Tips For Traveling To Poland Alone

Are you a fan of solo traveling? Looking for a place that is interesting, tourist-friendly, and on a budget? Look no further. Poland is the country to go to. And here you can find out all the tips you need for traveling to Poland alone.

About Poland

Poland is located in the center of Europe, and it has been an EU member for almost 20 years now. It is a well-maintained, developed country, with good living standards.

There are over 37 million people living in Poland, and about 20 million tourists come every year to visit. Many international airports, and roads connecting with neighboring countries, make this destination easy to access.

Things To Know Before You Travel To Poland Alone

Traveling solo is always an adventure, there are a few things you should plan ahead of arriving in Poland.

  • Book a place to sleep at least a few weeks ahead if your trip is during the high season. Check the reviews (summer, Christmas)
  • Book your plane tickets about 6 weeks ahead, the price is usually the best then
  • Book your train tickets at least two weeks in advance, don’t leave it to a chance if you want to follow your plan, especially in the summer months
  • Check the advisory website for the latest safety and travel regulations
  • Better safe than sorry! Invest in a traveler’s insurance cover (I recommend WorldNomads)
  • Confirm whether the documents you are going to use, like driving licenses, etc… are eligible in Poland
  • Join groups on Social Media like Poland Travel Planning Facebook group the communities are helpful, and you will get the best advice on the spot in there.

Traveling Alone Around Poland

Public transport in Poland is very well organized, safe, and modest. Male or female, you don’t need to worry about your safety traveling in public buses or trains. You get your pre-booked seat, often there is a chance to get something to drink or a small snack, and no one bothers you during the journey.

City transport tickets are usually available from the vendor at the bus stop, or directly at the bus (no cash payments). Uber is also available, the network of drivers is big, the service itself is a bargain, and it is safe.

There are 14 international airports in Poland, so check them against your destination, maybe you can have a direct flight.

Private Transport

If you are a bike lover, Poland will be the perfect place for you to practice your hobby. Poland’s countryside is beautiful, and due to the varied terrain, there is something for all levels of fitness.

There is also a possibility to join other groups of cyclists and travel together.

Motorbike is also a very popular way to visit the country. The winding country roads will give an unforgettable experience while cruising around.

A car is also a convenient way to move around. The biggest advantage is you can pack your own stuff, and make the trip more budget-friendly. The highways in Poland are partially paid for, so it is good to know ahead of the status of the road you are taking.

Staying Alone In Poland

Poland is considered an on-budget tourist destination. However, if you are looking for a high-class experience, you will not be disappointed either. There are premium spas, hotels, restaurants, and leisure complexes, that meet high expectations.

Hotels, hostels, privet villas, agro-tourism, the variety of accommodation is wide, and you will definitely find what suits you best. In general, hotels standard is high and you will receive what you pay for.

If you backpack traveling around Poland and stay overnight in different places, a dorm could be a good choice. They offer shared rooms, you have a chance to meet other travelers like yourself, and you get to save a lot of money.

Campsite and sleeping in tents is also a good idea to travel to Poland on a low budget. The campsites are well-marked on the tourist websites, and they are safe. The cost of sleeping on the campsite can be as cheap as 3 to 5 euro per person, and the on-site facilities are of good standard.

Is Poland A Safe Country?

Traveling in Poland generally is safe, as the country ranks among the top 30 safest countries in the world. However, it is important to remain cautious and take basic precautions to have a safe trip.

When you’re in Poland, just keep an eye out in crowded places, make sure your stuff is secure, and try not to flash a ton of cash. Oh, and don’t forget to keep your travel documents safe!

When you’re using ATMs, be a bit cautious, you know, watch out for anything fishy. And if you need a taxi, go for the trusted ones to play it safe. Stick to these tips, and you’ll have a smooth time exploring Poland!

If you are a person of color, read this post about racism in Poland.

Stay Within the Cities

There are some major cities in Poland that are very popular tourist destinations, and they are flooded with local and foreign tourists during high seasons. A good practice will be to stay somewhere near the center, the more people, the safer.

It is not hard to put together a trip that will cover the must-see places, even if you are traveling solo. The connection between cities is well-established and very reliable. The must-see cities are:

Moving Around

It is easy to get across the country, from Gdansk that’s in the north, to Krakow (in the south) within 5-7 hours, or from Wroclaw, south-west, to Olsztyn, north-east. And, of course, you can break such a trip with a stop in the middle, and visit the cities located in central Poland, like Warsaw, Lodz, or Poznan.

Streets are safe to stroll along, especially tourist areas, just regular precautions are required, and pickpocketing can happen anywhere. Traveling to Poland alone in general is safe.

Dining In Public

There are many restaurants, bars, and coffee shops in Polish towns and cities, and it is normal to dine alone, for both men and women. You can grab breakfast, stroll along the streets, visit museums, indulge, get a glimpse of the local life, to end your day with dinner in a restaurant.

Joining The Walking Group

Walkative is a movement that provides organized cultural walks around cities and towns, you can join such groups for free, and go on a guided tour. This is also a good opportunity to meet and chat with other tourists.

Night Out

Clubbing and going out at night is rather safe, but it is always better to keep it on the safe side. A taxi might be a better choice than a night bus and always mind your drink.

Visit The Countryside

Poland is still an undiscovered gem located in the very center of Europe. It is home to primeval forest along other many National Parks. The landscapes are breathtaking, lakes, seaside, mountains, and valleys will have you want to come back again and again.

Hiking, and getting deep into these beautiful places, is very popular in Poland. Even if you start the hike alone, there will always be a group that will welcome you to join them. Just remember to plan your day to be back at your shelter before dusk.

Asking A Stranger To Take You A Photo

Solo travelers can have a hard time taking photos of themselves during the trip. A Selfie stick comes in handy, however, sometime you will not be able to get a good angle. Asking people on the street is safe, best to find a young couple or tourists to help you with that.

Backpacking In Poland-Solo Travelling

Solo traveling with a backpack is a choice for many people.
If you’ve decided to travel solo in Poland, it’s crucial to think about where you want to go. Poland is a massive country that offers a bit of everything, from rugged mountain ranges to modern cities. It’s like a shape-shifting destination that can be whatever you want it to be.

Poland has a fascinating history, mind-blowing UNESCO World Heritage sites, delicious and budget-friendly food, and a great nightlife scene. It has got all the things you would expect from Western Europe, but it is a lot cheaper.

General Tips For Travelling To Poland Alone

  • Credit card payments can be done almost everywhere
  • Poland’s currency is Zloty, exchange points are easy to find.
  • Although Poland is a safe country it is always better to stay on the main street, and busy places, especially during the night
  • Get familiar with general road regulations, you can get fined for crossing the street with a phone in your hand.
  • Always inform someone when going for a trip, whether it is someone in your hotel, or even back home have someone be aware of your location and estimated time of returning to the shelter.
  • Drinking alcohol in a public place might be prosecuted with a fine.
  • Poles do speak English
  • Poland has got one of the best Internet covers in Europe, you will even get it in forests and mountains.
  • Handmade souvenirs are always the best keepsake to bring home

Traveling to Poland alone is a good idea. People are friendly and helpful, the food is delicious, and prices are low for the standard offered. Summer or winter, there is always something to do. Come to see for yourself…

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  1. Many or most Poles in the cities and tourist areas speak good Englush. That statement really hurts your credibility. Have you ever been to Poland?

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