How Do You Celebrate Name Day in Poland?

You know that feeling when your birthday is approaching, and you can’t wait for the gifts, dinners, flowers, and parties? Well, in Poland you get to celebrate your Name Day this way too. Nice, isn’t it? But the celebration of a name day in Poland goes far beyond wishes from the close ones. Read on to find out, how we celebrate name days in Poland.

Name Day in Poland – A Bit Of A Tradition

Since the Middle Ages, Christians practiced the method of associating each day with the name of one or more saints, a male, and a female. The names were written in the calendar over time, and families would often name their babies after a saint whose name day was closest to the baby’s birthday.

Today, in Poland, some names may occur on multiple dates in the calendar. If your name happens to have multiple dates, your name day would be celebrated on the first one that falls after your birthday.

Name Day In Poland – With Friends And Family

Ok, fair enough, name day is not the same as a birthday. You don’t get to blow the candles. However, you will have a cake. Smaller, maybe a cheesecake, or a brownie, or at least some nice cookies, but there must be some kind of treat or dessert to celebrate the day.

A small gathering is usually held at home, to celebrate the name day of the family member. A small dinner or a coffee served with dessert are typical. This tradition of celebrating name day is carried on everywhere in Poland.

Name Day in Poland – Gifts

Women typically receive chocolates, perfumes, or a bottle of wine. A bouquet of flowers is often given as a gist itself, or together with other gifts.

Men are usually given a bottle of alcohol, a small souvenir, and sometimes sweets.

Children usually receive toys, and the older ones – the easy gifts – cash.

Name Day in Poland -Wishes

The most common wish for a name day is simply: Happy Name Day.

How does it sound in Polish?

“Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji imienin” which translates as all the best on the occasion of your name day.

Name Day In Poland – At Work

What’s a better occasion to gather in the dining area and have some chat, and sweets, than a colleague’s name day? There is always someone in the office that keeps tabs on the calendar and has the team aware, of whose name day is next.

Because, opposite, to the family celebration, in the work environment, it is the one who celebrates, brings in the cake.

Name-day gifts at work are not so common, usually, the individuals give something to the person celebrating, but they are often friends, not just colleagues.

Name Day In Poland – At School

Some teachers do take into consideration the fact, that the student or a pupil celebrates name day, and might not give a bad note if the answers were wrong.

It works the other way too, students know when teachers celebrate their name days, and by giving wishes, and sometimes small, symbolic gifts, might win teachers’ hearts, even for the day.

Name Day In Poland – TV and Radio

Every day, all stations remind me whose name day it is. Radio Station holds competitions for those celebrating, or making funny calls, arranged by the close once.

TV stations used to hold special shows with wishes and songs on request, that was a form of a very special gift. Today, there are no shows like that anymore, but the meaning of them is still alive within the society.

U Cioci Na Imieninach – At Auntie’s Name Day

There is a very popular song, made by a legendary band – T Love, called “U cioci na imieniach” (At Auntie’s name day). The singer, in a funny way, puts the truth about house partying, of the not-so-young-anymore generation. The song is nearly 20 years old, but still played, even by the young generation.

Most Popular Name Days In Poland

Some name days are more popular than others. Here is the list of the most popular ones, many people know these dates by heart. Some are associated with special holidays or social events, and some have dedicated proverbs.

Krystyna — March, 13th

This name is not very popular anymore, but among the older generation, it is still well-celebrated.

Józef – March, 18th

This one usually falls during a Big Lent before Easter, since this name was very popular over the centuries, people came up with something called half-Lent, especially for this one day, so they could celebrate and party.

Proverb Related to Józef Name Day

Gdy na Święty Józef bociek przybędzie, to już śniegu nie będzie.

When the stork arrives at Saint Joseph’s Day, there will be no more snow.

Na Świętego Józefa pięknie, zima prędko pęknie.

If Saint Joseph’s Day is beautiful, winter will soon break.

Zofia- May, 15th

Cold Sophia pol. Zimna Zośka, comes after the Three Cold Gardeners: Pankracy, Serwacy, Bonifacy. There is a dip in the temperature in the middle of May, often below freezing, and it is accustomed to those four consecutive name days.

Proverb Related to Zofia Name Day

Gdy w Zofię zboże do pasa, na zimę chleb i okrasa”

When there’s waist-high wheat on Zofia’s Day, there will be enough bread and lard for the winter.

Jan – June, 24th

Noc Kupały, Noc Swiętojańska. There is a fascinating tradition associated with this date and name day in Poland, that goes back to Proto-Slavic times.

On St. John’s Eve, the greatest power is attributed to two elements: water and fire. Kupala Night and the customs associated with it could be the precursor of the modern day of lovers, as it is when the couples were matching. The girls would throw their wreaths into the river. The boy catches the wreaths and take the girl as his wife.

Proverb Related to Jan Name Day

Jak się święty Jan obwieści, takich będzie dni trzydzieści.

When Saint John is announced, the next thirty days will be like this.

Piotra i Pawla -June, 29th

A very popular name day, the date dedicated to two Apostles.

Proverb Related to Piotr and Pawel Name Day

“Jeśli Piotr i Paweł płaczą – grzybami nas raczą.”

If Peter and Paul cry (=it will be raining), they treat us with mushrooms.

Anna — July, 26th

This is deferentially one of the most popular name days in Poland.

Proverb Related to Anna Name Day

Od świętej Anki zimne wieczory i ranki.

From Saint Anna day cold evenings and mornings.

Katarzyna — November, 25th

Katarzynki – a Polish custom celebrated by bachelors on the eve of St. Cathrine’s name day. The custom was to read young men’s matrimonial fortune-telling about getting married and looking for a partner, these fortune-telling were mainly related to dreams.

Proverb Related to Katarzyna Name Day

Kiedy w świętą Katarzynę lód nie stanie, to szykuj sanie.”

When the ice doesn’t appear on St. Catherine’s, get ready for the sleigh.

Andrzej — November, 30th

Andrzejki is the last time to have fun before Advent, so the last parties are organized during this time. On the eve of St. Andrew, the young females pour wax through the keyhole to predict what their future husbands will look like.

Proverb Related to Andrzej Name Day

Gdy w Andrzeja deszcz lub słota, w grudniu drogi bez błota.

When it rains on Andrzej Day, in December, the roads are muddy.

Barbara — December, 4th

Barbórka – a traditional mining holiday, celebrated in Poland on December 4th, St. Barbara, patron of good death and hard work.

South Poland, where most of the mines are located, celebrates it the most, but the day is also recognized and celebrated in kindergartens everywhere in the country. Children make miners official black hats with furthers.

Proverb Related to Andrzej Name Day

Kiedy na św. Barbarę błoto, będzie zima jak złoto.

When there is mud on St. Barbara’s Day, the winter will be great.

Mikołaj — December, 6th

On the night of December 5th to 6th, gifts are placed under the pillow, in a shoe, or in a sock. In many schools, it is customary to exchange small gifts with an earlier drawing of “your Santa Claus”,

Proverb Related to Mikołaj Name Day

Gdy śnieg pada, mówią, że święty Mikołaj brodą trzęsie.

When it snows, they say Santa shakes his beard.

Adama i Ewy — December, 24th

The special part of this celebration is that it falls on the Christmas Eve, the most beautiful day of the year.

Proverb Related to Adam and Ewa Name Day

“Adam i Ewa pokazują, jaki styczeń i luty po nich następują.”

Adam and Eve show what January and February follow.

Sylwester — December, 31st

Sylwester’s name day is celebrated on the last day of the year, and that is how this day is actually called in Poland. So to sum up, all Sylwesters get to have the best party on their name day – Sylwester.

Proverb Related to Adam and Ewa Name Day

“Czy rok był suchy, czy było błoto, nigdy w Sylwestra nie będzie padało złoto.”

Whether the year was dry or muddy, it will never rain gold on New Year’s Eve.

As you can see now, there is a lot going on when it comes to name days in Poland. So if you have Polish friends, search the calendar below, and see, maybe there is someone you could send best wishes to today.

Polish Name Day Calendar


01-JAN Mieczysław, Mieczysław, Mieszko

02-JAN Izydor, Grzegorz, Makary, Abel, Bazyli

03-JAN Arleta, Danuta, Genowefa, Daniel, Dana

04-JAN Aniela, Eugeniusz, Benedykta, Dobromir

05-JAN Edward, Szymon, Hanna, Diana, Emiliana

06-JAN Kacper, Melchior, Baltazar, Andrzej, Jędrzej

07-JAN Julian, Lucjan, Kryspin, Rajmund, Rajnold, Walenty

08-JAN Seweryn, Teofil, Artur, Erhard, Baldwin, Mścisław

09-JAN Weronika, Adrian, Adrianna, Alicja, Antoni

10-JAN Jan, Wilhelm, Gabriela, Dobrosław, Kolumb, Agaton

11-JAN Matylda, Honorata, Feliks, Gracja, Hilary, Hortensja

12-JAN Arkadiusz, Arkady, Benedykt, Benita, Bernard

13-JAN Bogumiła, Bogusława, Godfryd, Remigiusz, Melania

14-JAN Feliks, Amadeusz, Nina, Oda, Krzesimir, Martyna

15-JAN Dąbrówka, Dobrawa, Arnold, Dora, Maur, Makary

16-JAN Marcel, Waleriusz, Włodzimierz, Bernard

17-JAN Alba, Antoni, Rościsław, Henryka, Marian

18-JAN Bogumił, Ewelina, Krystyna, Małgorzata

19-JAN Henryk, Mariusz, Sara, Emma, Erwin, Andrzej, Marta

20-JAN Fabian, Sebastian, Fabiola, Dobiechna

21-JAN Agnieszka, Jarosław, Inez, August, Awit, Józefa

22-JAN Anastazy, Anastazja, Wincenty, Dominik, Dominika

23-JAN Rajmund, Klemens, Ildefons, Axel, Fernanda

24-JAN Ksenia, Milena, Rafał, Felicja, Tymoteusz, Dawid

25-JAN Paweł, Miłosz, Apollo, Tatiana, Irena, Dolores, Henryk

26-JAN Paulina, Leon, Paula, Wanda, Tymoteusz, Tytus

27-JAN Agnieszka, Angela, Ilona, Agnelika, Rozalia

28-JAN Walery, Augustyn, Karol, Olimpia, Amanda

29-JAN Zdzisław, Franciszek, Walerian, Bolesław, Michał

30-JAN Maciej, Martyna, Adelajda, Marcin, Hiacynta

31-JAN Cyrus, Marcelina, Ksawery, Euzebiusz, Ludwika


01-APR Grażyna, Hugo, Hugon, Jakubina, Budzisław

02-APR Franciszek, Władysław, Malwina, Maria

03-APR Antoni, Dariusz, Irena, Jakub, Renata, Ryszard

04-APR Ambroży, Benedykt, Izydor, Izydora, Platon, Wacław

05-APR Irena, Julian, Juliana, Julianna, Kleofas, Tristan

06-APR Ada, Ireneusz, Izolda, Katarzyna, Wilhelm

07-APR Donat, Herman, Hermina, Jan, Koryna, Kwiryna

08-APR Amadeusz, August, Cezary, Dionizy, January

09-APR Dobrosława, Dymitr, Maja, Marcel, Maria, Wadim

10-APR Antoni, Apoloniusz, Daniel, Henryk, Makary

11-APR Adolf, Filip, Gemma, Herman, Izolda, Jaromir

12-APR Andrzej, Barabasz, Damian, Juliusz, Owidiusz

13-APR Hermina, Ida, Iga, Jan, Justyn, Justyna

14-APR Berenika, Bernard, Jadwiga, Justyna, Krzysztof

15-APR Abel, Adolfina, Olimpia, Anastazja, Leonid, Odetta

16-APR Benedykt, Bernadeta, Bernard, Cecylian, Cecyliusz

17-APR Anicet, Innocenty, Izydora, Jakub, Józef, Klara

18-APR Aleksander, Alicja, Apoloniusz, Barbara, Bogumiła

19-APR Adolf, Alf, Cieszyrad, Jerzy, Konrad, Konrada, Leon

20-APR Agnieszka, Amalia, Berenika, Czesław, Lubosław

21-APR Anzelm, Apollina, Apollo, Apoloniusz, Bartosz

22-APR Agapit, Agapita, Bona, Gaja, Gajusz, Heliodor, Kaja

23-APR Gabriela, Gerard, Gerarda, Helena, Idzi, Ilona

24-APR Aleksa, Aleksander, Aleksja, Aleksy, Bona, Erwin

25-APR Elwira, Jaromił, Jarosław, Jarosz, Marek

26-APR Artemon, Klaudiusz, Marcelin, Marcelina, Marzena

27-APR Anastazy, Andrzej, Zyta, Felicja, Kanizjusz, Marcin

28-APR Afrodyzja, Andrea, Bogna, Ludwik, Marek

29-APR Angelina, Augustyn, Bogusław, Hugo, Katarzyna

30-APR Andrea, Balladyna, Bartłomiej, Chwalisława


01-JUL Aaron, Halina, Gaweł, Marianna, Ekhard, Estera

02-JUL Bernardyn, Bożydar, Jagoda, Juda, Urban, Karina

03-JUL Anatol, Hiacynt, Jacek, Leon, Leona, Milan

04-JUL Teodor, Alfred, Aurelia, Berta, Elżbieta, Innocenty

05-JUL Antoni, Bartłomiej, Filomena, Jakub, Karolina, Lotta

06-JUL Łucja, Dominik, Dominika, Gotard, Ignacja

07-JUL Metody, Apoloniusz, Benedykt, Ernesta, Estera

08-JUL Adolf, Prokop, Adrian, Adrianna, Arnold, Edgar

09-JUL Zenon, Weronika, Anatola, Barbara, Floriana

10-JUL Aleksander, Alma, Amelia, Aniela, Engelbert, Filip

11-JUL Benedykt, Cyprian, Filomena, Kalina, Olga, Pelagia

12-JUL Andrzej, Bruno, Brunon, Epifania, Euzebiusz, Feliks

13-JUL Andrzej, Benedykt, Daniela, Ernest, Henryk, Irwin

14-JUL Angelina, Damian, Franciszek, Izabela, Marcelina

15-JUL Anna, Bonawentura, Brunon, Daniel, Dawid, Egon

16-JUL Andrzej, Benedykt, Benita, Carmen, Donald

17-JUL Aleksy, Andrzej, Aneta, Berta, Bogdan, Czesław

18-JUL Arnold, Emilian, Kamil, Fryderyk, Helena, Szymona

19-JUL Alfred, Alfreda, Piotr, Ambroży, Marcin, Wincenty

20-JUL Czesław, Eliasz, Leon, Fryderyk, Fryderyka, Hieronim

21-JUL Andrzej, Benedykt, Daniel, Daniela, Ignacy, Ilona

22-JUL Albin, Bolesława, Magdalena, Maria, Milena

23-JUL Anna, Apolinary, Beatrycze, Bogna, Brygida

24-JUL Antoni, Baldwin, Borys, Kinga, Krystyna, Krzesimir

25-JUL Alfons, Dariusz, Jakub, Krzysztof, Krzysztopor

26-JUL Aneta, Anita, Anna, Chrystian, Grażyna, Hanna

27-JUL Agnieszka,, Aureliusz, Dionizy, Jerzy, Natalia, Julia

28-JUL Achacy, Ada, Aida, Alfonsa, Augustyn, Innocenty

29-JUL Alan, Faustyn, Flora, Konstanty, Olaf, Martyna

30-JUL Donata, Julia, Julita, Leopold, Ludmiła, Maryna

31-JUL Adam, Emilian, Helena, Ernestyna, German, Ignacy


01-OCT Benigna, Danuta, Dziwisław, Heloiza, Igor, Jan

02-OCT Aleksandra, Dionizy, Jan, Teofil, Rachela, Sława

03-OCT Augustyna, Bogumił, Cyprian, Teresa, Eustachy

04-OCT Edwin, Franciszek, Konrad, Marek, Rozalia

05-OCT Apolinary, Faust, Fausta, Flawia, Flawiana, Galla

06-OCT Artur, Baldwin, Bronisław, Bronisz, Bruno

07-OCT August, Justyna, Krystyna, Marek, Maria, Mirella

08-OCT Bogdan, Brygida, Ewodia, Ginter, Gratus

09-OCT Aaron, Adriana, Arnold, Bogdan, Dioniza

10-OCT Alderyk, Daniel, Eulampia, Franciszek, Kalistrat

11-OCT Aldona, Aleksander, Bruno, Brunon, Dobromira, Emil

12-OCT Edwin, Eustachy, Maksymilian, Krysta, Maks

13-OCT Daniel, Edward, Edwarda, Florencjusz, Florenty,

14-OCT Alan, Alana, Bernard, Damian, Dominik, Fortunata

15-OCT Aurelia, Brunon, Tekla, Teresa, Jadwiga, Leonard

16-OCT Ambroży, Anastazy, Aurelia, Dziwisz, Emil, Florentyn

17-OCT Andrzej, Augustyna, Gabriela, Heron, Ignacy, Wiktor

18-OCT Asklepiades, Hanna, Julian, Klementyna, Łukasz

19-OCT Ferdynand, Jerzy, Ziemowit, Kleopatra, Michalina

20-OCT Adelina, Alina, Apollo, Artemiusz, Aurora, Irena

21-OCT Ambroży, Bernard, Celina, Elżbieta, Hilary, Urszula

22-OCT Alodia, Alodiusz, Filip, Halka, Halszka, Inga, Józefina

23-OCT Edward, Teodor, Iga, Seweryn, Gracjan, Gracjana

24-OCT Alojzy, Aneta, Antoni, Astra, Filip, Rafał, Marcin

25-OCT Bonifacy, Cyryn, Cyryna, Daria, Inga, Kryspin

26-OCT Amanda, Barnim, Damian, Leonarda, Lucjan

27-OCT Antonia, Florencjusz, Iwona, Manfreda, Sabina

28-OCT Juda, Judyta, Noemia, Szymon, Tadeusz, Widorad

29-OCT Dalia, Franciszek, Ida, Jacek, Longin, Lubgost, Narcyz

30-OCT Angela, Edmund, Przemysław, Zenobia

31-OCT Alfons, Antoni, August, Augusta, Augustyna, Krzysztof


01-FEB Brygida, Ignacy, Emil, Iga, Dobrochna, Winand

02-FEB Maria, Joanna, Jagoda, Korneliusz, Katarzyna

03-FEB Błażej, Hipolit, Ignacy, Joanna, Oskar, Telimena

04-FEB Anda, Andrzej, Gilbert, Izydor, Józef, Mariusz

05-FEB Adelajda, Agata, Albin, Jakub, Paweł, Piotr, Modest

06-FEB Tytus, Amanda, Angela, Dorota, Leon, Leona

07-FEB Koleta, Parteniusz, Romuald, Rozalia, Ryszard

08-FEB Ampeliusz, Elfryda, Gabriela, Hieronim, Irmina

09-FEB Apolonia, Bernard, Cyryl, Eryk, Eryka, Marian

10-FEB Eliza, Elwira, Jacek, Jacenty, Scholastyka

11-FEB Adolf, Bernadetta, Lucjan, Lucjusz, Łazarz

12-FEB Aleksy, Alojzy, Ewa, Benedykt, Czesław, Damian

13-FEB Gilbert, Grzegorz, Jordan, Jordana, Julian, Kastor

14-FEB Walenty, Metody, Adolf, Adolfina, Cyryl, Cyryla

15-FEB Arnold, Faustyn, Faustyna, Georgina, Jowita

16-FEB Dan, Daniel, Daniela, Danuta, Eliasz, Irena, Julian

17-FEB Aleksy, Donat, Gizela, Julian, Łukasz, Sylwin

18-FEB Abertyna, Gertruda, Klaudiusz, Konstancja, Krystian

19-FEB Arnold, Arnolda, Balladyna, Betina, Konrad

20-FEB Aneta, Eustachy, Lech, Leon, Leona, Lubomir

21-FEB Eleonora, Feliks, Fortunat, Irena, Kiejstut, Lenka

22-FEB Makary, Małgorzata, Marold, Marta, Marwald, Nikifor

23-FEB Damian, Florentyn, Izabela, Laurencjusz, Marta

24-FEB Bogurad, Bogurada, Bogusz, Boguta, Jaśmina, Jan

25-FEB Wiktor, Cezary, Bogusz, Boguta, Jaśmina, Jan

26-FEB Adam, Alma, Antonina, Aleksander, Mirosław, Gerland

27-FEB Anastazja, Anna, Baldomer, Bazyli, Gabriel

28-FEB August, Makary, Teofil, Gaja, Gajusz, Kaja, Lubomir


01-MAY Aniela, Berta, Briok, Filip, Gracjana, Jakub, Józef

02-MAY Anastazy, Anatol, Borys, Celestyna, Gwalbert

03-MAY Aleksander, Alodia, Antonina, Leonia, świętochna

04-MAY Amalia, Florian, Floriana, Grzegorz, January

05-MAY Waldemar, Ernesta, Irena, Penelopa, Pius, Sabrina

06-MAY Benedykta, Benina, Dominika, Edbert, Judyta, Filip

07-MAY August, Benedykt, Ludmiła, Flawia, Florian, Gizela

08-MAY Amat, Dezyderia, Heladiusz, Ida, Kornel, Liza

09-MAY Beat, Hiob, Karol, Karolina, Katarzyna, Mikołaj

10-MAY Antoni, Antonin, Beatrycze, Blanda, Blandyna,

11-MAY Benedykt, Filip, Franciszek, Iga, Ignacy, Jakub

12-MAY Achiles, Pankracy, Domicjan, Domicjana, Dominik

13-MAY Aaron, Agnieszka, Ananiasz, Andrzej, Aron

14-MAY Bonifacy, Dobiesław, Esmeralda, Izydor, Jeremiasz

15-MAY Atanazy, Beata, Berta, Cecyliusz, Dionizy

16-MAY Adam, Aleksander, Andrzej, Honorat, Jan, Jędrzej

17-MAY Bruno, Brunon, Herakliusz, Sławomir, Wera

18-MAY Aleksandra, Alicja, Edwin, Eryk, Feliks, Jan, Klaudia

19-MAY Bernarda, Celestyn, Iwo, Iwona, Kryspin, Mikołaj

20-MAY Anastazy, Bazyli, Bernard, Bernardyn, Iwo

21-MAY Jan, Kryspin, Wiktor, Tymoteusz, Krzysztof, Monika

22-MAY Emil, Helena, Jan, Julia, Maron, Rita, Roma

23-MAY Budziwoj, Emilia, Iwona, Jan, Leoncjusz

24-MAY Zuzanna, Dawid, Jan, Joanna, Maria, Milena, Natan

25-MAY Urban, Borys, Grzegorz, Leon, Leona, Magda

26-MAY Filip, Paulina, Alwin, Alwina, Angelika, Emil, Ewelina

27-MAY Amanda, Fryderyk, Jan, Juliusz, Lucjan, Magdalena

28-MAY Augustyn, Elwira, Emil, Emilia, Jaromir, Ignacy, Inga

29-MAY Benita, Magdalena, Maksym, Maksymilian

30-MAY Bazyli, Feliks, Feliksa, Ferdynand, Gryzelda, Jan

31-MAY Angelika, Aniela, Ewelina, Feliks, Kamila


01-AUG Alfons, Arkadiusz, Brodzisław, Jarosław, Justyna

02-AUG Alfons, Alfreda,, Euzebiusz, Gustaw, Karina

03-AUG August, Augusta, Augustyn, Kamelia, Lidia

04-AUG Alfred, Alfreda, Andrzej, Dominik, Dominika

05-AUG Abel, Stanisława, Daniel, Emil, Karolina, Maria

06-AUG Betina, Jakub, January, Nasław, Sława

07-AUG Albert, Donat, Donata, Doris, Dorota, Doryda, Kajetan

08-AUG Cyprian, Cyryl, Dominik, Emilian, Iza, Jan

09-AUG Dominika, Edyta, Irena, Jan, Julian, Klara, Roman

10-AUG Amadeusz, Blanka, Bogdan, Borys, Wawrzyniec

11-AUG Aleksander, Filomena, Herman, Klara, Luiza, Zuzanna

12-AUG Debora, Digna, Eunomia, Euzebia, Klara, Hilary

13-AUG Adriana, Belinda, Diana, Elwira, Helena, Hipolit

14-AUG Alfred, Euzebiusz, Irena, Kalikst, Machabeusz

15-AUG Armida, Arnolf, Arnulf, Maria, Napoleon, Stefan, Stella

16-AUG Ambroży, Domarad, Emil, Joachim, Joachima, Roch

17-AUG Anastazja, Angelika, Anita, Eliza, Jacek, Joanna

18-AUG Bogusław, Bogusława, Bronisław, Bronisława, Helena

19-AUG Emilia, Jan, Julian, Juliusz, Konstancja, Ludwik

20-AUG Bernard, Eustachy, Jan, Sabin, Sabina, Samuel

21-AUG Adolf, Baldwin, Bernard, Emilian, Fidelis, Filipina

22-AUG Cezary, Fabrycy, Hipolit, Maria, Tymoteusz

23-AUG Apolinary, Brenda, Filip, Ireneusz, Klaudiusz

24-AUG Anita, Bartłomiej, Bartosz, Emilia, Halina, Jerzy

25-AUG Bella, Elwira, Ludwik, Grzegorz, Józef, Luiza

26-AUG Ireneusz, Joanna, Justyna, Konstanty, Maria

27-AUG, Angela, Cezary, Dominik, Gordon, Józef

28-AUG Adelina, Aleksander, Aleksy, Alfons, Augustyn

29-AUG Beata, Beatrycze, Bronisława, Flora, Jan

30-AUG Adaukt, Benon, Feliks, Jowita, Michał, Miron, Róża

31-AUG Albertyna, Amat, Bogdan, Bohdan, Cyrus, Izabela


01-NOV Andrzej, Julian, Konrad, Nikola, Seweryn

02-NOV Ambroży, Anatol, Bogdana, Bożydar, Eudoksjusz

03-NOV Bogumił, Cezary, Hubert, Marcin, Miła, Sylwia

04-NOV Albertyna, Karol, Boromeusz, Karla, Olgierd

05-NOV Balladyna, Elżbieta, Florian, Gerald, Sławomir

06-NOV Daniela, Feliks, Gabriela, Jacek, Leonard

07-NOV Achilles, Antoni, Ernest, Florenty, Florentyn

08-NOV Adrian, Fryda, Marcin, Godfryd, Klaudia, Klaudiusz

09-NOV Anatola, Genowefa, Gracja, Nestor, Orest, Teodor

10-NOV Andrzej, Lena, Leon, Leona, Ludomir, Natalia, Nela

11-NOV Anastazja, Bartłomiej, Benedykt, Jonasz, Marcin

12-NOV Józefat, Jonasz, Jozafat, Konrad, Renata, Witold

13-NOV Arkadia, Arkadiusz, Augustyna, Eugeniusz, German

14-NOV Agata, Damian, Roger, Elżbieta, Emil, Józef, Serafin

15-NOV Albert, Alfons, Amelia, Artur, Budzigniew, Dezydery

16-NOV Agnieszka, Ariel, Edmund, Gerda, Gertruda

17-NOV Drogosz, Elżbieta, Floryn, Grzegorz, Hortensja

18-NOV Agnieszka, Aniela, Gabriela, Józefa, Karolina

19-NOV Barbara, Elżbieta, Faustyna, Małowid, Paweł

20-NOV Amalia, Anatol, Edmund, Edyta, Feliks

21-NOV Albert, Elwira, Emina, Janusz, Konrad, Maria

22-NOV Cecylia, Jonatana, Marek, Maur, Stefan, Cecylia

23-NOV Adela, Aniela, Boguchwała, Klemens, Orestes

24-NOV Agnieszka, Flora, Aleksander, Emilia, Emma

25-NOV Beata, Elżbieta, Erazm, Katarzyna, Klemens

26-NOV Delfin, Delfina, Jan, Konrad, Lechosław, Leon

27-NOV Asta, Astrid, Astryda, Bernardyn, Dominik

28-NOV Berta, Blanka, Ginter, Grzegorz, Guncerz

29-NOV Błażej, Daria, Jakub, Fryderyk, Margerita

30-NOV Andrzej, Justyna, Konstancja, Konstanty, Kutbert


01-MAR Albin, Antoni, Feliks, Antonina, Dawid, Radosław

02-MAR Agnieszka, Franciszek, Halszka, Helena

03-MAR Asteriusz, Feliks, Gerwin, Hieronim, Kinga

04-MAR Adrian, Adriana, Arkadiusz, Eugeniusz, Grzegorz

05-MAR Aurora, Euzebiusz, Fryderyk, Hadrian, Jan

06-MAR Eugenia, Frydolin, Inez, Jordan, Jordana, Koleta

07-MAR Dorian, Doriana, Felicyta, German, Izaura, Jan

08-MAR Beata, Filemon, Jan, Julian, Miłochna, Stefan

09-MAR Apollo, Dalila, Dominik, Franciszka, Katarzyna

10-MAR Aleksander, Cyprian, Gaja, Gajus, Makary, Marceli

11-MAR Balbin, Balbina, Edwin, Benedykt,, Kandyd, Konstanty

12-MAR Alojzy, Bernard, Piotr, Grzegorz, Józefina, Justyna

13-MAR Bożena, Ernest, Krystyna, Marek, Patrycja

14-MAR Afrodyzja, Dalia, Eudoksja, Ewa, Matylda

15-MAR Delfina, Klemens, Krzysztof, Longin, Longina

16-MAR Abraham, Gabriel, Henryk, Henryka, Herbert

17-MAR Zbigniew, Gertruda, Jan, Józef, Patrycjusz, Patryk

18-MAR Adela, Aleksa, Aleksander, Celestyna, Cyryl

19-MAR Aleksandra, Bogdan, Jan, Józef, Józefa, Laila

20-MAR Aleksander, Anatol, Aleksandra, Bogusław

21-MAR Benedykt, Filemon, Hektor, Lubomir, Marzanna

22-MAR August, Baldwin, Baldwina, Bazyli, Bogusław

23-MAR Feliks, Katarzyna, Konrad, Oktawian, Pelagia

24-MAR Ademar, Aldmir, Bertrada, Gabor, Gabriel, Marek

25-MAR Bolek, Dula, Dyzma, Ireneusz, Łucja, Maria

26-MAR Bazyli, Dora, Emanuel, Emanuela, Larysa, Manuel

27-MAR Benedykt, Ernest, Ernesta, Lidia, Marek, Mateusz

28-MAR Aleksander, Aniela, Antoni, Guntram, Ingbert

29-MAR Bernold, Wiktor, Cyryl, Eustachy, Helmut, Ludolf

30-MAR Amadea, Amadeusz, Amelia, Aniela, Dobromir, Jan

31-MAR Amos, Balbina, Beniamin, Beniamina, Gwido


01-JUN Jakub, Konrad, Alfons, Angelina, Bernard, Eunika

02-JUN Aleksandra, Marianna, Erazm, Eugeniusz, Floriana

03-JUN Anatol, Ferdynand, Karol, Kewin, Konstantyn

04-JUN Karol, Franciszek, Christa, Delia, Dora, Doris

05-JUN Bonifacja, Bonifacy, Dobromir, Igor

06-JUN Artemiusz, Laura, Dominika, Paulina, Filip, Gerard

07-JUN Anna, Antoni, Ariadna, Ciechan, Hieronim, Jarosław

08-JUN Ada, Adela, Dalia, Herakliusz, Maksym, Maksymin

09-JUN Anna, Anna-Maria, Dominik, Pelagia, Norman

10-JUN Apollo, Bogumił, Diana, Edgar, Małgorzata, Mauryn

11-JUN Anastazy, Barnaba, Benedykt, Feliks, Flora, Róża

12-JUN Andrzej, Onufry, Ewa, Gwidon, Jan, Janina, Róża

13-JUN Antoni, Antonina, Armand, Bogna,, Gerard

14-JUN Bazyli, Eliza, Elza, Justyn, Justyna, Michał, Rufin

15-JUN Abraham, Alojzy, Angelina, Jolanta, Wit, Długosz

16-JUN Alena, Alina, Andrzej, Aneta, Barnaba, Justyna

17-JUN Adolf, Adrianna, Albert, Awit, Awita, Laura, Franciszek

18-JUN Marek, Amanda, Efrem, Elżbieta, Emil, Gerwazy

19-JUN Protazy, Gerwazy, Juliana, Michalina, Odo

20-JUN Bogna, Bogumiła, Bożena,, Florentyna, Gemma

21-JUN Alicja, Alojza, Alojzy, Andrzej, Chloe,, Domamir

22-JUN Paulina, Agenor, Alban, Albin, Albina, Eberhard

23-JUN Albin, Anna, Edeltruda, Józef, Lolita, Piotr

24-JUN Dana, Danuta, Emilia, Jan, Janina, Janisław, Janisława

25-JUN Lucja, Antyd, Aurelia, Dorota, Wilhelm, Febronia

26-JUN Dawid, Jan, Jeremi, Jeremiasz, Maksanty, Miromir

27-JUN Cyprian, Cyryl, Maria, Emanuela, Maryla, Władysław

28-JUN Armin, Benita, Florentyna, Heron, Ireneusz

29-JUN Benedykta, Dawid, Iwetta, Kasjusz, Paweł, Piotr

30-JUN Arnold, Bazyli, Lucyna, Cyryl, Donat, Emilia, Emiliana


01-SEP Anna, August, Belinda, Bronisław, Doman, Idzi

02-SEP Aksel, Ariadna, Stefan, Bogdan, Czesław, Dionizy

03-SEP Antoni, Bartłomiej, Dorota, Erazma, Izabela

04-SEP Dalia, Daniela, Ida, Irmegarda, Juwentyn, Rozalia

05-SEP Adela, Dominik, Dorota, Herkules, Justyna

06-SEP Albin, Aleksja, Beata, Eugenia, Eugeniusz, Ewa

07-SEP Gina, Gratus, Marek, Melchior, Ralf, Regina

08-SEP Adrian, Adrianna, Donald, Eustachy, Klementyna

09-SEP Aldona, Aureliusz, Dionizy, Jacek, Kleopatra

10-SEP Agapiusz, Aldona, Elwira, Irma, Kandyda, Klemens

11-SEP Ademar, Dagna, Feliks, Igor, Jacek, Jan, Myślibor

12-SEP Amadeusz, Cyrus, Eulalia, Eulaliusz, Gwidon

13-SEP Amat, Apolinary, Aureliusz, Eugenia, Filip, Jan

14-SEP Albert, Bernard, Cyprian, Matern, Piotr, Roksana

15-SEP Albin, Kamil, Katarzyna, Lolita, Maria, Meliton, Nikodem

16-SEP Cyprian, Edda, Edyta, Eufemia, Eugenia, Franciszek

17-SEP Ariadna, Cherubin, Dawid, Hilda, Hildegarda

18-SEP Baltazar, Dobrowit, Irena, Irma, Irmina, Józef

19-SEP Alfons, Arnolf, Arnulf, January, Konstancja, Konstanty

20-SEP Agnieszka, Andrzej, Barbara, Eustachy, Faustyn

21-SEP Daria, Dymitr, Hipolit, Jonasz, Laurenty

22-SEP Daria, Ignacy, Józefa, Joachim, Maurycy, Milana

23-SEP Bogusław, Elżbieta, Krzysztof, Liberat, Libert, Linus

24-SEP Dora, Gerard, Maria, Maryna, Radowan, Teodor

25-SEP Aurelia, Aurelian, Eufrozyna, Franciszek, Gaspar

26-SEP Cyprian, Damian, Eugenia, Justyna, Kasper

27-SEP Adolf, Amadeusz, Damian, Gaja, Gajusz, Kosma

28-SEP Bernardyn, Heliodor, Jan, Libusza, Luba, Lubosza

29-SEP Cyriak, Dariusz, Eufemian, Filomen, Franciszek

30-SEP Antonin, Felicja, Geralda, Grzegorz, Hieronim


01-DEC Bianka, Blanka, Edmund, Iwa, Natalia

02-DEC Aurelia, Balbina, Bibiana, Paulina, Ksawery

03-DEC Franciszek, Franciszka, Hilary, Kasjan

04-DEC Barbara, Berna, Bernard, Piotr, Chrystian

05-DEC Anastazy, Kryspin, Krystyna, Norbert, Saba

06-DEC Mikołaj, Agata, Angelika, Emilian, Honorata

07-DEC Agata, Ambroży, Brożek, Dalia, Domażyr, Józefa

08-DEC Apollo, Delfina, Stella, Klemens, Maria, Narcyza

09-DEC Aneta, Joachim, Piotr, Leokadia, Natasza, Wiesław

10-DEC Andrzej, Bogdan, Daniel, Daniela, Grzegorz, Julia

11-DEC Artur, Damazy, Daniel, Stefan, Waldemar, Wilburga

12-DEC Ada, Adelajda, Konrad, Aleksander, Dagmara, Joanna

13-DEC Otylia, Bernarda, Dalida, Edburga, Joanna

14-DEC Alfred, Alfreda, Heron, Izydor, Jan, Nahum, Noemi

15-DEC Cecylia, Celina, Edyta, Ireneusz, Krystiana, Mścigniew

16-DEC Adelajda, Albina, Alicja, Alida, Alina, Ananiasz, Dyter

17-DEC Florian, Jolanta, Modest, Olimpia, Łazarz

18-DEC Bogusław, Gracjan, Gracjana, Laura

19-DEC Abraham, Bogumiła, Dariusz, Eleonora, Gabriela

20-DEC Bogumiła, Dagmara, Dominik, Juliusz, Teofil

21-DEC Balbin, Honorata, Jan, Piotr, Seweryn, Tomasz

22-DEC Balbina, Beata, Bożena, Gryzelda, Zenon

23-DEC Dagna, Dagobert, Iwona, Jan, Sławomira

24-DEC Adam, Adamina, Adela, Adelajda, Domamir, Ewa

25-DEC Anastazja, Aneta, Eugenia, Gloria, Mateusz

26-DEC Dionizy, Kalist, Szczepan, Wincentyn

27-DEC Cezary, Fabia, Fabiola, Jan, Krystyna, Żaneta

28-DEC Antoni, Antoniusz, Cezary, Ema, Emma, Godzisław

29-DEC Aspazja, Dawid, Dominik, Gerard, Gerarda

30-DEC Dionizy, Eugeniusz, Irmina, Katarzyna, Lotar, Rainer

31-DEC Katarzyna, Mariusz, Melania, Sebastian, Sylwester

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