Best Street Art In Wroclaw

Being one of the most vibrant cities in Poland, it’s no surprise that the street art in Wroclaw is definitely worth seeing.

From the interesting sculptures to murals- we’ve covered it all. Keep on reading to discover the best street art in Wroclaw and where to find it.

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The big dragonfly is located at the wall of the Kalambur – Osrodek Partnerstwa Europejskiego building, located at Kuźnicza 29 street. R

Right next to it you can find a statue of the crocodile. They are both one of the most impressive examples of street art in Wroclaw.

Address: Kuznicza 29, 50-138 Wrocław

Wanda Rutkiewicz Mural

Even though there are many murals in Wroclaw, Wanda Rutkiewicz’s street art is our favorite. She was the famous Polish mountain climber and the first woman to successfully summit K2.

Address: Legionow 4a, 53-110 Wrocław

Angel Halo

Even though you can see the Halo during a day, it’s so must better to visit at night, when it’s illuminated.

It’s easy to notice when you walk down the Szewska street.

Address: Szewska 14, 50-139 Wroclaw

Three Black Men House

Dom “Pod Trzema Murzynami” is located at Plac Solny. It was built back in the 19th century and became a landmark of Wroclaw.

Address: Kielbasnicza 32, 50-079 Wrocław

Hidden Signature

It may not be the street art but it’s a pretty interesting thing to spot by the insightful tourist.

If you look up to the top of the building at Geppert 4 street, you will see a signature of the architect – Richard Plüddemann. It’s only visible on a sunny day.

If you can’t see it, take a photo of the building and zoom in. 

Address: Eugeniusza Gepperta 4, 50-029 Wrocław

‘Wro’ sign

The sign is really easy to find. It’s located by the Oder River, right under the Grunwald Bridge.

This promenade is one of the most Instagrammable spots in Wroclaw, so be sure to go there to take some awesome photos.

Address: next to the Grunwald Bridge

Lace Gate

Poland is famous all over the world from the beautiful hand-made lace. If you like this folk style, you should definitely see the Lace Gate.

It was painted by street art artist NeSpoon, that is called the Polish Banksy. The Gate is beautifully illuminated at night but it looks just as good in daylight.

Address: Gajowa 44, 50-521 Wrocław

Anonymous Pedestrians (Przejscie)

14 sculptures located at the intersection of Pilsudskiego and Swidnicka Streets has been listed as the most creative statues in the world.

It’s a symbol of walking out of the communist to democracy, and freedom. The sculptures represent the entire society, including children, men, women, and elderlies. 

Address: Piłsudskiego 56, 50-033 Wroclaw

Memorial to Slaughtered Animals (Pomnik Zwierzat Rzeznych)

Jatki is where the butcheries were concentrated throughout the ages. The Memorial to Slaughtered Animals was placed there to commemorate this area.

It’s one of the best street art in Wroclaw for kids.

Address: Galerie na Jatkach, Jatki, 50-111 Wroclaw


Wroclaw truly is a unique city. You can see the ancient Egyptian design right in the middle of the market square! 

It’s located in one of the first skyscrapers in the city, a grey modernist building on the corner of Rynek.

Address: Rynek 9/11, 50-950 50-111 Wroclaw

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