Krakow To Prague: What Are Your Best Options?

Are you thinking of a trip from Krakow to Prague? Both cities have a long history, beautiful architecture, and really feel timeless.

But what are your best options if you want to get from one to the other? Without spoiling too much in this introduction, you can be sure to have some great choices and to have a great trip between these two cities.

Let’s dive in and find out!

Best travel options from Kraków to Prague

The best options for you to get from Krakow to Prague are:

1. By Train:

What are the advantages for you:

  • Scenic Route: You can enjoy the beautiful scenery as you travel through Central Europe!
  • Comfort: There are very comfortable seats and great services on board.
  • City center to City center: You’ll have easy access to public transport or accommodation in the area.

Considerations and Prices:

  • Duration: A direct trip from Krakow to Prague will take you about 7 hours.
  • Price: A second-class ticket could cost you between €25 and €40. Just remember that prices can change depending on when you buy and how many there are.

2. By Bus:

What are the advantages for you:

  • Affordability: The bus is usually the most affordable option.
  • Direct Routes: The great thing is that no stops are needed on direct routes.

Considerations and Prices:

  • Comfort: There are very modern amenities, but you’ll have less room than on trains.
  • Duration: The trip by bus will take you about 8 hours.
  • Price: Bus tickets will cost you anywhere from €15 to €35, based on the type of service and when you buy them.

3. By Plane:

What are the advantages for you:

  • Speed: This is the fastest choice, with a trip time of just over an hour.
  • Multiple Flights: The schedule is flexible, and there are several trips every day.

Considerations and Prices:

  • Traveling to Airports: Getting to and from airports can take a lot of time.
  • Environmental Impact: Flying creates a bigger carbon impact. In case you really care about the environment, the train would be a better option.
  • Price: Airfares vary a lot, but on average, a one-way ticket might cost you between €50 and €150, not including extra fees for bags, and priority boarding. It also really depends on which time of the year you’re traveling.

4. By Car:

What are the advantages for you:

  • Flexibility: You have personal freedom if you take the car (I personally love this). You can also take any side trip you want and really enjoy your road trip.
  • Luggage: You won’t have issues with your luggage and there are no restrictions (depending on the size of your car of course).

Considerations and Prices:

  • Driving Rules: It’s good to know the rules for driving in Poland and the Czech Republic. It’s best to check this out upfront.
  • Parking: It would be good to plan ahead if you want to park in a city.
  • Cost of going by car:

    Rental: The average cost of renting a car is between €25 and €70 per day, based on the type of car and the length of your rental.

    Fuel: This will cost you about €50 to €80 for the whole trip, depending on the type of car.

    Tolls: This can be anywhere from €10 to €20.

But your choice of travel will rely on what’s most important to you: speed, cost, comfort, or the journey itself. Before making a choice, you should always look at the most current prices and best deals!

What are the road conditions between Krakow and Prague?

Most of the roads between Krakow and Prague are in pretty good shape, especially the most important highways, and roads that link these two big cities. Here’s an in-depth look:


In terms of highways, the main way to get from Krakow to Prague is to take the A4 in Poland and the D1 in the Czech Republic. These are important roads that are usually in good shape. I know the D1 really well as I lived in the Czech Republic for over six years!


The asphalt on these important highways is smooth and good for driving at high speeds. There may be some rough spots or parts that haven’t been taken care of, but these are the exceptions rather than the rule.


Since these roads are important routes in Central Europe, they can get busy, especially on holidays, weekends, and in the summer. Before leaving, it’s always a good idea to check the traffic or look for places that might get backed up.


The roads in both countries have toll systems. In Poland, tolls are taken at certain places along the A4 highway. In the Czech Republic, you can’t drive on the D1 highway without a vignette, which is a windscreen sign.


These routes have clear signs that meet international norms. In Poland and the Czech Republic, directions, distances, and points of interest are generally written in both Polish/Czech and English.

Secondary Roads

You might come across secondary roads if you take a diversion or go out into the country. Even though these roads are usually in good shape, their quality can differ. They are slower and more scenic, but they can sometimes be hard to drive on because the lanes are smaller or there might be some unexpected bumps.

If you want to drive from Krakow to Prague, you can expect a smooth ride on the main highways.

But because road conditions, construction projects, and other things can change, it’s best to check for updates or traffic advisories before you leave!

Krakow to Prague: FAQs

The information below is related to traveling from Krakow to Prague and will give you some more insights about these two amazing cities in Central Europe!

Is Krakow near Prague?

Krakow and Prague are two famous towns in Central Europe. Their rich histories, beautiful architecture, and unique cultural vibes often capture the imaginations of travelers.

Since they are both in Central Europe, you might be curious about how close they are to each other. To give you a better idea of how far apart they are, Krakow and Prague are about 540 km apart. When you think about how big Europe is, this distance seems pretty close.

Basically, this means that if you take a trip by car, train, or bus, you will pass through a variety of landscapes, such as flat fields, dense forests, and small towns, all in the span of a few hours!

Because they are close to each other, it is not only possible to move between them, but you’re also able to visit both of them on the same trip.

Is Krakow or Prague cheaper?

When compared to some Western European towns, Krakow and Prague are known for being cheaper. But between the two:

  • Krakow is usually slightly cheaper. In Krakow, your money often goes further when you eat out, book a hotel or shop.
  • Prague is more expensive but it’s really worth it. Because it is one of the most popular tourist spots in Europe, some services and goods may cost you more.

No matter where you’re going, you should always plan ahead and look for deals.

Is Krakow like Prague?

At first look, both cities have an old-world charm about them. They have beautiful sites, historic centers, and streets with cobblestones. But you’ll have two different experiences:

Krakow is full of places that are important to Polish history, like Wawel Castle and the Kazimierz area. It has a sad tone, too, because Auschwitz-Birkenau is close and people come from all over the world to see it. The city has Polish culture, food, and a general Polish feel.

Prague is known as the City of a Hundred Spires because of how beautiful its scenery, Charles Bridge, and Prague Castle are. It has a busy scene and buildings in different styles such as Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque. You’ll also be very safe in Prague!

Even though they’re both in Central Europe, each place has its own history, culture, and great things to do!

The Wrap-Up: Krakow to Prague

When it comes to traveling from Krakow to Prague, you have some great options to get from one great city to another great city!

Whether you want to visit Krakow or Prague or both, it’s clear that these Central European gems have a lot to offer you.

The trip between the two is pretty easy, and the best way to get there really depends on your preferences and budget.

If you have any questions about Poland, join our Poland Travel Facebook Group!

Safe and happy travels!

The post is written by Dustin from the Restless Voyager.

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  1. Great summary, Karolina! Can you tell me what website to use to book train tickets you mentioned? I’m planning the trip for the first weekend in September. Thank you for your help.

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