Best Places To Visit Outside Warsaw

Are you ready to visit the city of Warsaw and explore some places that lie just beyond its borders? Here I put together a collection of destinations that promise not just an escape from the city, but a journey through history, nature, and leisure. So, let’s pack our bags and go on to uncover the best places to visit outside Warsaw.

Kampinos National Park -A Nature Paradise

  • How far? Only about 20 kilometers west of Warsaw.
  • Which way? Head northwest. The park starts on
  • the outskirts of Warsaw.

Kampinos National Park is truly a stone’s throw away from Warsaw. Spanning over 360 square kilometers, this protected forest is a haven for nature lovers. It is a perfect way to escape the city noise and clean your energy.

The smell of pines, meandering trails, and the natural vibe will calm all your senses. This is perfect for a day away. There is a parking space at the entrance to the park, and there is easy access to park with city buses and metro. The entrance is free of charge.

Nieporęt and Zegrze Lake: Tranquility by the Water

  • How far? A mere 30-minute drive outside Warsaw.
  • Which way? Set your compass to the northeast.

Nieporęt and Zegrze Lake is another natural escape from the city. This one is along the water’s edge. A picturesque town, Nieporęt welcomes you to explore its charming streets before transitioning to the tranquility of Zegrze Lake.

The lake, actually a dam it has been created for leisure purposes, around 60 years ago. The lake is huge, and it offers something interesting to do, to all water enthusiasts.

You can do water sports there, rent a boat, or simply lay on the beach and sunbathe. Many barbecue spots, and kids’ park offer even more attractions than just enjoying the waters.

The place is very popular among locals for a daily escape, but also for weddings and other celebrations. It offers parking spots, and there is also a campsite.

Palace in Radziejowice- Elegance and History

  • How far? A 50-kilometer drive outside Warsaw.
  • Which way? South toward Radziejowice

Nestled amid picturesque landscapes, the Palace in Radziejowice stands out from the surroundings. The place is dated back to the 15th century, and it belonged to the family, that ruled this area for centuries.

Polish king, Jan III Sobieski used to visit this place. Surrounded by amazing gardens, this palace is ready for you to explore the chambers and yards.

The road to the palace has beautiful views, and you will enjoy the trip itself very much. The entrance price is 10 PLN.

Twierdza Modlin – A Fortress

  • How far? 30 kilometers outside Warsaw.
  • Which way? Head north.

This is a trip to military history at Twierdza Modlin. Located just north of Warsaw, this historic fortress boasts not only impressive architecture but also a network of underground tunnels. You can explore the fortifications, the towers, and learn the strategic significance of this stronghold.

The place was known for its strategic value over 1 thousand years ago, but it was Napoleon who gave commands to strengthen it for use in modern times.

It is good to visit this place during summer when the weather conditions are good. Nowadays, apart from sightseeing, you can book a paintball game session with your friends.

Museum in Łowicz – Cultural Treasures

  • How far? Approximately 90 kilometers southwest.
  • Which way? Journey southwest to discover the cultural richness of Łowicz.

Łowicz holds a significant place in Polish ethnography, with its traditional attire considered among the country’s most beautiful. The history of Łowicz woolen woven cloth and garments is meticulously preserved in the town’s unique ethnographic museum.

Łowicz folklore music is also one of a kind. The old melodies and songs passed down through generations, influenced artists like Chopin and The Łowicz Kapela typically comprises a violin, clarinet, and drum.

Leaving Warsaw and getting to Łowicz might seem like a trip to time. From a modern, lively and crowded city, you go to a place where time stood still. The entry to the museum showcasing the traditional clothes and ornaments costs 20PLN.

Żelazowa Wola Where The Virtuoso Was Born

  • How far? Just 60 kilometers outside Warsaw.
  • Which way? Head westward for a visit to Żelazowa Wola.

I take for granted, that everyone heard about Fryderyk Chopin, and that most know he was born Polish. But did you know where exactly was he born, and where he spent his childhood?

The answer is 60 km west of Warsaw, in Żelazowa Wola. There is nothing very special about this place until you start realizing that one of the greatest musicians of all time was born here. If you are a fan of classical music, you can’t skip this trip. The entrance costs about 25 PLN.

Cruise to Serock – Serene River Adventure

  • How far? Just 40 kilometers north.
  • Which way? Head northward.

This is a thing to do on a romantic trip to Warsaw. A leisurely boat journey to the charming town of Serock offers you a nice way of spending time just the two of you. As the boat goes along the river, beautiful landscapes and quaint villages unfold on either side before you.

Relax on deck, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy the calming rhythm of the water. Serock’s riverside and the cruise is a hidden gem, worth being discovered.

Zamek w Czersku: Castle in the Countryside

Drone photo of castle in Czersk village near Gora Kalwaria town in Mazowsze region of Poland
  • How far? A picturesque 40-kilometer drive.
  • Which way? Head south.

Nestled in the idyllic countryside, Zamek in Czersk stands as a testament to medieval architectural splendor. The castle invites you to explore its historic halls, picturesque courtyards, and surrounding greenery.

On the way to the castle, you will have the chance to admire the beautiful landscapes of the Vistula River Valley. Plan this city escape especially if you visit Warsaw during non-wintery months.

MajaLand – Family Fun

  • How far? Just 25 kilometers
  • Which way? Head east for a trip into the greenery.

For families seeking a fun day out, Maja Land is the perfect place to go outside Warsaw. This amusement park is a haven for thrill-seekers of all ages, it offers a diverse range of rides, attractions, and entertainment.

From adrenaline-pumping roller coasters to charming family rides, Maja Land ensures a day filled with laughter and excitement. Pack your sense of adventure and create lasting memories at this family-friendly destination.

Suntago Water World – Splash into Fun

  • How far? Approximately 50 kilometers outside Warsaw.
  • Which way? Head west.

Now this is the cherry on the cake, I left for the end, the most attractive attraction. It is the Suntago Water Park in Mszczonow. I can imagine how difficult this word is for you to pronouns, trust me, there are Polish that can’t say it right. 😉

Santago Water Park is a newly open, one of the biggest water park in Europe. It offers all kinds of water park fun and activities. Most of the complex is under the roof, but there are also open swimming pools.

Whether you are going there with your family and kinds, or as a group of friends, this place will meet all your expectations.

Best Places Outside Warsaw.

So, as you can see, there is plenty to do outside the city. Nature, open-air museums, riverside, fortress, and castles, and fun for all. Its up to you now, what to choose.

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