Poland Family Vacation: Kid-Friendly Activities and Destinations

Get ready for a family adventure like no other! Poland is packed with exciting activities and family-friendly spots that promise both fun and learning. From vibrant cities to breathtaking nature and rich culture, Poland has it all for your family. With this guide, you can easily plan your trip to Poland family vacation.

Is Poland A Good Choice For Family Vacations?

Poland is a fantastic choice for a family vacation! There’s something magical about the warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes you feel right at home. Polish people are very helpful, and even though they might have a serious look on their faces, they are always keen to help.

Places Like From Fairy Tale

The country is like a treasure trove of experiences for families. Just imagine wandering through historic cities like Warsaw and Krakow, where every street tells a story. You can explore castles straight out of fairytales and dive into interactive museums that turn learning into an adventure.

The Most Amazing Countrysides

Poland’s natural beauty is breathtaking. National parks, lakes, and forests invite you to embark on family hikes, bike rides, or just soak in the peaceful surroundings. If you fancy some seaside fun, charming coastal towns and beautiful beaches are waiting for you.

Indoors Designed For Family-Friendly Activities

There are cool museums designed for science enthusiasts, and for little explorers, amusement parks that guarantee giggles, and zoos where kids can meet fascinating creatures.

Budget-Friendly Destination

A big plus is, that Poland is budget-friendly! Compared to some other places, you’ll find that accommodations, meals, and activities won’t break the bank. And the best part? Poland is considered safe for tourists, giving you peace of mind during your family adventure.

Family-friendly Places Everywhere

Poland is one of the most kid-friendly countries. Why? Because you will have kids’ corners in most Polish restaurants. High chairs and kids’ menu are available as well.

It’s very easy to find baby changing stations no matter where you go.

Plus, there are thousands of outdoor playgrounds. They are literally in every city and the majority of the villages. Indoor playgrounds for rainy days are also very easy to find, so you will be sure your kids won’t get bored!

Kids-Friendly Vacations In Poland – Exploring The Cities

Polish cities are great places to take kids for an adventurous holiday. Every city and bigger town has a castle, parks, museums, and many other attractions. Check out what cities can offer to you and your families.

Castles and Palaces

Royal Castle in Warsaw, Wawel in Krakow, castle in Malbork, castle in Książ, castle in Niedzica, Castle in Poznan, Castle in Lublin, and so on and on. Every city and most towns in Poland have either a well-preserved castle or ruins of an old castle.

Most of them are resorted and turned into museums, showcasing artifacts and telling the story of the past times. It is a great opportunity for children to experience the history they’re learning in school.

Visiting a castle takes from 1,5 to 3 hours depending on the complex, so prepare water and some snacks for the youngest ones. There will always be a park, or a garden to sit at and rest after the castle tour.

Best In-house And Open Air Museums for Family-Friendly Activities in Poland

Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw

is the most popular interactive museum in Poland, and it is well worth the visit. It contains over 450 interactive exhibits that you can experiment with and discover the laws of science for yourself.

The center is the largest institution of its type in Poland and one of the most advanced in Europe. In 2018, since its opening, it has been visited by over 8 million people.

Underground Museum in Krakow

This is a must-see kind of place, that takes you back to the Middle Ages. The museum is literally under the ground, and it showcases the old city of Krakow and the way of life from hundreds of years ago.

Biskupin Near Poznań

This museum showcases the oldest found settlement in Poland. The artifacts and buildings date back to 800 years BC, and you can wander around, walk inside, and explore the furniture and the way of life from nearly 3 thousand years ago.

There are always many activities planned during warm months, such as life performances, stalls, and interactive workshops. This is a good activity both for kids and for adults.

Biskupin village

Salt Mines

There are two Salt Mines in Poland that are worth visiting, and both are near Krakow, Wieliczka, and Bochnia. Both salt mines are unique, and the only two in the world still working for over 800 years.

In Salt Mine, you will find amazing chambers and sculptures made of salt. A tour guide explains the process of extraction.

Wieliczka Salt Mine is well-developed, and modern, while Bochnia is more modest but natural. Wieliczka is more expensive, Bochnia offers more affordable prices, and there are fewer tourists there, but still, it is a busy place.


Oceanarium is a place that all kids love to visit. You will find some good oceanariums in Poland. There are two big, and very modern places, that I can highly recommend. Since they are located in opposite parts of Poland, you can arrange a visit to one of the ones that suits the best, the region of your destination.

Gdynia Aquarium

The Gdynia Aquarium is the largest in Poland, located on the Southern Pier. It also serves as a research institute within the Fisheries Institute. It features 68 tanks with a total capacity of 140 tons of water and is home to around 1,500 animals representing 250 species.

The aquarium is divided into thematic halls, including history, the Baltic Sea, coral reef, Amazonia, and more. Additionally, it actively contributes to animal conservation, and ecological education, and conducts scientific research. It is also welcoming to international visitors, offering guides in Polish, English, and German.

Africarium in Wrocław

The Africarium in Wrocław is an aquarium located within the Wrocław Zoo, recognized as a zoological wonder of the world. It focuses on ecosystems related to the waters of Africa and is the only aquarium in the world dedicated exclusively to the flora and fauna of one continent.

The most impressive attraction is the 18-meter tunnel with transparent walls, where visitors can observe sharks, turtles, and stingrays. Additionally, the Africarium showcases diverse ecosystems such as the coral reef, the Red Sea, East Africa, the Jungle along the Congo River, and the Coast of Skeletons. It also offers a restaurant and a souvenir shop for visitors.

Palm House in Poznan

The Palm House in Poznań, Palmiarnia Poznańska, is an excellent destination for families with kids. With its diverse collection of exotic plants, butterfly exhibits, and educational programs, it offers an engaging and educational experience.

Children can explore different plant species, participate in workshops, and enjoy the adventure of walking through paths surrounded by tropical and subtropical vegetation. The Palm House has a unique atmosphere and offers also outdoor areas, the botanical gardens provide a relaxing and enjoyable outing for families.

Palm House is located within Wilson Park, which is also a great place for an outdoor activity with kids.

Best Outdoor Activity – Family Holidays Poland

Water Park Suntago

As this is the largest water park in Europe, it is a must-visit place for you. Suntago offers many attractions to all ages. The exclusive family-friendly section at the water park is known as the Jamango zone.

This area, resembling a water jungle, boasts 300 palm trees, and around the pools, you’ll find 400 sunbeds for relaxation. The Jamango zone features an impressive total of 35 water slides, such as Dark Thunder, where visitors ride an inflatable ring before descending through the slide’s thrilling twists and turns. Additionally, there are exhilarating rides like Mad Octopus, Neon Torpedo, Blue Boa, Tiger’s Race, Jungle Race, and much more.

Since the big part of this complex is under the roof, bad weather is not a blocker when planning this activity. Online booking ahead of time is recommended, especially during summer. Suntago is located in the center of Poland between Warsaw and Łódź, and it is well-communicated with both cities.


A zoo is always one of the top destinations for family holidays in Poland. A visit to the ZOO is not only a fun day out, but it can also be very educational. Many Polish zoos are committed to educating visitors about wildlife conservation and protecting endangered species. Getting to see, and to learn about, animals from around the world will occupy the family for a whole day.

Some zoos in Poland go the extra mile to provide interactive experiences for visitors. Imagine your kids having the chance to feed giraffes, or even touch some friendly farm animals. These hands-on encounters create lasting memories and a deeper connection with the animal kingdom.

Best Zoos in Poland are in Wroclaw, Warsaw, Krakow, Gdańsk, Poznań.

City Parks

If you plan plenty of sightseeing and visits to the museums, and a lot of walking in the city, plan one day in the city park. This is an activity best for the summer when the weather is good. All cities in Poland offer nice parks, with cafeterias to relax, playgrounds for the young ones, and nice alleys to stroll in the greenery.

Kids get easily tired of sightseeing, so a break day in the park will be a perfect way to charge up their batteries. During the summer, most cities organize interesting events and family activities in parks.

Best City parks in Poland:

  • Lazienki Park – Warsaw
  • Vistula Boulevards – Warsaw
  • Oliwa Park – Tri-City/ Gdańsk
  • Wilson Park -Poznan
  • Henryk Jordan Park – Krakow
  • Planty -Krakow
  • South Park- Wrocław
  • Botanical Garden-Łódź
  • Gubałówka and City Park-Zakopane

National Parks

Visit to the National Park will be an exciting and unforgettable adventure. Parks are scattered all around Poland, and there surely by one near your destination. This is a great opportunity, to spend time in nature and to bond with your family. Polish forests are huge, and they are well-preserved, make sure you follow the guidelines, while inside. Most parks have a beaten track, that allows for the strollers, but some parts can still be challenging.

When planning a visit to these national parks, it’s advisable to check for family-friendly amenities, guided tours, and educational programs offered by the parks’ visitor centers. Additionally, be sure to consider the seasons and weather conditions to make the most of your family adventure.

Masuria – Best kid-friendly Vacations in Poland

The only thing that could go wrong when planning your vacation in Mazury region, is the weather. Otherwise, your family is booked for the time of their lives. Deepen in greenery, with stunning massive lakes, beautiful sunrises, and sunsets, and plenty of all kinds of activities to do, no one gets bored there.

Swimming in the lake, kayaking kitesurfing, hiking, visiting traditional farms, swimming with a yacht, beach volley, safari, concerts, and bonfire nights its just the top of the activities you can do here. All that comes of course with delicious local food.

In case the weather is challenging and not much time can be spent by the after, here are other things a family with children can do:

  • Mazurolandia and Miniature Park Warmia i Mazur
  • Termy Warminskie – thermal bath with a great family section
  • The Castle of Bishops of Warmia – Lidzbark Warmiński
  • Escape Room – Olsztyn
  • Galeria Warminska- Shopping Center in Olsztyn
  • Papugarnia – Olsztyn is an indoor kids-friendly place where you can touch parrots as they fly freely

Dunes, Amazing Places For Family Travel Poland

First, let me explain what dunes are.  It is a hill or ridge of sand piled up by the wind, and it is movable. In Poland, you can see this fascinating nature phenomenon by the Baltic Sea, as part of the Słowinski National Park.

Exploring dunes is amazing, there are a lot of open places there and it is a perfect place to play, relax, and rest lying on the soft sand and looking at the sea.

Family Travel Poland Best Places


Energylandia is a vibrant, among the largest in Europe, amusement park. It is in Zator, not very far from Krakow. The park offers an exciting and diverse experience for visitors of all ages with a wide range of thrilling roller coasters, water rides, and family-friendly attractions. This place has quickly become one of Europe’s premier destinations for theme park enthusiasts.

From the adrenaline-pumping Hyperion, one of the continent’s tallest roller coasters, to the innovative and exhilarating Zadra, a hybrid coaster with a wooden structure and steel track. Energylandia provides a thrilling adventure for adrenaline seekers.

Additionally, the park features themed zones, entertaining shows, and various dining options, creating a well-rounded and enjoyable experience for families and individuals alike. With its ever-expanding lineup of attractions, Energylandia promises a day filled with excitement, fun, and unforgettable memories. Be sure to check the latest updates on the park’s offerings to make the most of your visit.

Energylandia, next to the amusement park, offers also theme villages, interesting workshops, rooms, and restaurants are also available in the village, so no need to travel back to Krakow with tired kids after a day full of attractions.

Bałtów -Jurapark In Poland

Jurapark Bałtów in Poland, established in 2004, offers a captivating experience with nearly 100 life-sized dinosaur models. The park includes interactive areas for children, a Dinosaur Park Playground, a Prehistoric Oceanarium, and a Wild Safari with native and exotic animals.

Other attractions include Miniature Park showcasing Poland’s landmarks, Slavic Hill exploring Slavic beliefs, and the Erosion Revine preserving dinosaur traces. The Amusement Park caters to all ages, featuring water attractions for cooling off. Ticket prices vary, and online booking is recommended.

This is a perfect place for a family-friendly activity. Book a full day for this attraction, nights and dining are available on the spot.

Majaland – The Best Park For Young Children

Majaland is an entertainment park established in two locations in Poland, Warsaw, and Kownaty (near the border with Germany), and the third is planned for 2024 in Gdańsk. It is one of the best amusement parks in its category in Europe.

This park is created for small children and includes indoor and outdoor areas. Carousels, slides, a toy shop, and a place to rest and eat are available there, so basically everything you need.

Hangar 646

There is no better place than this to have kids, jump safely on trampolines, and use out the energy access. The place is a massive trampoline zone, with slides, tunnels, wall climbing, and much more. The entrance is per hour, you book your time online, and for that one hour kid is using all the equipment available.

Before entering the zone, children undergo a small training on what’s not allowed, and how to act safely and they learn basic tricks and jumps. And trust me one hour of jumping is enough even for a teenager to get tired. The parents can enjoy the coffee and snacks while watching their children having fun.

As you can see there is plenty to do in Poland when you want to visit as a family. Many outdoor attractions depend on whether, but on the other hand, indoor activities are plenty too.

Remember that a simple family stroll in the Old Town, souvenir shopping, choosing fridge magnets, or deciding on what local food to try, picture taking, fun, and laughter are the things that kids will remember the most from any family holiday. Enjoy your stay.

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