All You Need To Know Before Visiting Magiczne Ogrody Fun Park

Magical Gardens is one of the few Polish fun parks. It’s located in the central Poland. Although it’s not big (especially compared to those in Western Europe, such as Europa Park in Germany or Disneyland in Paris), it’s still worth visiting.

In this post, we are trying to give you as much useful info about visiting Magiczne Ogrody, as possible.

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How To Get To Magiczne Ogrody?

Magical Gardens Fun Park is located in central Poland:

  • 50 minutes drive from Lublin
  • 2.5h drive from Warsaw
  • 35 minutes drive from Kazimierz Dolny
  • 3h drive from Rzeszow
  • 3,5h drive from Krakow
  • 1h 10min from Radom
  • 1,5h from Sandomierz
  • 2h from Kielce

The easiest way to get there is by car. Magical Gardens are located quite far from the bus station. If you don’t have any other options, travel to Janowiec or Pulawy.

From there, you can catch the bus number 17 that is stopping about 1 km (0.6 mi) from the Magical Gardens.

Alternatively, take a taxi from Janowiec, Kazimierz Dolny, Pulawy, or Lublin.

Magical Gardens’ Attractions

Fairies’ Castle

It’s basically an outdoor playground for kids. They have many stairs to climb up and the slides to go back down.

There are some sunbeds and chairs around the castle, so parents can relax while watching children having fun.

In the high season, there are actual fairies around the castle who organize some fun games for kids.

Fairies’ Castle is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers (2-7 years old). Younger and older children can play in the castle as well, however, they will probably have less fun.


Rafting is perfect for kids and adults! When walking from the Fairies’ Castle further in the park, you can go around the lake or take a shortcut by using a raft.

Navigating is very easy, the rafts are stable, and the water is really shallow, so it’s a safe activity for people of all ages.

Zone of Bulwiaki (Garden Bulbers)

Bulwiaki are fun little garden gnomes who offers some interesting activities for kids.

They may take a short train ride and hear the story of Bulwiaki.

In the season, the animator offers some fun activities for children like telling the fairytales.

There is also a small bay (or rather a large water puddle), where kids can walk barefoot and splash water.

Going up further in the park, you will pass by a lovely Carrot Field.

Dwarfs’ Zone

Now it’s time for something for older kids. The further part of the park is perfect for pre-schoolers, schoolers, and teenagers.

Dwarfs’ Zone has various of activities such as archery classes, carousels, and climbing tracks. It’s also where you can visit Mordole’s Cave (the big furry guys you will see at the entrance).

Mroczysko (The Gloomery)

It’s the darkest place of the Magical Garden, home of the evil wizard Arag (the full story further in this text).

Due to the many scary creatures one can see there, only kids aged 6 years or more are allowed.

Beach and the Water World

Although you can’t swim in the small pond you can see on the photo above, kids can walk into it, play with sand, while adults may relax on the sunbeds in the shadow.

Dragon’s Nest

A place where kids can sit on the small dragons or swing in the small nests.

There is a huge leisure area nearby with restaurants, souvenir shops, and toilets.

Where To Eat and Drink In The Magical Gardens?

There are many restaurants, bar, and food stands all around the park.

You can get there anything you want like a proper meal, a snack, ice-cream, or a coffee.

Useful Info About The Magical Gardens

  1. The parking is free.
  2. Magical Gardens are wheelchair-friendly.
  3. There are various discounts available:
    • for kids and elderlies (for people aged less than 14 yo or more than 60 yo, 51 PLN for the ticket)
    • birthday discount for adults and kids (10 PLN for the ticket)
    • toddler discount (for kids up to 100cm/ 3.3ft high, 5 PLN for the ticket)
    • disabled discount (10 PLN for the ticket)
    • group ticket (the price depends on the number of people in the group)
    • tickets purchased online are a bit cheaper
  4. The Fun park is open daily from 10 AM till 7 PM.
  5. Magical Gardens are not pet-friendly, thus you can’t bring your dog to the park.
  6. There are a microwave, a bottle warmer, and baby changing stations available in the park for those traveling with infants.
  7. Here is a map of the park.

Magical Gardens’ Story

Once upon a time, 2 magicians were living on the Windy Mountain. Their names were Zoran and Arag. They were good friends but with time, they couldn’t get along together anymore.

Zoran was only interested in good magic, whereas Arag was fascinated with evil, dark magic. His main goal was to become the most powerful wizard in the world.

One day, when Zoran was celebrating his 100th birthday, he received an interesting gift from his gnome-friend. It was a book called: The Almanac of Nature Knowledge.

He quickly became fascinated by the book and started to use the spells and tricks he found there to create the unique garden. A place, where Nature could truly exist in its own rhythm and expand the way it wanted.

After some time, the magical creatures from around the world started to come to the Magical Garden to make it their home.

Zoran was really happy about the progress his Garden is making. What’s more, he found a love of his life- a beautiful fairy called Tuuli.

It turned out that Arag was in love with her as well. He hated Zoran because of his success with the Magical Garden and the news that Tuuli is now with him made him furious.

One day, he tricked Tuuli and imprisoned her with his evil spell. Zoran wanted to set her love free as soon as possible. It started the war of the two worlds: The Good and The Evil.

Zoran got the help from Tuuli’s four brothers and The King of Dwarves. Both him and Arag turned into dragons during the battle.

After a long fight, finally, The White Magic won and Tuuli was free again.

Easy to guess, Arag started to plan his revenge immediately. He attacked again, this time, with the willingness to kill. Luckily, Zoran and Tuuli’s brother used the Reverse Spells’ chain to bounce the powerful Death Spell.

As a result, Arag was trapped in a dragon’s body forever and the dark cave became his new home.

The area around the cave became dark and scary. They were named Mroczysko (The Gloomery).

Zoran was also deadly wounded. He couldn’t survive as a human being, so his soul made Magical Garden’s stones and waterfalls his new home.

Tuuli’s brothers are now protecting the garden, hoping that one day a Hero will come who will find a way to set Zoran’s soul free. Who knows, maybe you are this hero?

Tips For Visiting The Magical Gardens

Go there early in the morning if you want to avoid the queues.

Magical Gardens’s Entrance at 10 AM.
Magical Gardens’s Entrance at 1 PM.

The park is operating daily from 10 AM everyday. Be sure to be there right before opening, otherwise, you may need to wait in the queue to get inside.

Bring some clothes to change for your kids.

There are many water attractions inside the park, so your kids will probably get wet.

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