The Best Golf Courses in Poland

Do you enjoy being outside? Perhaps there’s nothing better to you than getting to spend time on the green with some of your closest friends yelling par and enjoying a cold one. If you plan on visiting the Poland area, you’re not going to want to miss out on the chance to enjoy some of the best golf courses around.

However, if you’ve never been to the area before, you’re not going to know which golf courses are going to provide you with the best experience possible. We’ve created a brief guide that will detail the best courses you will want to schedule some tee time at after you’ve finished reading through this guide. 

The more you read about each of these golf courses, the more you’ll want to jump on a plane to play one. 

Here’s the map of the golf courses in Poland mentioned in this article:

Each has its own level of difficulty, but you’ll find that even though they present a challenge, it’s going to be one that you’re more than happy to play.

Golf in Poland

When you’re in Europe, you’re not going to skip out on seeing all that Poland has to offer, including lush golf courses. At one point, it served as a vast forest and lush greens that people walked, but now it’s become a great place to practice proper golf swing methods. Now that the country is much calmer, you can focus on getting closer to the hole with your golf ball than you would before.

Before you head off to the course to play, there are some things you need to do beforehand. First, you must ensure you talk to everyone you want to come along to play. This can help reduce the cost because the more, the merrier.

After that, you’ve got to think about what time would be the best time to schedule your tee time. Does your group enjoy going to play first thing in the morning? Or perhaps playing in the early to late afternoon would make more sense?

Whichever you choose, ensure it works for everyone in your group because you don’t want to make the mistake of losing your tee time because everyone wasn’t ready to golf. Now that you’ve packed and selected the friends you’re going to be traveling with, it’s time to learn about the golf courses that are going to have everything you’re looking for. 

Don’t worry. We’ve provided several options, and you might want to go golfing more than once you determine that these courses are to die for and you have to play on them.

Rosa Private Golf Club

The designer of this course is Hans Erhardt, and his golf course is one of the best in Poland for all its beauty and the challenges the course offers. The waterways featured throughout the golf course are a mixture of larger ponds and creeks that can be managed by golfers who are truly skilled to do so.

It is 6,207 meters long and offers broad greens for people to cross while they play. It was built and opened to people to play in 2005. When the course was first being built, the terrain wasn’t promising because it was hard to visualize the course that it would soon become.

Krakow Valley

The Krakow Valley can be found nestled between Krakow and Katowice. The designer of the course is Ronald Fream, who is from California and began designing courses in 1966. He was a part of the Robert Trent Jones crew and eventually, as a part of the crew, ventured to Poland to create the golf course.

The building of the course was completed in 2002 and has six total holes for people to play. Although it doesn’t have all the holes that other courses have, it can be used and is used for tournaments that are played throughout the year as the weather permits.

Modry Las

The architect for this golf course was Gary Player, and he and his company can be linked to various projects across Central Europe. If you’re searching for the Modry Las, you can find it nestled in the northwest area of Poland. This area is perfect for a golf course because of its lush landscape and various lakes and woodland.

When you take time to golf on this course, you will find that it offers all eighteen holes. However, it operates in two separate loops, with you having the ability to play nine holes on one returning loop and the other nine on the second returning loop.

As you’re walking through each hole, you’ll realize that in the center is Lake Radun, but you will only need to be concerned about the water at two of the holes. The Modry Las first started operating in the Summer of 2009. However, in 2015, Theo Geertshuis created a smaller nine-hole version of the course that can also be played if you’re in the area. 

This course is a solid choice if you’re looking for an enjoyable day of golf on a course that’s just as beautiful to look at as it is to walk. 

Sand Valley

Sand Valley gets its name because it was built and designed over an area where sand is prevalent. It spans a massive 250 acres and has rolling fairways for golfers to visit and use. The mastermind behind the golf course is Lassi Pekka Tilander, and once you see this golf course, it will make sense why he is brilliant.

While Tilander began the construction of the course, it would be taken over by Tony Ristola and opened for people to use in 2009. The course, as mentioned, features several fairways that span across the land, which is covered mostly by sand and the occasional pine tree.

When you come to each nine, you can find a few short par fours scattered throughout the course. 

However, one thing you will notice as you continue to play is that some holes are featured on raised greens, which means you will have to pay more attention to how you’re putting if you want to ensure you make the most of each swing.


This is probably one of the oldest golf courses on this list, as it is a part of the Gdansk Golf & Country Club, which was founded in 1990. It is the oldest and longest, at a whopping 7,758 yards across a beautiful landscape for people to view when they get ready to play. 

Jeremy Turner is the architect who is credited with designing the golf course. His aim was to create a course that was not only beautiful but also would provide golfers with a challenge when they stepped on it to play, but he also wanted to make it easy for those who have handicapped people to also be able to play with ease.

As you continue walking through the course, you will find a mix of challenging landscapes that include beech, oak, water, and pine. As you continue through the course, you’re going to get the thrill of a lifetime and enjoy the hard work that Turner put into creating it. 

Black Water

If you’re flying into Poznan airport, you can essentially hop straight off the airplane and head on over to the green. When you get there, you will find an eighteen-hole golf course that was designed by Caspar Grauballe, and the first players took the course in 2022.

You will find that the course spans 6,344 meters as the holes are split into two nines for players to walk. While most of the course is played on rolling hills, you will find that there are some areas where the course takes a downhill turn, which could cause you to lose your ball if you’re not careful.

Be careful; the fairways are not forgiving, but for the skilled golfer, it’s a challenge that can be welcomed. 

Binowo Park

What was a 3,700-acre farmstead at one point would eventually become what is known now as the Binowo Park g course. The golf course can be found outside of Taltic which is in the north-west of Poland.

When you visit, you will find that the facility offers twenty-seven holes. There is a nine-hole driving range before you get to the eighteen-hole course. When you’re walking the course, you will find that there is water on the first front nine, and there is a par four on the ninth hole.

The course was opened by Sven Johansson in September of 2000, and one of the first guests of honor was the prince from Sweden, Princess Birgitta. 

Finding the Course of Your Dreams

When you’re in Poland, finding a golf course that is going to have everything you possibly need is easier said and done. We’ve provided you with several options above that you can choose from whether you wish to walk alongside a river or dune.

Make the most of your visit, and don’t forget to check some of our other posts that could offer more insight on similar topics. There are tons to take in and read before you next time on the golf course. 

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