Are There Any Thermal Baths In Kraków? The Full List

Those who travel to Poland, are usually prepared for a load of sightseeing, and plenty of time spent on foot. However, there always could be some time dedicated to relax and pumper up. So, we’re diving into the rejuvenating world of thermal baths in Krakow.

And if you’re a traveler who loves to unwind and pamper yourself while on vacation, you’re in for a treat! Krakow offers a range of thermal baths that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized. So, let’s dip into the list of must-visit hotspots for relaxation.

Termy Krakowskie Błonia

Thermal Błonia is a new object located on the third floor of the city stadium, offering apart from the SPA facilities, an amazing view of the city.

A dry sauna, steam sauna, salt caves, jacuzzi, massage room a cooling-off room, and relaxing area, at 700 square meters are available to you. There is a special theme planned for each day. Thursdays for instance are dedicated to movies, and the last Friday of the month is the ladies’ day.

Middle-aged woman enjoying thermal bath in thalassotherapy center

Termy Krakowskie Sodowa

This is another SPA center, by Termy Krakowskie. Located near the Krakow swimming place Zakrzowek, and a park, offers relaxation within the center, and a nice walk in the greenery.

What will you find in this SPA? 5-senses sauna, Finn sauna, Turkish sauna, bio sauna, salt room, sauna, infrared, steam bath, cooling zone, relaxing zone, and a bar with VIP room.

Park Wodny Thermal Spa In Krakow

This water park offers attractions to all, kids and adults, but let’s focus on the area dedicated to relax and wellness.

The special area called saunarium is dedicated to the relaxing section. It is a 400m2 center, that offers a wide range of saunas, Jacuzzi, and water massages. A relaxation area with a salt inhalation facility is created to cool down and relax after the session in the steam bath.

  • Address: Kraków, 126 Dobrego Pasterza
  • Website : Park Wodny

Sauna Borowina – Thermal Baths in Krakow

Away from the hustle and noise of the city, in the prestigious apartment, you will find this state-of-the-art SPA Center.

This place offers the hottest steam bath in Krakow, called Dragon’s Den. With temperatures reaching 100 degrees Celsius (212 Fahrenheit). In Rhasoul mud bath, you will experience the magic.

This extraordinary place offers aromatherapy – with inhalation of pure alpine salt solution, free from pollutants and chemicals. You can breathe in the essential elements, relax, and revitalize there. It’s a unique haven, also serving as a Hot Table for various treatments.

In this SPA center, you will also find a restaurant, relaxation area, jacuzzi, and cooling rooms.

  • Address: Kraków, 2 Borowina str
  • Website : Borowina

Beernarium – Beer Spa

I’ve got something special for all beer lovers. There is this amazing place in Krakow where you can join your love for beer and for SPA. The natural beer and oil used to prepare the bath will perfectly moisturize and nourish your skin. During the treatment, you can taste delicious craft beer brewed with traditional methods. This could be a great attraction to add during a hen night or bachelor party, and maybe even later come back here for a honeymoon.

Although this place is rather a SPA with extra attractions, it is definitely worth adding it to our list of thermal baths in Krakow.

Best Thermal Baths-Near Krakow

Although Krakow offers great thermal baths, I must mention thermal baths that are waiting for you in the Tatra Mountains, Zakopane, and the neighborhood, are the absolute paradise when it comes to relaxation and wellness. In the article: thermal baths in Zakopane, you will find a list of thermal baths in the area.

Bukovina Thermal Baths are the biggest in Poland.

The spa offers twelve pools (indoor and outdoor), slides, Finnish saunas, a steam sauna, and a salt cave. With its healing and rehabilitative features, it provides a center equipped with doctor’s offices and a wide range of activities, including aqua aerobics.

The Best Thermal Bath in Krakow, And in Poland

Although Kraków and the surrounding area offer many Thermal Baths, they are not the only ones to find in Poland. If you are visiting northern parts of the country, Masurian for example, Termy Warminskie, will be the nearest to you. Warsaw – Santago Park, an amazing water park is the best option.

For more thermal Baths in other locations, read the Ultimate List Of Thermal Baths In Poland And The Best Polish Spa Resorts.

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