Are There Any Beaches In Warsaw? YES!

I bet you heard that Warsaw is the capital of Poland, it’s located in the central part of the country with 2 million citizens, and that it is one of the European business centers. And you surely know, that there are many memoirs and museums reminding you what the city of Warsaw has been through over the centuries. But did you know, that there are beaches in Warsaw? Yep, regular sandy beaches.

Let me take you on a small trip to reveal them to you, and make your next stay in Warsaw even more attractive.

Beaches In Warsaw By The Vistula River

Swimming in the Vistula River in the entire Warsaw area is forbidden. It is very dangerous due to very strong current. Even a well-trained swimmer will be helpless against the forces of nature. The beaches along the river are only for sunbathing and relaxation out of the water, especially during hot summer days.

Poniatówka Beach

Located under the historic Prince Jozef Poniatowski Bridge, near the National Stadium, is the most popular and largest beach in Warsaw. You can relax not only on the sand but also on a wooden terrace, and on the northern side, on flood meadows. There are ready-made fire pits, so you can have a barbecue in there as well.

The beach is located right next to it is an educational playground and a natural forest. In the middle of the forest, there is a long, over 20 km recreational pedestrian and cycling path that stretches from the Siekierkowski Bridge to the outskirts of Warsaw.

Depending on the water level in the Vistula River, you can cross to the other side using the free ferry.

And at the nearby cafés and restaurants, you can enjoy delicious food and make use of the beach bar, charming terrace, and beach garden.

How To Get There?

  • Metro Line M2 Nation Stadium Station
  • Free ferry “Pliszka”
  • by car 10′ from the center
  • by foot 35′ form the center


  • toilets
  • bars and restaurants
  • bonfire pits
  • beach volleyball court, ping pong tables, and mini football fields
  • concerts during summer

Rusałka Beach

This beach is overlooking the Old Town, and it offers a beautiful romantic scenery, especially during the sunset. It is also located near the Warsaw Zoo, just a short walk away. A rope park or a free ferry (during summer months) across the river are some other fun attractions just a step out of the beach.

How To Get There?

  • tram line 4
  • metro
  • free Ferry Wilga to cross the river from the Old Town
  • by car 15′ from the center


  • ready pits for bonfires
  • beach volleyball courts
  • cafe-club immersed in greenery
  • beach clubs and bars
  • playground with a mini water park
  • cruise on the Vistula river in a traditional Vistula boat

Saska Beach

This beach is located by the Lazienkowski Bridge, in a place that used to be an island, and is now part of one of the most beautiful districts of Warsaw – Saska Kepa. This is a getaway place for families with children. You can find here many playgrounds and a massive sandpit. If you take ferry “Slomka” you can admire the wild nature and enjoy the peaceful place in the middle of the city.

You can spend time here by kayaking or rowing a boat down the river, or if you prefer to stay on the ground, a wicker pergola and bonfire pits are there for you.

How To Get There

  • bus line 17
  • by car 11′ from the center


  • Rentals of kayaks and rowing boats
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Toilets
  • Playgrounds

Zoliborz Beach

This secluded beach is at the end of the Vistula boulevards, 10 minutes away from the Gdański Bridge. Surrounded by trees, it provides plenty of shade on sunny days. There is a view of the natural side of the Vistula River from here. During the day it is perfect for a family picnic, in the evening it becomes entertaining.

How To Get There

  • tram line 78
  • by car 15′ from the center


  • playgrounds for children
  • beach bar
  • an open-air cinema
  • sports club in the nearby

Where to Swim In Warsaw?

The river offers many sandy beaches, but now swimming, so where do locals go to swim on a hot sunny days?


The name of this can be translated as “soak place” and this name is a perfect description to it.

This is a modern complex of outdoor swimming pools in Wola district. You find there a huge recreational pool, a sports pool, a paddling pool for children and a water playground. There are slides, climbing elements, a water obstacle course, a “river” with current, water loungers and many, many other attractions. The recreational pool has an area of almost 3,000 m2. sq m and is equipped with water geysers, a pontoon path, a climbing net and a wave generator. It is a really great place to spend a relaxing and fun day.

How To Get There?

  • metro LineM1 and bus line 23
  • by car 15′
  • bike 17′


  • sports and recreation swimming pools
  • slides and water games
  • soccer, tennis, and volley courts
  • park with planty of place to lay a blanket and sunbathe
  • cafe, bar
  • changing rooms
  • parking place

Walczewski Ponds (Stawy Walczewskiego)

Ponds Walczewski is a charming recreational and sports area in Grodzisk Mazowiecki. A great advantage is easy access via the S8 route (about 30 minutes from Warsaw). Here you will find everything you need to spend a pleasant day by the water.

The water is shallow, and a lifeguard watches over the safety of bathers. There is a small sandy beach next to the swimming area, where you can use sunbeds. Right next to it are changing rooms, showers, and taps where you can rinse your feet. In addition, next to the bathing beach, there is a pier and water equipment rental. There is also a sailing school here. Remember to have cash with you, as pedalos and kayaks cannot be paid with a card.

How To Get There

  • by car 30′ from Warsaw
  • train, a station is nearby the ponds


  • swimming areas
  • water sports,
  • toilets and changing rooms
  • picnic side

Zegrze Reservoir (Jezioro Zegrzyńskie)

This is one of the most popular place for relaxation by the water in the region. This stunning freshwater lake, was formed as a result of the construction of a dam on the Narew River, primarily serving as a water reservoir to regulate the water flow in the region. Over the time, the lake has become a popular recreational destination for both locals and tourists.

The lake offers a wide range of water-based activities. Sailboats, motorboats, and kayaks or pedalo are among the water sport you can enjoy in there. Designated swimming areas are available along the lake’s shores.

The water quality is closely monitored to ensure the safety and enjoyment of visitors. Well-maintained beaches, with the most renowned one located in Nieporet, tend to attract numerous visitors. Sandy shores, crystal-clear waters, and the variety of amenities provided, such as changing facilities, beach volleyball courts, and picnic spots, makes it a perfect spot for a get away from the city.

View on Bridge and lake Zegrze in Poland

How To Get There?

  • by car 1 hr from the center of Warsaw
  • train 50′ from Warsaw main station


  • wide range of water sports
  • swimming areas
  • Restaurants, bars
  • parking place
  • rooms to let
  • sailing school

There are so many things to do in Warsaw, and as you can see, swimming and sunbathing can be done too.

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