Polish Mother’s Day – How Is It Celebrated In Poland?

Polish Mother’s Day is, like nearly everywhere in the world, one of the most beautiful celebrations of the year. This is a special day when we express respect, understanding, love, and appreciation for the difficult role mothers have in raising children.

When Is Polish Mother’s Day Celebrated?

In most countries, people celebrate Mother’s Day in May, and it usually comes on Sunday, but this is not a rule in Poland. Poles celebrate Mother’s day always on the 26th of May, regardless if it is a weekday or weekend.

Unfortunately, unlike in many other countries, this special celebration is not a day free of work, and it is not always a weekend so that families could celebrate together. However, all Poles know very well this date, and always remember to cherish their beloved mums.

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How Does Celebrating Of Polish Mother’s Day look like?

Mother’s Day is a very important holiday for all children, especially the young ones in kindergarten and elementary school. This is the day when children present themselves as creators and artists. They sing songs, recite poems, and do a whole host of other intricate performances.

During this family holiday children prepare small gifts for their mothers. These are hand-made cards, pictures, and wishes, as well as flowers and a whole lot of other children’s treasures given to beloved mothers.

Small children make special cards for their mothers, called laurka. They create those special cards for their mums in school and after classes run straight home, so they could hand them along with all the love and hugs and kisses.

My daughter’s laurka saying “Kocham mamę” – “I love mommy”

Polish Mother’s Day Gifts

Not only children but also adults remember their mothers on this special day. Mothers of all ages receive gifts. Often fathers buy something extra to go along with the handy-crafted gifts that children make. Usually, it’s flowers: tulips, lilies of the valley, and lilacs; those are the flowers that blossom in May.

Books are often given as gifts, and sweets treat like chocolates, and cakes are added too.

No matter what you buy, remember that what most mothers truly want this day is to have their children close by and to cherish their love.

The Importance Of Mother’s Day.

Within Polish culture, children have always been very close to their mothers. In a traditional Polish family, the father went to work for long hours. The mother took care of the house and raised the children.

As a result of this division of roles, fathers tended to be less present in their children’s lives, both physically and emotionally. Although today many women are professionally active, and fathers are more engaged in family lives this family model is still very common. It is usually the mothers who take care of the children.

The bond between mother and child is almost inseparable. Although children leave their lives own over time, the close involvement of children in the lives of their aging parents is still very visible. That is why Polish Mother’s Day is such an important, full of emotions family holiday. Regardless of whether they are young mothers with small kids or those who have already raised their children.

How Old Is The Tradition Of Mother’s Day In Poland?

Mother’s Day officially appeared on the calendar at the beginning of the twentieth century and the first celebration took place in Krakow. It grew stronger after Poland gained independence and now it is deeply embedded in Polish tradition.

The celebration is always on May 26th and it is exactly one week before International Children’s Day (1st of June). So both mothers and children, have their special days very close to each other. Fathers are not left behind though, as Father’s Day is just a few weeks later, on the 23rd of June. So the whole family gets to celebrate, and show appreciation and love during this beautiful season.

Songs And Pomes for Polish Moter’s Day.

There are many beautiful poems, songs, and lyrics that treat about Mothers’ Love. Small children recite them during school academies held specially to celebrate Mother’s Day. Here are some most popular.

Children's poems for Polish Mother's Day
Children’s poems for Polish Mothers’s Day

The Most Important Person

Mother is the first person who loved you. She deserves to be remembered, loved, and appreciated.

Let’s remember that, not only on Mother’s Day, and tell our mothers – we love them back.

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