WOŚP), and is active for over 30 years now, supporting the health system and channeling help to those who need it the most.

The founders of the charity came up with the idea of organizing the festival, as a thank-you gesture for all the support given during the fund-raising campaign. The festival has been on for 30 years now. A lot of on-site events, lectures, and shows are performed within this festival.

Pol’and’rock festival is a free event, and a free campsite is provided to those who want to stay within the festival area. A supermarket is built, along with food caterers, sanitary stations, and shower sites. The parking place is not free, and showers are not free.

The festival lasts 3 days, however, the campsite is available 2 days prior to the grand opening. Each year, 700 to 800 thousand people come to the festival, making it a huge gathering, and over the years Pol’and’Rock festival has nestled for good in Pole’s minds, becoming a part of the cultural life.

About the Event:

  • Location: Broczyno, Czaplinek Airport
  • When: the beginning of August
  • Tickets: free entry
  • Accommodation: free campsite
  • How to get there: 4 km on foot from Czaplinek main station, or by bus and 1,5 km on foot.

Off Festival

Off Festival is organized in Katowice, Silesia region, and it started back in the year 2006. This is a kind of alternative festival, however, it gathers around 30 thousand people. The founder is a very popular artist, and the goal is to introduce new artists from all over the world, some never heard in Poland before.

The festival has grown over time and is now a part of the cultural summer in the Silesia region. The event lasts 3 days and takes place in August. There is a campsite, supermarkets, cultural meetings, and kids zone onsite. Organizers don’t provide a dedicated parking space, they rather suggest leaving cars in the city and using public transport.

About the Event:

  • Location: Katowice, The Valley of Three Ponds
  • When: the beginning of August
  • Tickets: 1-day pass, weekend pass, or full pass, tickets from 279 PLN ($70) to 459 PLN ($115)
  • Accommodation: campsite, 200 PLN ($50)
  • How to get there: free public transport, for ticket holders

Picnic Country

This is one of the oldest festivals in Poland, it has been on since 1983, and it has become a true holiday and summer for all Poles, not only country music fans.

Cowboy clothes, motorcycles, off-road vehicles, and music create an unforgettable atmosphere. Country music fans, in addition to attending concerts in the amphitheater on Lake Czos, Masurian region have fun during free accompanying events in the city. The event lasts for 2 days and turns the small town of Mrągowo into a country village -Mragoville.

This festival brings on each year about 25 thousand people to the town from all over the world. There is a campsite available for festival goers, but in general, this is a tourist place, with plenty campsites, located by the lakes in nearby villages.

About the Event:

  • Location: Mrągowo
  • When: End of July
  • Tickets: from 100PLN to 250 PLN for the VIP sector
  • Accommodation: campsite, price per person35 PLN, per tent 30 PLN
  • How to get there: train from Olsztyn main station, car-road S16

Ostróda Reggae Festival

Ostróda is a picturesque town located in the Warmia region, with a historical castle and amphitheater by the lake. It is also home to a Reggae festival, that had its first edition back in 2001. The festival grew year to year and eventually has become Europe’s biggest Reggae festival, gathering a crowd of 10 thousand people.

The festival is held in the mid-summer and lasts for 3 days. The campsite and designated parking plots are available for the goers.

Hippie middle-aged peaceful man wearing a red headband, sunglasses, and blue denim shirt while making the victory sign and holding a white handmade heart shape, portrait on spiral colorful background

About the Event:

  • Location: Ostroda,
  • When: Mid of July
  • Tickets: prices vary from 180 PLN ($45 – single pass) to 975 PLN ($245- family tickets)
  • Accommodation: campsite, price 60 -120 PLN ($15-$30) per person
  • How to get there: by train from Olsztyn, free public transport locally for entry ticket holders.

Olsztyn Green Festival

Green Festival is another festival held in the Masuria region, this one is in Olsztyn. It started in 2013 and it has become a big attraction for the locals and tourists visiting the region. The festival is held by the lake “Ukiel”, takes place in the middle of August, and lasts 3 days, gathering about 35 thousand people.

Top lists Polish artists give concerts during the event, but there is also room for some alternative music. Kids zone, and water sports, are available for all participants.

What sets this event apart is the surroundings, it is located at the beach right by the lake and with forests in the background. There are local sanitary facilities as well as bars, pizzerias, and food trucks. This place is also well-communicated with the main station and city center.

About the Event:

  • Location: Olsztyn, by the lake Ukiel
  • When: Mid of August
  • Tickets: price 159 PLN ($40)
  • Accommodation: campsite, price 60 -120 PLN ($15-$30) per person
  • How to get there: by train from Olsztyn, free public transport locally for entry ticket holders.

Metal Hammer Festival

This is an event for metal music fans. The event is held since 1995, and the last nine editions are held in Łódź. It is a one-day event, and it takes place in the summer at Atlas Arena. It is dedicated strictly to metal music, and bands from all over the world perform there.

About the Event:

  • Location: Łódź, Atlas Arena
  • When: the beginning of June
  • Tickets: price starts from 350 PLN ($90)
  • Accommodation: hotels, dormitories, and hostels
  • How to get there: regular public transfer, and designated parking space

Free Families Festival (Festiwal Wolnych Rodzin)

If you are looking for something more alternative, empowering, and family oriented, this event might be just for you. It holds not only concerts, but there are many workshops, mentoring groups, and activities for children ad whole families.

The event is held during summer and offers a lot of entertainment, however, all activities are in harmony with nature. A small crafts market is available onsite with handmade goods.

The festival lasts for 3 days and there were 2 editions so far. This is a great attraction for nature lovers, and body and soul-oriented people, that want to seek spiritual experiences.

About the Event:

  • Location: Zaścianek Babie Lato
  • When: end of June
  • Tickets: from 135 PLN to 810 PLN ($35-$200)
  • Accommodation: agro-tourism available in the neighborhood
  • How to get there: regular public transfer, and designated parking space

Shamans Festival (Festiwal Szamana)

This too is a fairly new festival, dedicated to free spirits and people who love nature and give attention to self-care.

You will meet here people with open minds and sincere hearts, respecting and promoting forms of natural solutions, sharing knowledge and good energy. It is an event for people who feel that the pattern of everyday life is not for them.

The event provides campsites, but you need to be aware that electricity is not available there.

Festiwal Szamana is great for families. There are activities dedicated to children all-day long. Kids have fun while adults can attend the workshops.

There’s a beautiful river nearby where you can cool down when it’s too hot outside.

About the Event:

  • Location: Wysoka Strzyżowska 12
  • When: mid-August
  • Tickets: price starts from 170 PLN to 555 PLN ($45-$140) full entry
  • Accommodation: campsite
  • How to get there: regular public transfer, and designated parking

We Are All One Festival (Wszyscy Jesteśmy Jedno)

This festival is set in Bałtów near the Polish Jurassic Park. It is an event that brings out the Slavic culture and has an enchanting character.

Apart from musical concerts, workshops are held, along with seminars, exhibitions, and stalls with handmade goods. This is a family-friendly event and a special kids zone is dedicated to the youngest participants.

About the Event:

  • Location: Bałtów
  • When: the beginning of July
  • Tickets: price starts from 200 PLN day pass, up to 500 PLN full pass
  • Accommodation: campsite for tents only
  • How to get there: regular public transfer, and designated parking

Vibrations Festival (Festiwal Wibracje)

It is a 5-day event combining lectures, workshops, concerts, dances, bonfires, a fair part, and a zone for the body. A healthy food zone, all gives into this specific mixture. It is the largest festival in Poland concerning holistic, natural care for oneself and one’s surroundings, ecology, development, and living in harmony.

The festival has a long tradition, it started in 2017 and had 7 editions until now. It gathers about 6000 people each year. The event offers many lectures, yoga classes, and concerts. Organizers provide good sanitary and accommodation facilities, It is kids friendly and offers very good entertainment.

About the Event:

  • Location: Giże near Olecko
  • When: end of July
  • Tickets: price starts from 280 PLN ($70) day pass, up to 500 PLN ($125) full pass,
  • Accommodation: campsite, and camper parking, with all facilities
  • How to get there: by car, parking space available

Festival Of Gratitude (Festiwal Wdzięczności)

The Gratitude Festival is a combination of colorful music, dance, poetry, laughter, fun, and, above all, meeting people. Many artists come to the festival who give lectures and perform.

Other attractions include Slavic mantras and electronic music. Offstage attractions are vegetarian cuisine, macrobiotic cuisine, nomad village, tipi, gypsy carts, hobbit houses, tree houses, bonfires, valuable workshops, and meetings.

There are more festivals in Poland, however, the ones I mentioned here offer a lot of attractions, diverse music, and many activities. And most of all, they will give you unforgettable experiences and memories for a lifetime.

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