Los mejores restaurantes de Polonia: Guía culinaria para amantes de la buena mesa

A food lover will always look for places to try the best local food when on holiday. Very often this is the biggest search beforehand. Whether you are a fancy restaurant enthusiast, or you like to visit more common places, here is a full list of the best restaurants in Poland.

What Types Of Dining Places Are In Poland?

Milk Bars

In Poland, you will find all types of dining places, you can think of. From Food Trucks, and small food booths on the street, to top-notch restaurants. What is a very popular, very tasty, and budget-friendly place to go? It’s milk bars. Yep, this is what Polish call a place serving traditional Polish cuisine at a low cost. These dining places were established when there was a communist system in Poland.

When there was a low supply of meat, the cutlets were made with cheese, and people ironically called such places ?milk bars?. Today, of course, all cutlets are made of meat, and the names only point to the category of the diner as a low cost. Keep in mind, though, that these places are very famous, and you get really tasty food there at a very good bargain.

Food Halls

Food Halls are relatively new offerings to all those who love to eat out, however, they are growing rapidly in big cities, and now they are top dining spots in Poland. You can enjoy in there taste from the whole world.

This is a place to check out, as food halls are not only about the food, but it is also a place to experience the culture and lifestyle and simply hang out with people.
Food halls are where you’ll discover great restaurants with tasty dishes, perfect for food lovers who enjoy new flavors without breaking the bank. It’s a must-try for anyone who appreciates good food and good company.

Cafeterias With Breakfast

Coffee shops are to be found at every corner in all towns and cities. And now there is a trend for them to serve delicious breakfasts. It is truly worth it, to get up earlier even if you are on holiday, and enjoy your breakfast in a place like that. A good breakfast with good coffee in a cozy place is a great start to a day full of sightseeing.

Karczma- Traditional Polish Food

Karczma is a type of restaurant in Poland that is styled to look like a place from the past, and this type of place serves only traditional Polish food.

Where to find karczma?

They are often located along the highways, to serve the travelers, as they did in the past. And although back in the XIV century, karczma was a rather infamous place, today it is a safe, and nice place to stop on the road and have a traditional meal. In most places, the pricing is very good and the serving portions are huge. Google Maps and Google reviews are best to find the best spot in the area of your interest.


I assure you, in Poland, you can find any cuisine you can think of. But, let’s stick to the Polish Culinary Delights. In every town, you will find good restaurants with a variety of Polish traditional food on the menu, typically, alongside other universal offerings like pizza or burgers. Soups are going to be usually the dish of the day, and I recommend going ahead and ordering it as a starter. Polish soups are always very tasteful, and comforting.

In every town center, old markets, and tourist places, there are many restaurants to choose from.
In cities and towns, when it gets warm, restaurants set up tables in gardens and old town squares. People chat, and delicious smells float around all day.

If you’re in Varsovia, make sure to check out the New Town Market Square. This square is covered in tables, and the old buildings around it, give the place a special charm. With street artists and souvenir stalls, you’ll want to spend the entire day there.

Delicias culinarias polacas por regiones

Norte de Polonia, Región de Pomerania

Poland is situated along the Baltic Sea to the north, influencing the region with a strong connection to the sea. A variety of saltwater fish, and more, are popular here. Additionally, don’t miss out on trying local specialties like krupnik soup, bean soup, and sweet pancakes.

Gran Polonia - Wielkopolska

Poznan, the capital of Wielkopolska, is famous for its croissants (rogale)Toda la región está repleta de platos con patatas. No deje de probar platos como: pyry z gzikiem o plendze. In pozna? you will find some of the best restaurants in Poland.

Masovia , Polonia Central

Central Polish cuisine is primarily built on the gifts of the forest; game, mushrooms, berries, and herbs characterize the local traditional dishes. Pierogi ruskie, Warsaw-style tripe, or groats with sauces and meat. Sweet dumplings with forest fruits, Warsaw cheesecake are dishes typical of this region.


Silesia is famous for its dialect and cuisine, Salesian dishes are very rich in favor, based on meat, flour, and potatoes, and above all, they are delicious. Silesian dumplings, zymlok, Silesia roulade, Silesian rye soup.


The Tatra Mountains and Zakopane are places, that stand out culturally and culinary in Poland. Highlanders have their dialect, traditions, and above all, cuisine. When you are in this region, be sure to try oscypek cheese, kwa?nica, placek po zbojnicku or bryndza cheese, and lamb.


Krakow is mainly famous for pretzels, it is a traditional delicacy present in Krakow for over 600 years. Piszinger and papal cream (kremówki papieskie) dessert are sweets that are also popular in this region. When in Krakow, be sure to visit Kazimierz Quarters try original Jewish cuisine, and indulge in the unforgettable charm of the neighborhood.

Where To Eat – Recommendations

Food Tours In Poland

The food tour is a great way to explore and check out the best places in the city. The guide will show you the most interesting places and take you to the top spots where you will taste the best dishes.

Groups usually consist of 10-15 people and such a trip lasts about 4 hours. You can easily find a food tour just for the two of you, or for your family if you wish to. This is a great chance to explore some of the best food spots and high-end restaurants in Poland.

Warsaw- Recommendations

Here is a list of the most popular spots and best restaurants in Poland, by location.

Milk Bars

  • Bar Gda?ski – top milk bar, GeN. Anders str.
  • Bar na Czerniakowskiej, highly recommended, Czerniakowska str.

Food Halls

  • Food Hall Koszyki, top recommendation!
  • Food Hall Browary, ul. Haberbuscha i Schielego

Traditional Polish Cuisine Restaurants

  • Dom Wódki, Wierzbowa str.
  • Gessler na Widelcu, Three Crosses Square
  • Ku?nia Smaku, Mazowiecke str.
  • Chata Polska, Ry?owa

Best Restaurants

  • Ale Wino!, Mokotowska str.
  • Epoka, Ossoli?skich str. 
  • Bez Gwiazdek, Wi?lania str.
  • Regina, Koszykowa str.

Cafe and Breakfast

  • Bu?k? przez Bibu?k?, Zgoda str.
  • Fawory, Mickiewicz str.
  • Aromat, Koszyki Food Hall

Krakow – Recommendations

Milk Bars

  • Targowy, Dzaszy?skiego str.
  • Mi?a, Czysta str
  • Jagienka, Matejko square

Food Halls

  • Hala Forum, Marii Konopnickije str
  • Judah Food Market, ?w. Wawrzy?ca str
  • Hala Lipowa, Lipowa str

Traditional Polish Cuisine

  • Restauracja Polska, Beera Meiselsa str.
  • W Starej Kuchni, ?t Tomas str.
  • Starka, Jozefa str.
  • Pod Wawelem, ?t Gertrudy str.

Best Restaurants in Krakow

  • Minoas Greek Tavern, Miodowa str.
  • Salta Resto, Miodowa str.
  • Royal Curry, Kurniki str.
  • Baster, Szeroka str.

Cafe and Breakfast

  • Camelot & Camelot Lulu
  • Poranki
  • Ranny Ptaszek

Must-try in Krakow

  • Pretzel from the street stall
  • Donuts from the bakery
  • Zapiekanki u Endziora
  • U Szwagra is a place we highly recommend

Gda?sk -Recommendations

Milk Bars

  • Jaros, Jagiello?ska str.
  • S?oneczny, Antoniego Abrahama Str.
  • Fala, Opolska Str.
  • Turystyczny, Szeroka str.

Food Halls

  • S?ony Spichlesz, Chmielna str.
  • Montownia, Jana Kili?skiego str.
  • Stacja, Lisia Grobla str

Traditional Polish Cuisine

  • Swojski Smak, Jana Heweliusza str.
  • Pierogarnia Mandu, El?bieta?ska str.
  • Gda?ski Bowke, D?ugie Pobrze?e str.
  • Motlava, Stara Stocznia str.

Best Restaurants in Gdansk

  • MERCATO, Targ Rybny str. the most awarded and appreciated restaurant in Gdansk
  • BAR LEON, Str?giwena str. (orient cuisine)
  • OSTRO, D?ugie Pobrze?e str. (Italian)
  • FINO Grzaska str. (exclusive place, with classic dishes in a new version)

Cafe and Breakfast

  • Marmolada Chleb i Kawa,
  • ??ka Happy Bar
  • S?odko Gda?sk
  • Drukarnia

Pozna? – Recommendations

Milk Bar

  • Je?ycki, D?browskiego str.
  • Bar Santos, Koronna str.

Food Halls

  • Dworcowahall, Dworcowa str.
  • Food Fyrtel, Pelszewska str.

Traditional Polish Cuisine

  • Piero?ak Pierogarnia, Wroc?awska str.
  • Bamberka, Stary Rynek str.
  • Wiejskie Jad?o, Stary Rynek str.

Best Restaurants in Gdansk

  • Muga, Krysiewicza str.
  • Twoja Wina, Jackwoskiego str.
  • A nó? widelec, Czechos?owacka str.
  • Mi?o??, Garbabary str.

Cafe and Breakfast

  • ZAKWAS, Pozna?skastr.
  • MINISTER CAFE, Ratajczaka str.
  • LARS, LARS & LARS, Wojskowa str.

Wroclaw – Recommendation

Milk Bars

  • Mi?, Ku?nicza str.
  • Mewa, Boles?awa Drobnera str.

Food Halls

  • Hall ?wiebodzki, Orl?t Lwowskich Square

Traditional Polish Cuisine

  • Kurna Chata, Odrza?ska str.
  • Kocio?ek, No?ownicza str.
  • Jasna, W?odkowica str

Best Restaurants in Wroclaw

  • OK Wine Bar, Ksiecia Witoldastr.
  • Zloty Pies, Rynek, str.
  • Gastropub Wroclawska, Szewska str.

Cafe and Breakfast

  • Central Cafe, Sw. Antoniego str.
  • Zenka Cafe, Dubois str.
  • Pochlebna, Sw. AntinieBar mleczny na Zamoyskiegoo str.

Zakopane- Recommendation

Milk Bars

  • Tatrza?ski Bar Mleczny, by the road to Bystre
  • U S?onia, Zamoyskiego str.
  • Bar mleczny, Zamoyskiego str.

Food Hall

There are many local food markets in Zakopane if you opt for fresh food. But to try different kinds of good places I recommend going on a food tour.

Traditional Polish Cuisine

  • Schronisko Krupówki, Zakopane center
  • Giewont, Ko?cielisko (15 minutes from Zakopane)
  • Góralska Tadycja, Krupówki str.
  • Jawornia , Str??yska str.

Best Restaurants in Zakopane

  • Halka, Mariusza Zaruskiego
  • Marilor,
  • La Prima, Kazimierz Przerwa-Temayer str.

Cafe and Breakfast

  • STRH Bistro Art Cafe, Krupówki str.
  • Kawiarnia Fili?anki, Grunwaldzka str.

Tip For Eating Out In Poland

Try Local Specialties

Polish cuisine has a rich variety of dishes. Don’t miss out on pierogi (dumplings), kielbasa (sausage), bigos (hunter’s stew), and of course, traditional desserts like paczki (filled doughnuts) and sernik (cheesecake).

Polish Vodka

Poland is known for its vodka. If you enjoy alcoholic beverages, consider trying some traditional Polish vodka. Vodak is available to order in all restaurants in Poland, but be sure to drink responsibly.

Cash is King

You can pay with a credit card everywhere now, however, it’s a good idea to have some cash on hand.

Tipping Culture

Tipping is customary in restaurants in Poland, and a tip of around 10% is generally ok. However, it’s not obligatory, and you can round up the bill if you’re satisfied with the service. Remember that it is always nice to tip for a good service.

Polish Toasting Tradition

If you find yourself in a social setting where toasts are made, it’s customary to maintain eye contact and clink glasses with everyone at the table. Also, it’s polite to wait till everyone is served, before starting the meal.

Learn the Basic Polish Language

While many Poles, especially in urban areas, speak English, it can be helpful to learn a few basic Polish phrases to enhance your dining experience and show appreciation for the Polish culinary and culture.

Restaurant Hours

In Poland, lunch is often the main meal of the day, and Poles typically have it between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM. Dinner is usually lighter and enjoyed later in the evening. Restaurants stay open usually until 10-11 PM.


For popular or smaller establishments, it’s a good idea to make a reservation, especially during peak dining hours. This ensures you have a spot, and you won’t have to wait.

Seasonal Cuisine

Polish cuisine often emphasizes seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. Depending on the time of year, you might encounter special dishes or variations in the menu.

Diverse Options

Poland’s culinary scene offers a diverse range of options, including vegetarian and vegan dishes. Don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations if you have dietary preferences or restrictions. Many restaurants in Poland accommodate food restrictions.

Ask Google

If you are uncertain about the quality of the restaurant you found during your stay in Poland, check it with Google. If the place is good, it will have many recommendations and reviews.

Enjoy The Experience

Polish culinary delights are diverse, comforting, and very tasteful. Enjoy every meal you have.

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