What To See In Poland In 5 Days?

Welcome to Poland, a country with rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and vibrant culture. Join me on a 5-day journey through this enchanting destination, where we’ll discover the best of what Poland has to offer. From historic cities to picturesque countryside, prepare to be captivated by the beauty and charm of this Center European gem. Let’s find out what we can see in Poland in 5 days.

Poland In 5 Days – Day 1


We start our trip from the north, so Gdańsk by the Baltic Sea opens our list. This vibrant city will captivate you with its charms.

How To Get To Gdańsk?

  • By plane– there is an international airport in Gdańsk
  • By ferry—Scandinavian countries and the UK are connected with regular ferries, you can bring your car, or motorcycle that way.
  • By train – coming from other countries in Europe, you can bring your bicycle along with you

What To See In Gdańsk?

We start with exploring the colorful streets of Gdańsk’s Old Town, at Długi Targ (Long Market), the main pedestrian street. The street is lined up with beautifully restored merchant houses, as Gdańsk was a port merchant city for centuries. The iconic Neptune Fountain, in the heart of this street, is an icon of Gdańsk.

Next, we visit the historic Gdańsk Crane (Żuraw), one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks. There is a panoramic view of the waterfront, overlooking the opposite banks of the Motława, and a glimpse into Gdańsk’s maritime past. The area is filled with restaurants, art galleries, and souvenir places. A perfect place to get lost in.


Malbork castle, Teutonic Knights’ fortress also known as Marienburg, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Poland.

The town is about 20 minutes away from Gdańsk, and it is the home of the world’s biggest medieval castle complex.

Malbork Castle is an architectural marvel and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it was built in the 13th century. Impressive Gothic architecture, fortified walls, and picturesque surroundings will keep you in awe during the entire visit. Knight’s armor, amber exhibitions, and original artifacts, will make you travel back in time, and get the feeling of the medieval era and the legacy of the Teutonic Knights.

Sightseeing of the complex is strict with a guide or audio guide, and in small groups of about 10 people, multiple foreign languages are available. The admission fee starts at 40 zl, depending on the route. The visiting time is 1,5 to 3,5 hrs.


If you visit Poland in winter, I recommend visiting Malbork first, and then going to Gdańsk, as the last entry to the Castle during winter is at 2:30 PM.

Poland In 5 Days – Day 2

For the second day of our trip, we are heading to Warsaw, the capital of Poland. We are going to spend here a whole day, as the city offers so much to do here.


Royal Castle and The Old Town

The Royal Castle in Warsaw is at the end of the Royal Route, a charming long alley lined with coffee places, and restaurants. Discover the enchanting Royal Castle in Warsaw, a majestic testament to Poland’s regal past.

A must-visit for anyone seeking a glimpse into Poland’s cultural heritage. Royal Gardens, overlooking the Vistula River, will give you a moment to relax, contemplate, and escape from the city noise and rush.

Gardens of the University of Warsaw Library

Short walks along the Vistula River banks, you will find the Library Of the University of Warsaw. Claim up the roof of it, to admire the amazing garden.

Strolling through the pathways, you’ll encounter cozy benches and scenic viewpoints where you can soak in the beauty of nature and enjoy stunning views of the river and Warsaw’s skyline. It is really worth it getting up there, and it is free of charge for all.

POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews

The museum is located in the heart of the former Jewish Ghetto, adding historical significance to its location. Inside, you can embark on a journey through centuries of Jewish life in Poland.

The museum sensitively addresses the somber events of the Holocaust. You will have the chance there to understand Jewish traditions and history.

Wilanow Palace – “Polish Versailles”

Wilanów Palace is a magnificent Baroque palace located in the Wilanow district of Warsaw. It is one of the country’s most important cultural and historical landmarks, and it is the most visited museum in the country.

Illuminations and exhibitions make it very attractive not only for tourists but also locals. In fact, this is a beloved place for romantic dates.


If you want to experience the Warsaw life, and visit places that locals spend time in, go to the boulevards. Popular Steps by the Vistula River (schodki nad Wisłą) is where Poles from Warsaw go after work. This place is buzzing with life and music during the summer. There are also places designated for family activities and sports.

Poland In 5 Days – Day 3

There is a saying in Polish: być w Rzymie i papieża nie zobaczyć (to be in Rome, but not to visit the pope). The same is with Krakow. You simply cannot skip this city, while visiting Poland.


Of course, it takes more than just a day to visit Krakow, but it is enough time to see the most important landmarks. So let’s start with

Wawel Castle

Wawel Castle, commonly known as Wawel Royal Castle, is an iconic landmark in Kraków, Poland. Perched atop Wawel Hill is overlooking the Vistula River. The Castle Complex is one of the most visited places in Poland.

The Royal Apartments give a glimpse to the everyday life of Kings, and armory and treasure chambers show the glory of the past days. The Castle Complex include a gothic Cathedral, gardens, and thanks to its location, a nice view over the Vistula River.

Stare Miasto

Although Wawel Castle is located within the Old Town, I think it is worth giving a bit more attention to the Old Town alone. As the Old Town is also a state of the art and history, and you get to walk the street made over 500 hundred years ago, it has a different vibe.

Vibrant and diverse, full of life and colors, and yet, majestic and holding the secrets of the past. Of course, the centerpiece is Sukennnice, a Market Hall. Best place to shop for unique souvenirs and up the first floor is an art gallery, housing world-class art pieces.

Salt Mine

Salt Mine “Wieliczka”, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, attracts thousands of visitors from around the world who come to explore its fascinating underground world. The Wieliczka Salt Mine is one of the oldest operating salt mines globally, with a history spanning over 700 years.

Visitors to the salt mine is a mesmerizing journeys through a labyrinth of tunnels and chambers, all carved out of salt. The mine’s intricate salt sculptures, salt chandeliers, and even an underground chapel, known as the “St. Kinga’s Chapel,” will leave you in awe of the miners’ artistic and engineering skills.

Jewish Quarters – Kazimierz

Coming back to Krakow, after visiting Wieliczka, will be tiring and quite late in the evening, but I recommend finding some more energy to visit one more place. Kazimierz – Jewish quarters. There is only one more place like this in the world, and it is in Prague, Czech Republic, and although so close to the Old Town, this place is completely different.

Over the years, Kazimierz has undergone various transformations, and it has become a bustling and trendy district. The narrow streets are lined with a mix of traditional Jewish restaurants, modern cafés, art galleries, and boutique shops. The area has also become known for its vibrant nightlife, drawing both locals and tourists to its numerous bars and clubs. Kazimierz gained international fame as one of the settings for Steven Spielberg’s movie “Schindler’s List,”

Poland In 5 Days – Day 4

Since we are near Krakow already, and we will be heading further south to Zakopne eventually, I recommend having one day dedicated to the absolute fun. We are going to…

Energylandia-Amusement Park

Biggest in Poland, and one of the biggest in Europe, Energylandia offers the best attractions to all. Built of 7 zones: Fairy Tale Land, Family Zone,

Biggest in Poland, and one of the biggest in Europe, Energylanida offers the best attractions to all. Built of 7 zones: Fairy Tale Land, Family Zone, Extreme Zone, Water Park, Aqualantis, Adventure Zone, Space Odyssey Zone. Each section offers different types of attractions and rides, including roller coasters, water rides, family-friendly rides, and live shows, making it a popular destination for families and thrill-seekers alike.

In Energylandia you can easily spend the whole day. Tickets are available online and a day pass costs about 50 euros. There will also be a nice place to eat, and if you feel like it, you can stay over the night. I Booking.com has a good selection of accommodation in the area.

Auschwitz – Death Camps

If you are not keen to go to an amusement park, I have an alternative for you. However, have in mind, this place will get under your skin, no other. I am taking you to Auschwitz.

About 60 km away from Krakow (well communicated with trains), so you will need to reserve at least 3 hours of time to travel there and back to Krakow. Visiting Auschwitz is a profound and somber experience, but in my opinion, it is important to know what happened and to remember not to allow it to happen again.

Upon arrival, the haunting atmosphere is palpable to those who walk through the iconic gate with the chilling inscription “Arbeit Macht Frei” (Work Sets You Free). With a guided tour you will go through the camp’s barracks, watchtowers, and crematoriums, revealing the harsh conditions endured by the prisoners.


If you are traveling with children or teenagers, save the visit to Auschwitz to another time, or arrange it in a way that children are not part of it. The experience might be too heavy for them to berry.

Poland In 5 Days – Day 5

Poland is a big country, and it is impossible to visit it all in just 5 days. So we are focusing on the most famous destinations. After Kraków and the nearby sightseeing, it is time to see the mountains. Let’s go to


Visiting Zakopane is like stepping into a winter wonderland or a nature lover’s paradise, depending on the season. This place is nestled in the picturesque Tatra Mountains, and it offers a perfect blend of stunning landscapes, traditional wooden architecture, and vibrant local culture.

In the winter, Zakopane transforms into a snowy paradise, attracting winter sports lovers to its well-equipped slopes and ski resorts. During the warmer months, Zakopane reveals the lush of greenery and breathtaking hiking trails.

But Zakopane is also a vibrant cultural hub. The town’s unique architecture, with the highlanders’ traditions, creates a unique atmosphere. Exploring the lively Krupówki Street (during the day or at night) filled with restaurants, shops, and stalls selling local crafts and delicacies.

Tatrzański National Park

One of the most beautiful parks in the country. You’ve got to visit Tatrzański National Park. It’s an absolute gem for nature lovers.

Picture yourself hiking through lush valleys, and the views from Rysy, the highest summit, are just mind-blowing! Plus, the park offers a rich cultural experience with traditional mountain villages and mouthwatering local cuisine.

Morskie Oko

Let me tell you about Morskie Oko! It’s a jaw-dropping glacial lake located within Tatrzański National Park. The hike to get there is a bit challenging, but once you arrive, the view is totally worth it. The crystal-clear waters surrounded by towering mountain peaks create a picture-perfect scene.

It’s like stepping into a postcard! You can even rent a rowboat to glide across the serene lake and feel truly immersed in nature’s beauty. Morskie Oko is an absolute must-see when you visit the park. Trust me, you’ll be blown away!

Thermal Baths – Bukovina

After long days of strolling the streets of Zakopane and hiking in Tatrzański Park, time to immerse yourself in a hot tub. Best tub in town, of course! Visit Bukovina Thermal Bath and Spa.

The Spa offers indoor and outdoor pools, slides, Finnish saunas, and a steam sauna. This Spa complex offers also a hotel and restaurant, for you to take care of all your senses. This is one of the best places to relax after a challenging day.

All That, And So Much More – Trip To Poland

Over 700 km from Gdansk to Zakopane, traveling through Poland in 5 days. 5 different cities and towns, two royal castles and one palace, and an art gallery with world-class paintings.

Quarters that are not to be found in many other cities. An extreme fun day amusement park, or a time to think about humanity and the evil that once was among us in death camps. Nature seen from close, folklore culture and cuisine of highlanders explored.

Body pumping in high-end SPA. All that is waiting for you to experience in Poland. All that, and a lot more, as there are more options to build a 5-day trip in Poland. Check other articles to gather more information about interesting places to visit, or contact us directly to arrange a tailor-made trip.

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