Ultimate Guide To Christmas Market In Wroclaw!

If you plan your trip to Poland in December, which happens to be in Wroclaw, consider yourself a winner. You can visit the best Christmas Market in Poland and one of the top Christmas Markets in Europe. Many delicious traditional foods, beautiful gifts, and souvenirs are waiting for you, along with fun places for kids and whole families. I have put together an ultimate guide to the Christmas Market in Wroclaw. Read on, watch the video, and plan your days in Wroclaw in December.

When and where is the Christmas Market in Wroclaw?

The Christmas Market in Wroclaw has its 14th edition in 2023, and this year it starts on 24th November and will last until 7th of January 2024.

The event is set on the Main Market in Wroclaw. Keep in mind that this location goes by three names in Polish: Rynek Glowny, Plac Solny, and Nowy Targ.

The Christmas market starts every day at 10 am, and morning hours are a perfect time to skip the crowds. However, if you like to feel the vibe, and enjoy the lights show, come in the afternoon, the stalls are open until 9 pm.

Christmas Market is free to visit, you only pay for what you buy.

The market will be closed on certain days:

  • 24 December – Christmas Eve will be closed
  • 25 December – Christmas Day will be closed
  • 26 December – Boxing Day, Christmas Market will be open from 1 pm.
  • 31 December – New Year’s Eve, Christmas Market (food stalls) will be open until 2 pm, and with artificial products until 5 pm.
  • 1 January-New Year, the Christmas Market will be closed

What to expect from Christmas Market in Wroclaw?

The Christmas Market in Wroclaw is the biggest in Poland. You will find 220 houses, where you can buy food and Christmas decorations, gifts, souvenirs, and of course toys.

Mulled wine

Every Christmas Market serves mulled wine, but in Wroclaw, you get to taste it in specially designed cups for this occasion.

The cups are in the shape of a boot, and they are beautifully colored with Christmas themes. These cups are a traditional souvenir from the Christmas Market in Wroclaw, and they cost anything from 35 PLN to 150 PLN. You can also rent one for about 20 PLN.

Warming Up Drinks

Not only hot mulled wine will keep you warm, during your stroll through the Christmas Market. You can try hot chocolate, or mead (a drink made of honey) the oldest alcoholic beverage known to man. Bear, or hot red beat borscht -one of the Polish traditional Christmas dishes, is also available.

Traditional Polish Food and Sweets

Every Christmas Market is mainly about food, and there is no difference in the Christmas market in Wroclaw. Grilled Polish kielbasa (sausages), pierogi, bigos, borscht, and local highlanders’ cheese – oscypki, slices of bread with lard and cracklings, and cabbage rolls with filling. All of this will give you dizziness from only the smell of these delicious dishes coming from every corner.

There are also plenty of tasty sweets, traditional Polish gingerbread cookies, and cakes, that not only adorn the stall but also make a perfect keepsake for you. Cheesecakes, dry fruits, and fresh fruits dipped in chocolate, Christmas pralines, are all here for you.

As you stroll along the stalls, look for delicious cakes called sękacz. It is a type of spit cake made by layering dough on a rotating spit in front of an open fire or a specialized grill. Poppy seed cake is another traditional Polish Christmas cake to try on.

Next to Polish delightful food you can also taste traditional food from Hungary (filled langos), Turkey (baklava), Spain (churros), and much, much more.

Christmas Market In Wroclaw, a Fun Place To Be

The magic of the Christmas atmosphere and festive seasons comes mostly from the smells of delicious food, but twinkling lights, fairy tale decorations, and little houses have a lot to give to this charm.

Fairy Tale Forest

There is a place within the Christmas Market in Wroclaw, that is dedicated to the youngest visitors.
Enchanting characters, decorations, and musical accompaniment await children to transport them to the magical world of fairy tales.

In an honorary spot, there is a toy factory where through the windows, you can catch a glimpse of how under Santa’s watchful eye, little elves hustle to ensure they meet the holiday deadline with presents.

Hot Chocolate For All

Wawel Truck, organized by Wawel – one of the best Polish chocolate brands, will be giving away free hot chocolate. This event is going to happen only on the 22nd of December, so book this day in your calendar for a day filled with sweets and fun.

Artistic Performances By The Christmas Tree

After the turning of the New Year, there will be concerts and performances by the Christmas Tree.
Direct your steps during an afternoon stroll to the charming town square and Christmas market to fully appreciate Polish culture, traditions, and folklore.

Christmas Market in Wroclaw and Beyond

Wroclaw is a beautiful city to visit every time of the year, but during winter it gains this special charm. The city is home to funny little dwarfs sometimes placed, in very random locations. Spot the Dwarfs is one of the fun attractions, during a walk through the streets of Wroclaw.

Garden of Lights

Garden of Lights is an attraction that starts in late October and lasts until March, it is available in most bigger cities in Poland. In Wroclaw this year the event is under the name of Wild Africa.

The Garden of Lights at Wroclaw Zoo is a nightly exhibition featuring stunning lighting effects in the historic part of the garden. It offers a magical experience for families, combining entertainment with education. You can see the endangered animal species and learn about conservation.

It’s a family-friendly event with an African fairy tale.

This attraction is charged upon entry, and tickets cost 39 PLN. The show starts at 5 pm every day and closes at 7:30 pm on weekdays, and 8:30 pm on weekends.

Kolejkowo- Gingerbread City And Train Miniatures

Kolejkowo is a miniature model railway exhibition located in Wroclaw. It features intricate and detailed miniature landscapes with running model trains, recreating various scenes and locations. During the Christmas season, the mini houses are made of gingerbread, creating the amazing scenery of a miniature winter wonderland.

Kolejkowo is within the city, about 20 minutes from the Old Town Square by bus. The ticket entry is 29 PLN, and there is a discount for kids and larger families.

Visiting Wroclaw in winter is an incredible experience. Visit Poland Travel Planning Support Group, if you need help organizing your trip to Poland.

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