The Best Places To Visit In The Region Of Podkarpackie Poland

Have you ever heard of Subcarpathian Voivodeship in Poland? It’s probably one of the least visited regions in the country.

Located close to the border with Slovakia and Ukraine, it’s also one of the poorest areas of Poland. Truth to be told, it’s hard to find a land with so many awesome places to visit, including fairytale castles, interesting museums, and untouched nature.

If you think about Podkarpackie travel, don’t hesitate and start planning your journey! You won’t be disappointed. Traveling in Poland off the beaten path is a rewarding experience, as you will have a chance to connect with local people and see what this country is truly all about.

I was born and raised in Subcarpathian Voivodeship. Being a local patriot, I can’t recommend this region enough. It’s located so close to the most famous city in Poland, Krakow, that I truly believe everyone should take a day trip to Podkarpacie.

Here’s my list of the best places to visit in Podkarpackie Poland:

Castle in Lancut

The castle in Lancut is one of the most beautiful palaces I have ever seen. Surrounded by a wonderful park, it’s a great place for a stroll. The castle is open to the public, and its interiors are pretty impressive. Lancut palace complex includes not only the castle but also a carriage house and Orchid Garden.

Skansen in Sanok

This is the place where you can truly step back in time and see how Polish people have been living many years ago. While smelling the wood, you will wonder how it’s possible that they didn’t mind sleeping on hay. Skansen in Sanok is quite large, so you will spend at least one hour there.

Bieszczady Mountains

The beauty of Bieszczady had inspired many artists throughout the ages. These mountains are still pure and wild. Hike up to Poloniny and breathe in the fresh, unpolluted air. This is one of the few places in Poland where you can truly unwind, forget about everything, and just enjoy the moment.

The Old Town In Przemysl

Przemysl is like Krakow but located on the hills. It has a beautiful Old Town. Located close to the border with Ukraine, it’s a perfect place to visit for those who want to explore more of Eastern Europe. Day trip from Przemysl to Lviv is quite popular in this area.

 Lancut’s Distillery Museum

The distillery museum is located in Polmos Vodka Factory, right next to the train station in Lancut. It is not open to the public, you need to make an appointment at least a week in advance.

The group must include at least 10 people. Despite these difficulties, I believe it is worth going there. This is a very unique place, it’s the only museum like this in Poland and one of the few in the world.

In the store, you can buy local liquors, and above all- rosolises! Rosolio is not only specific to Sicilian cuisine. This alcohol, made of natural ingredients, is also produced in Lancut, Poland. 

Undergrounds in Rzeszow

If you wonder how Poland has changed over the years, be sure to visit the undergrounds in Rzeszow. You will learn about the history of Polish Jews and how dramatically the city changed after World War II.

The underground route is located in the center of the old town, so it will be easy to get there. Rzeszow is the capital of the Subcarpathian Province, so there are plenty of other awesome things to do there.

Some of them include strolling down the Wislok Boulevards, eating the famous ice cream at ‘U Myszki’, and seeing The Big P*ssy (yes, you read this right, that’s how the locals called the huge monument located in the center of the city).

See also—> things to do in Rzeszow.

Kalwaria Paclawska

The place of miracles for Catholics. Every year (in August) plenty of pilgrimages are visiting the famous church to pray.

Everyone will find something interesting at Kalwaria Paclawska. The people of faith can spend some time alone with God and others can simply enjoy the beauty of the Basilica.

Castle in Baranow Sandomierski

It is a bit less impressive than the Lancut Palace, but it is certainly beautiful. Castle in Baranow Sandomierski is located close to the lake and the golf course, so you’ll have a lot to do if you decide to go there.

Arboretum in Bolestraszyce

Beautiful park, with amazing trees, bushes, and flowers. A true gem for nature lovers. Great spot for walking, learning, and simply relaxing. You can spend the entire day at this Botanical Garden and you won’t get bored.

Krosno Glass Museum

One of the most unique places in the Subcarpathian Province. If you want to learn how to make glasses, plates, and vases, as well as learn about the history of glass, that’s your place to go. 

Doll Museum In Pilzno

The most famous doll museum in Poland. Easy to guess, it has a really impressive collection of dolls. Visit the museum to travel to a different, magical world where you can feel like a child again.

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  1. I had no idea that Podkarpackie Poland had so many incredible places to visit! Your list of recommendations is extensive and covers a wide range of interests, from historical castles to museums and natural wonders. The castle in Lancut sounds absolutely enchanting, and the Skansen in Sanok offers a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in Polish history. Bieszczady Mountains sound like a hidden gem, perfect for those seeking a peaceful and untouched natural environment. Przemysl’s Old Town sounds fascinating, and the proximity to the border with Ukraine adds an extra layer of cultural exploration.

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