Best Chocolates From Poland

Whether you are traveling for holidays or going on a business trip, there is always one question that you get asked when returning home: What did you bring me? And I know how hard it is sometimes to find that special souvenir to make the receiver happy. However, there is this one thing, that you will never go wrong with. It’s chocolates. Read on, as I am about to share with you the names of the best chocolates from Poland.

Alternatively, watch the video (below) that we made with the family some time ago where we are trying some of the best Polish chocolates.

E. Wedel Chocolates

E. Wedel is the most known brand of Polish chocolates. Operating since 1851 the company has grown and is considered as the “Polish national chocolate brand”. Chocolate bars come in over 70 different flavors, from exclusive dark chocolate to creamy milk chocolates with fruity filling, nuts, or fantastic white chocolates.

Apart from chocolate bars, Wedel is popular for the boxes of chocolates. Chopin Pralines makes a perfect gift as the metal box itself is so beautiful. Another great idea for a gift box is the Wedel Heart – a metal red box in the shape of a heart with delicious chocolates inside. Keep in mind that for those you might need to look in online stores, or in big supermarkets.

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Ptasie Mleczko – Birds’ Milk

Although it is too Wedel that makes Ptasie Mleczko, I give it a special place in this article, as this candy holds a special place in Polish culture.

Ptasie Mleczko always makes a good gift, you will not go wrong with a box of those when visiting a Polish house. Ptasie Mleczko translates to English as Bird’s Milk, and it is like a marshmallow with a chocolate cover.

The classic version has with vanilla flavor, but there is also a chocolate flavor or even a lemon. This candy is considered one of the best chocolates from Poland.

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Toruńskie Pierniki — Gingerbread Cookies

If you think that good sweets have been invented recently, you need to try these gingerbread cookies.

This traditional pastry from Toruń has been crafted by bakers for approximately 700 years. They prepare them by hand using a combination of flour, water, milk, honey, and spices in the right proportions. Afterward, bakers bake it in an oven at a precise temperature.

This recipe has not been changed for centuries. Pierniki are often covered with the best chocolate. From Poland to any place in the world, they are easy to transport and will make a perfect gift.

These cookies come from a producer called Kopernik, which has been operating since 1763. The name of the manufacturer is not coincidental. Pierniki and Copernicus come from the same town and most probably the great scientist had tested them, as the recipe is about a hundred years older than him.

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Wawel Chocolate

Wawel is yet another traditional Polish chocolate producer, that has been in the market for nearly 150 years now. Chocolates come from Kraków, which is why the name is associated with the most known Landmark of the city, Wawel Hill with Royal Castle.

Wawel chocolates come in many flavors, from premium dark chocolates to fruity fillings. You can choose from a really big size of chocolate bars to a small bar to have on the go.

Beautiful packaging and delicious taste make it a perfect gift to bring home from your trip to Poland. Wawel mix that combines various one-bite size chocolates is one of the most popular candies in Poland, everybody loves them.

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Plums in Chocolate

Plum in Chocolate is a Polish National good, no doubt there. These unique chocolates for decades were a symbol of luxury. There are a few brands that sell them, but Solidarność is the most famous one. This is a must-try candy when you are in Poland.

When you put one of these sweet snacks in your mouth, you can feel the juicy plum bursting with flavor, releasing its natural juices. The chocolate gently covers it, creating a contrast in texture and taste. Chocolate-covered plums are usually smooth, but their flavor is rich and deep.

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Prince Polo Wafer In Chocolate

This small bar of wafer covered with chocolate has made a huge success abroad. It is the number one selling candy on the Island. The export to this small country with hundreds of tonnes yearly. It is a must-try snack, only to see what makes it too lovable.

Prince Polo is a very popular snack bar, loved by kids and adults. Most probably, it is available in Polish food markets all over the world.

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Delicje Szampańskie

Small, rounded biscuits with jelly on top and all covered in delicious chocolate. Absolutely delicious. You might know these cookies as they are a kind of Jaffa cake. Poles absolutely love these cookies.

Although few brands make Polish Jaffa, the most popular is from E. Wedel, which has been making these cookies for over 160 years now.

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Best Chocolates From Poland

You can see now, that there are so many delicious chocolates in Poland. All of them are easily found in most supermarkets. Only for chocolate boxes from Wedel, you might need to look into the online stores.

And if you already tried some of these chocolates, let us know what you think about them.

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